OKC Black Mold Removal

mold-inspectionWe help customers every day put black mold in their rear view mirror.  It’s not an easy fix, but it’s something that does not need to make you sick.  And that’s exactly what toxic mold can do…it can make your home, your place of refuge, a toxic environment.  Our job is to ensure that is fixed as quickly as possible, and that it doesn’t happen again.  We’re a certified OKC mold remediation company and we would welcome the opportunity to assess your mold situation and help you understand what options are available to you!


What’s included in the black mold removal process?


There’s a lot of misconceptions about the process of removing mold, how it’s done, how it’s not done, etc.  So here’s some information for you to consider if you need mold removed from your property?


First, an assessment must be made.

mold-damageThe first thing that any mold removal company in Oklahoma City will do is perform an assessment.  It gives us the chance to see what type of mold damage you have.  Assuming it’s visible, we can find out exactly how much there is and where, as well as take moisture readings to see if you have undiagnosed water damage that will result in more mold down the road.  Our goal is to know with certainty the full extent of your issue and be able to share our recommendations on your best options.

Of course if that includes professional mold remediation services, then we can provide you with an upfront estimate for the total cost of the project!

If there is no visible mold, we recommend you call an environmental hygienist.  They will take samples and send them off to a lab to accurately determine the amount of mold spores.  If you do have a mold problem, then call us or another certified mold cleanup contractor!


Next, we contain and clean the area.

mold-containmentIf you decide that you would like us to remove mold damage and we can proceed, we’ll need to contain the property.  That means making sure that we have an air-tight environment around the area and that no mold spores can escape and cause problems in previously unaffected parts of the property.

Once the area is contained, we can begin ridding it of black mold.  Depending on what is damaged and the extent of the damage, our technicians may remove items such as drywall or flooring.  We then come back over all areas with high-strength cleaning solutions.  In some cases, we’ll employ a machine that allows us to capture and remove mold spores in the air, or any that have been dispersed during the removal process.


Reconstruct the area.

Assuming we had to remove parts of your home’s structure to get to all of the mold, we can reconstruct those areas.  Our job is to make sure that no one can tell that any work was even performed.


Pass an environmental test.

satisfaction-guaranteeHow can you know that when we’re done, you’re safe?  Because we guarantee that your home or office will pass an environmental test performed by a 3rd party.  We’re confident that our mold remediation technicians will follow the right protocols, and effectively utilize the equipment we use.  And for that reason, we’re confident in the results.  And you can be too with a 100% satisfaction guarantee!



We ensure a moisture-free environment!


Flood Damage Moisture TestWe also provide flood restoration services, so we’re well equipped to deal with any moisture issues that are causing the mold damage in the first place.  Moisture is the critical component that if left untreated, can result in mold.

So not only do we address the mold and remove it totally, we also have to address the moisture issue if it’s still present.  We have equipment that can test moisture levels on any surface type, so we can discover if you have a problem that will persist and ultimately just leave in the same position further down the road!


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