Portland Black Mold Remediation

mold-inspectionEspecially in the type of humid climate we have, mold can be a real problem.  Any amount of excess moisture and the right temperatures and it can spread like crazy.  If you have toxic mold, it’s always the case you’ll want to speak with a certified mold remediation contractor.  We’re fully certified and equip our technicians with the most advanced mold fighting systems available.  It means we can get the mold it quickly, the right way, and you can get back to your life, mold free!


Here’s some info about black mold & the mold removal process:


When people suspect or know they have mold there is usually some panic and confusion.  It’s understandable and it’s our job to answer those questions and make sure you understand what you’re up against and what you’re options are…


How can you tell if I have black mold?


mold-damageIf you can see the black mold, there’s your answer.  If you suspect black mold, there’s a couple of things we can do.  We may remove a small section of your drywall to get a look behind the walls, subfloor or ceilings to find visual evidence of mold.

The other option is to perform an environmental sample.  In most cases, this is done by a third party called an environmental hygienist.  They take samples that are tested at a lab and can conclusively determine if you have unsafe levels of mold spores.


How much does professional mold remediation cost?


There is no way for us to give you any sort of ballpark price that would be worth anything to you at this point.  There are so many factors that go into determining the cost of mold removal services that without seeing the property ourselves, we simply can’t tell you.

Free_EstimatesThe good news for you is if you have visible black mold and need to have it cleanup professionally, we can provide you with a complete mold assessment.  Our mold removal estimator can come to your property to asses the damage and provide you with a complete cost estimate to have your property safely mitigated!


Does my insurance policy cover Portland mold remediation?


Not in the majority of instances.  Sadly most homeowner’s insurance policies do not cover the existence and removal of mold damage.  The exception is if the mold loss is the result of water damage that occurred from an event covered by insurance.  While it’s not always possible to successfully file that type of claim, we have had success in the past helping our customers seek reimbursement for mold cleanup services!


How do you remove toxic mold?


Every project is unique and there’s no pre-set routine that we go through.  It’s the job of the estimator to lay out a mitigation plan and the project manager to make sure we strictly follow that plan.  But here’s some steps that you can expect to be taken during the process:


mold-containmentWe contain the mold.

Once we have a chance to assess the area we can determine exactly how much mold damage your home has.  We’ll then need to create an air-tight, negative air pressure zone that ensures we can 1) stop the spread of mold spores to other areas of the house and 2) trap and exhaust ambient mold spores in the air.



We use a variety of techniques to remove any mold, whether it’s in or on your walls, below your subfloor or anywhere else that it might have found a home.  If possible, we scrub the area and if necessary we completely remove affected areas.  Either way, we get out the majority of black mold during this phase.


mold-removalWe disinfect the area.

Some mold spores will still be present at this point, so in order to kills those spores we apply mildicide spray.  As a spray, it is wet and will leave moisture where it is sprayed.  Because moisture is the root of the problem, we have to come back through and dry out the sprayed areas so they’re completely dry!


environmental-test-moldWe test the property.

Once we’ve completely removed the mold and have dried out the affected area to prevent its return, it’s time to put things back together and perform final testing to make sure we’ve gotten rid of the problem.  We’ll request another environmental test to make sure we have an independent test that deems the property safe!

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