Fire & Smoke Damage Cleanup

fire-restoration-equipProviding great emergency fire restoration services is a given when you call us.  We consider ourselves as a trusted partner through every phase of the fire loss mitigation process.  We deal with these situations each day, and we’ve been doing so for over 2 decades.  That means that for every question or concern you have, we have the answers.  Just call now and let us tell you more about the fire damage repair process, what we do, and help explore your options!


Fire Damage Service in Portland Made Simple!


Our job is to make every step of the process as easy and fast as possible.  When you’ve suffered fire damage, you just want to get your life back to normal and your property fixed.  You just want the episode in your rear view mirror and you need to know that the restoration company you hired is going to do things right.  We get it…that’s why we are here!


We give you a free quote – just call!


Free_EstimatesIf you live anywhere in the Portland area we are happy to provide you with a free onsite estimate for the full cost of fire damage cleanup services.  Just call and we’ll dispatch a project manager, fully certified as a restoration professional, who can walk the property and assess the full extent of damage.  After we’ve performed a thorough examination of the property, we can lay out each step of the process and provide a complete estimate for the work required.


Our prices are insurance-approved reimbursement rates!

One question we always get is:

How do you decide what to charge for fire or smoke damage repair services?

XactimateThat’s a great question, and the answer is probably not what you expect.  In our industry, where the majority of our restoration and repair work is paid for by insurance companies, we price things a bit differently.  We actually all use the same software to calculate the reimbursable rates to charge for the work.  It’s called Xactimate.

Xactimate allows us to simple enter the measurements for the fire damage area as well as the service and materials used to complete the project, at which point it calculates the appropriate price based upon the rates insurance companies are willing to pay for those services.

It ensure the price we offer you is fair!


We insure & certify all technicians!


It’s a huge responsibility you are placing on our shoulders.  Anytime you need fire damage restoration services, you’re entrusting a company with the safety of your home and family.  We take that responsibility seriously!

CertificateIconOur technicians are always certified to do the work, whether that’s cleaning up smoke damage from a small fire or complete restoration services.  While that might seem like a given, there are many Portland fire restoration companies that put employees out in the field with only a basic understanding of the industry or the equipment they’re tasked with using.  That’s a recipe for disaster!

Our technicians are certified restoration professionals!


Do I call insurance or you first?


Chances are your fire damage loss will be covered by insurance.  But that doesn’t mean the right move is to call them, at least not initially.  Why?  It’s simple, they can’t help contain your loss and fix your home.

Your responsibility is for the safety of your property and its inhabitants.

phone-sans-shadowNote, that doesn’t say your responsibility is to wait around for an adjuster to get back to you with a claim number.  While that will certainly be a step in the process, it’s definitely not the first step!  Adjusters don’t live at your home, and despite their best efforts, might not be the most responsive!

Your first action, upon discovering soot damage or any fire loss, should always be to call a professional fire mitigation company.  Only a professional company has the ability to help get your property safe again.  That’s always goal #1, everything else, including the insurance claim, can be taken care of in due time!


We can handle your claim & bill insurance for our work!

We are an insurance-approved fire damage repair company in Portland.  That’s great news if you plan on filing a claim for the loss and seeking reimbursement for the cost of the restoration process.  We can do a couple of things to help:


1) Work with your adjuster directly on the claim – our staff can work with the adjuster assigned to your claim to handle all of the necessary paperwork.

2) We can bill insurance – we can also just send the bill to the insurance company and seek payment directly from them instead of you paying us and then waiting for reimbursement.


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