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extracting-waterMoisture can come in many forms and have many different results. Sometimes a toilet or sink overflows sending water streaming down walls and ceilings. Other times a heavy rain storm brings water through the foundation and basement walls. Whatever the cause, getting moisture out fast is absolutely crucial. We offer emergency water mitigation services throughout York and would appreciate the chance to earn your business. Please call us anytime for a no obligation onsite estimate and let us show why we’re the right choice for emergency water extraction service!


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Out_of_date_clock_icon.svgThere is nothing that is worse than walking into a home or office and finding standing water.  It’s something you never plan for, and rarely happens, but when it does you need to act fast.  Call our water mitigation contractors and you get a live person on the line anytime day or night that can dispatch help immediately!

When it comes to water extraction, the sooner we can get onsite and contain the loss, the less damage, the faster the cleanup process, and the less cost.  So call now and we’re on our way!


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Free_EstimatesNot only do you get a free estimate for any mitigation work that you require, we can also guarantee the price will be fair.  How?  By using Xactimate.  Our contractors use the same software to calculate their costs as your insurance adjuster.

That means that when our estimator provides you with a complete estimate upfront, you know the price is fair and that there is no need to get competing estimates!  One call, one estimate, one company is all you need!

For most people, learning about how price our services and the assurances that are built into that model are very comforting. We created a short video to help explain the process, how pricing works in the water damage restoration field, and how our customers get peace of mind with our estimates.


How can you be certain we get out the moisture?


One of the biggest challenges for any water extraction company, and biggest pitfalls for a homeowner that tries the DIY route, is actually finding all of the moisture.  In some ways, water damage is like an iceberg in that it’s the stuff below the surface and unseen by human eyes that proves the most devastating.



We use equipment to search every possible place in your property to truly know exactly where the water has gone.  While you might think it’s been isolated to one area, people are often surprised where we find hidden moisture.  And had they not called us, they would probably end up with mold problems.

digital-moisture-meterWhether it’s moisture probes or thermal imaging devices, we hunt moisture and address it during the drying phase while always attempting to salvage your original walls, floors and ceilings.

Don’t try cleaning up water on your own.  You lack the equipment and knowledge it takes to make sure all of the moisture is safely and quickly removed!

What happens if the excess moisture isn’t removed?


mold-free-guaranteeWe see the effects of delayed or poorly performed water mitigation services all the time. It’s sad, but what happens is the home becomes a breeding ground for harmful black mold spores. Once you reach this point, the situation is bad for a number of reasons:

1) the harmful effects mold spores can have on you, your family members or employees

2) the exorbitant costs of mold remediation

3) the fact your insurer probably isn’t going to pay those costs

We hope that you never find yourself in this situation. And the single best way to ensure you don’t is to call us. We guarantee your home will be mold-safe once we’ve completed our water removal services and have properly dried out your structure!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee!


satisfaction-guaranteeSit back and relax…it’s going to be done to your complete satisfaction.  Our water removal companies in York carry a 100% satisfaction guarantee on any and all water mitigation services they offer.  It’s peace of mind during a time where that comfort is priceless.  Yet it’s simply comes with the service we provide you!

Don’t end up getting service that falls short of your expectations.  Especially when it comes to drying out your home after a flood, you need to know it will be done to your high expectations!


See how our water cleanup services in York work!


We make sure our technicians know what they are doing and always follow the right procedures during every step of the way. Because we see firsthand what happens when the work isn’t done properly, and because we guarantee our services, we simply can not afford to cut corners or make mistakes. If you would to see what you can expect should you hire us as your water extraction company, please watch the video below:


Professional York water extraction services are just a phone call away!  Our York water damage restoration crews are available anytime, day or night, to help get standing water out of your basement flood and provide complete water extraction & dry-out services for both residences and businesses.  We have the experience and training to handle your York water extraction needs, whether the issue is raw sewage back-up or clean water from a malfunctioning hot water heater system.

Our York flood damage restoration crews have experienced it all…from small residential jobs to massive water losses in industrial buildings.   You’ll always speak to a York representative that can be at your property in not time at all to help assess your York damaged property.  All trucks are fully equipped with the necessary drying and de-humidification systems, meaning we can get your York PA home or office dry in no time.  And if there is any damage to items within the property, such as furniture, file cabinets, or paintings, we can assist with those items as well.

From the first time you call one of our York water extraction companies you’ll experience a level of service that will help put your mind at ease.  Our job is to ensure your York PA water extraction & dryout needs are handle quickly and with the utmost care.  Our York flood damage technicians can walk you through the entire process, from start to finish, so that you feel comfortable that your York PA home or office restoration needs are being handled properly!  So if you anywhere in the York PA area, call us today for a free estimate and a rapid response!

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