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Flooded basementDon’t delay when it comes to a wet basement.  Whether the moisture is from a pipe the busted, a water heater that leaked, or outside rain water, a wet basement can spell disaster if not dealt with immediately.  We offer complete emergency basement water extraction, cleanup and repair services throughout the Canton, Ohio area and would be happy to assist you should you need it.  For over 20 years, we’ve been helping people just like you get their flooded basement dry, safe & restored…so just call for immediate service!


Flooded basements – dried out, cleaned up and restored fast!


Out_of_date_clock_icon.svgWhen basement flooding occurs, responding quickly saves time, money and headache.  It’s why we encourage you to always contact a professional water damage company in Canton anytime moisture invades your basement.  At RestorationEze, we provide 24/7 immediate responses for any wet basement emergency you might be facing.  Just one call and you can rely on us to provide you with a free estimate, fair price, certified service, and some of the fastest mitigation times in the industry!


Here’s how basement water cleanup services work…


Every job is unique, so the actual water mitigation plan will differ depending on the situation we encounter.  But here’s some things you can expect if you hire us:


24/7 Immediate response – free assessment & cost estimate!


Free_EstimatesJust call us and we’ll send out one of our project estimators to provide a completely free basement water damage assessment.  It can take up to an hour for us to fully assess the amount of moisture intrusion and damage caused by the flooding, as well as measure the affected area and provide a mitigation plan.  Once complete, we can provide you with a step by step restoration plan along with an upfront cost estimate for the work to dry-out and restore your basement.


How can you be confident in our estimates?

Many people are dealing with basement flooding damage for the first time and are uncertain what they should expect to pay.  Because of that, there are many Canton restoration companies that will pray on their desperation and charge insane prices.  At RestorationEze, all of our basement water cleanup contractors use Xactimate to calculate their estimates, guaranteeing you get an estimate in line with the accepted rates insurance companies reimburse.  Here’s how it works:


Certified service & screened, insured & bonded technicians!


checklistAt a minimum, shouldn’t you be able to feel comfortable that the people tasked with restoring your basement are reputable people?  Sadly, too many basement water restoration companies don’t even screen their technicians.  At RestorationEze, our contractors must perform background screens on all employees, randomly drug test techs, and carry the property insurance and licensing.  It’s just one of the ways we make sure the people that arrive at your home are safe and reputable!


And our techs are certified as water restoration professionals!

CertificateIconDid you know the majority of water damage contractors aren’t even certified by the IICRC?  In our industry, that’s a shame because being certified means truly becoming a student of the space and understanding the factors involved in every aspect of a water loss.  All of our Canton OH basement water cleanup companies are fully certified and have the proper credentials to provide you with exceptional service from start to finish!


black-mold-wet-basementRemoving water from a basement and drying it out is a task that should never be done by the homeowner themselves nor a basement water cleanup company that doesn’t employ certified technicians. There are just too many things that can go wrong, and when they do it can put the health of your family in jeopardy. The most immediate concern is foundation collapse, electrocution and contraction of any harmful diseases if they water came from nearby streams or rivers. But once those initial threats have past, the most pressing concern is drying out the basement before it becomes a breeding ground for toxic black mold spores.

Just how quickly does that happen? Within 3 days, and sometimes sooner depending on the conditions present in the home.


Insurance billing for successful claims!


bill-directIn most cases, flooded basements are paid for by your insurance company.  If you water heater leaks, or a frozen pipe bursts, or a washing machine hose comes loose, those are covered events.  The exception is when basement floods due to rain water.  But in the event your loss is covered, we can bill the insurance company directly for our services.  Not only that, but our team handles every aspect of your claim directly with your adjuster!


water-damage-insurance-adjusterNever sit back and assume your claim is going to be dealt with properly by your adjuster. Some are worse than others, but all do everything they can to limit their financial responsibility when it comes to your claim. You need an expert on your side that is used to dealing with adjusters and can speak their language. If you don’t have someone in your corner, you’re much more likely to end up with a resolution to your claim that leaves you either holding the bag on a portion of the clean up costs or with an outright denial on a legitimate claim.

Make sure this never happens to you! Call us before you call your adjuster and let us go to bat for you. Our job is simple: provide the necessary basement water cleanup services in the most cost-effective fashion possible, and then work with your adjuster to settle up on payment. We do it every day, and we have a great history of making sure our clients get the insurance settlement they are entitled to!


Call now for 24/7 basement water removal services in Canton!


We are available now to assist you with your basement water damage. Please call and we will dispatch the closest available crew to provide you with a comprehensive loss assessment and free cost estimate. Never wait around for service or assume that you can effectively mitigate the damage and dry out the basement on your own. It will only lead to more problems down the road. Just call and let us handle the dirty work of getting your basement dry once and for all!

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