Oklahoma City OK Sewage Cleanup

Sewage removal isn’t as simple as just putting on some gloves and rubber boots and shoveling out the waste. In fact, it’s an in-depth process that requires specialized equipment and highly trained staff. Our sewage extraction company is fully certified to remediate your loss and deem your property safe, clean, dry, and disinfected once again! So if your sewer backed-up and you need a professional restoration & cleaning service, please call us today for a free upfront estimate!


We cleanup sewage back-ups the right way…with 1 call we can take care of it all!


We answer calls 24/7 and can have a crew there within 60 minutes!

We know how serious sewer back-ups can be because we clean up the mess all the time.  We understand the toxic nature of the fluids and the impact it can have on you, your family & your home.  So we get there fast and can begin cleaning up sewage immediately!


Should I begin the sewage cleaning process while I wait? Absolutely not! While in some instances of water damage we encourage customers to safely begin the containment process, when it comes to a black category water loss, we advise you to exit the property immediately. Even the fumes released by sewage water can make you extremely sick. Watch this video to see what challenges and dangers are present when it comes to sewer backups!


We give you an estimate in writing so you know that there won’t be any surprises!

Every industry has companies that survive on the bait and switch, and sadly the sewage damage repair space is no different.  But we make the process simple by giving you a very clear estimate, in writing, before we begin so that everybody is on the same page and there aren’t any surprises!


How do we arrive at our price? This will surprise you, but we don’t even use our own pricing. In fact, any reputable water damage company in OKC will be using the same pricing system, and it’s all determined by insurance companies. Even if your sewage damage isn’t covered by insurance, the process for quoting your loss is the same. We enter the measurements, give our best guess as the exact work that will need to be done, and enter that information into a system called Xactimate that then tallies the total based on what insurers will pay for the work.

Watch this video to understand more:


We warranty our work and guarantee that you’ll be happy!

Well, maybe happy isn’t the word…that’s usually not an emotion people feel when needing sewage back-up cleaning service.  But we do guarantee you’ll be satisfied with our work and even warranty all labor for a full year!  How’s that for standing behind your service?!


Oklahoma City sewage removal has never been simpler!


Once we’ve come to your home or business and provided you with a free estimate, and assuming you’re ready for us to get started, here’s what you can expect (please be aware every job is unique, so this is just a rough idea of what you can expect!):


We’ll remove damaged items

In  some cases these items can be saved, meaning we can professionally clean and disinfect them.  But in many cases, if they’ve been soaked by sewage, they’ll need to be properly disposed of.


We’ll extract & remove the sewage

Once the area is clear of objects, we can go about removing sewage and disposing of it.  Ideally, we can “flush” the sewage back down your sewer line, but in the case it’s not functioning, we have specialized storage equipment we use to remove it.


We’ll clean & disinfect and/or replace soaked areas

In some cases we simply have to remove and replace sewage damaged surfaces, but in other cases we have the right equipment to clean, disinfect & dry those areas.  Our technicians can determine the best route to take once we begin!


Proper drying ensures you don’t have a mold problem later!


black mold damageAs our video above explains, the immediate dangers of cleaning up sewage are immense, but there is also another danger lurking: black mold. This danger exists on any water damage repair service we perform, and sewer water is no different. Once we have had a chance to disinfect your property, the task of drying out your structure takes place over the course of usually 2-3 days. If the property isn’t returned to its naturally dry state, your home will become a breeding ground for toxic black mold.

Make sure you never have to deal with another huge headache after having just dealt with a Oklahoma City sewer backup. We make our customers a promise: once we’ve completed the drying process, their home will be returned to its dry standard and there will be no threat of future mold growth, nor any elevated levels or mold spores upon completion of the project.


Crews are standing by to help you!

If you need emergency restoration services, we have crews located throughout the Oklahoma City area so that we can immediately respond to your crisis!

Call now for a free quote!



Anytime, day or night, that you’ve experienced a sewage back-up in your Oklahoma City OK property, we are here to help.  We specialize in Oklahoma City emergency sewage removal services and can be at your property within 30-60 minutes to begin the extraction & cleaning process.  If you have experienced a messy situation in your Oklahoma City residence or office building, and there is sewage backed-up that needs to be extracted, time is crucial!

Call us today and a certified OKC flood damage restoration crew can be there in minutes to provide you with a free estimate.

We can begin the water extraction process immediately and our Oklahoma City sewage back-up removal crews can even work with your insurance company to handle your claim if it’s covered under your policy.  Each of our water damage restoration in OKC crews is fully certified to perform any sewage extraction service you might need.  They use the industrial strength equipment to get out any sewage from your Oklahoma City property and can then use the best drying equipment to dry out and disinfect your floors, walls and possessions.  So if you need an immediate response to your sewage back-up emergency, call us now for a free estimate and rapid response!

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