Beaverton OR Water Damage Restoration & Repair

flood-damage-companyWe make the process of cleaning up after a flood loss fast, easy, and affordable. Our job is to get your life put back together after a traumatic event. It’s a role we cherish because it allows us to help people when they need it most. If you have home water damage, we would be grateful for the opportunity to help you. We can be there fast and begin the process of getting your life back to normal so you can move on and put this behind you!


Water damage cleanup costs? We give a free estimate!


Free_EstimatesOne thing to keep in mind when trying to get a quote for water damage restoration services is that all mitigation companies have to charge the same rates. Insurers have set forth what we can charge, and well use the same estimating software when estimating your loss. It’s no different with us, and we would be happy to inspect your property and provide a free cost estimate to cleanup the water damage and dry out your home! Just give us a call and we’re on our way!

Get a little more insight into the pricing guidelines in our industry and how we estimate your loss by watching the video below:


Certified & insured water damage repair services in Beaverton!


CertificateIconHow can you protect yourself and make sure you are hiring a competent company? Unfortunately, there is no state-mandated licensing in the water restoration service industry like you would find with plumbers or electricians. But there is a certifying independent body called the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning & Restoration Certification. Our technicians are all certified by the IICRC. On top of that, they all carry workers compensation insurance policies to protect you in the case of an accident.


Technicians we wouldn’t hesitate to have in our own homes


checklistOur approach to hiring is simple: if they are the type of people we wouldn’t want in our own home, they aren’t going to be in yours. So how do we make sure they’re passing that threshold? Every technician that is being considered for a Beaverton water damage restoration position must pass a background screening before being hired. And even once they are on the job, they must continue to pass tests. We regularly drug test and alcohol test employees to make sure their mental faculties aren’t impaired when on the job!


Call us and we’ll keep black mold at bay!


toxic-moldYou might not realize it, but if your home has water damage and you don’t get it fixed within 3 days or so, you’re going to have a much more expensive and dangerous situation on your hands. That’s the time black mold spores need to spread once excess moisture is in the home. Not much time at all, especially since it usually takes us about 3 days to dry out your home. You have virtually no leeway when it comes to calling for help. The slightest delay on your part and you could be looking at a very expensive job that your insurance may not cover. Our Beaverton water damage company specializes in not just mitigating a water loss, but doing so in a way that ensures long after we’re gone you won’t discover a mold problem!


We guarantee all of our water damage repair services!


satisfaction-guaranteeThe work we do is important because it impacts your health and the quality of your life. We’ve seen the effects a poorly done water extraction job can have on a family, and it’s devastating. For us, failure in that respect is not an option. It’s why the work we do is always backed by a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. We hope it helps you in deciding whether or not we’re the right company to handle your water loss and that it provides you with the same peace of mind it’s provided so many of our customers.


Professional water damage services that you can trust!


water-extraction-261x300Did you know anybody can call themselves a water restoration company and start servicing customers and collecting insurance checks? That makes our industry full of bad companies that shouldn’t have any business being in your home providing such an important service. But unfortunately they are able to exist and they can wreak havoc on your home and your finances. Our technicians are fully certified to perform water damage repair services and we always do the work according to industry standard protocols. If you are curious what that looks like, we would encourage you to watch the video below. We walk you through what you can expect, so you know what professional, reputable services actually looks like:


Home water damage & insurance claims…what to know!


insurance-claim-formThe first thing you probably want to know is whether or not your claim is covered. Without seeing your policy, chances are it is covered if the cause of the water damage came from within your home’s walls. In other words, if the water source was inside the home, most homeowners policies will cover any sudden water damage losses. But if the loss originates from rain water or any other water type outside the home, you will usually not be covered unless you have flood insurance.

The next thing you should hopefully be asking yourself is how do I make sure that my claim is handled well and that my insurer pays for the legitimate costs required to repair water damage in my home? The key here is to make sure a knowledgeable party is on your side, and you might be surprised that party isn’t always your insurer. The best way to protect yourself against any misconduct by your insurer is to hire an independent water restoration company that represents your interests and has a long history of successful claims settlements on behalf of their clients.


In Beaverton and dealing with a water damaged property?  Fear not, our Beaverton restoration service is designed to make the process fast and painfree.  Call our Beaverton restoration company now for a free estimate and emergency response!


Water Damage Restoration

Water damage is a big deal, and the service of performing Beaverton water damage restoration is truly a science.  It requires years of experience, sophisticated Beaverton drying and remediation equipment, and a real understanding of the elements involved.  Our Beaverton water damage companies have that experience and resources to help fully repair your Beaverton water damaged property.


Water Damage Repair

Repairing water damage in Beaverton requires a professional.  We have Beaverton water damage repair companies available 24/7, 365 days a year, to ensure your Beaverton property is properly dried out and fully restored.



Water Damage Cleanup

No matter what type of property you have, if it’s Beaverton water damage cleanup services you need, we can help!  We offer Beaverton residents and businesses free estimates and always stand behind any work we do!


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