Record Boston Snowfall Means Potential Flooding

Posted by Matt Buchanan

While it’s been a mild winter for much of the US, the northeast has seen a massive amount of snowfall, and none moreso than the greater Boston area. With record snowfalls and even more on the way, it’s probably a good time to discuss some of the impacts this amount of moisture can have on your property.

There are a 4 potential effects of snow and cold weather as it pertains to your home and potential water damage:


1) Snow melt flooding your basement

boston-blizzardWhile rain water can typically be funneled away from your foundation, several feet of snow can be difficult to deal with. If it’s the case you’re just removing snow from your driveway and walkway, please consider spending a bit more time doing the same with the snow piled up beside the rest of your house. Once the temperature rises, the snow will melt and find its way into your basement. (image on right courtesy of


2) Ice damming

What we commonly refer to as icicles is actually a sign of something pretty serious. Ice dams form on the overhang of roofs that are not properly insulated. The anatomy of an ice dam is pretty simple, but often people aren’t certain of the causes and the best way to prevent them. RestorationClean has a helpful tool that explains why ice dams form, what happens when they do, and how you can prevent them.


3) Frozen pipes bursting

Frozen-Pipes-floodingAlong with the snow, plunging temperatures can also wreak havoc. Namely, the cold temperatures can freeze any pipes that are exposed to the weather. As the pipe freezes, the water traveling through the pipes also freeze and expand enough to actually crack the pipe. When this happens, a flooded basement is imminent and the amount of water that can enter your property within seconds is startling. Here are some helpful tips to prevent your pipes from freezing and flooding your home!


4) Roof collapse

Roofs aren’t designed to withstand a massive amount of weight for long periods of time. A cubic foot of snow can weight between 15 and 20 pounds. Add it all up, and it’s a lot of additional weight to ask your roof to support. If your roof is old or the support structures for your roof aren’t up to the challenge, your roof could collapse, bringing the entire amount of snow into your attic and flooding your entire home.


Harsh winter weather can cause problems in every facet of life. Businesses shutter, employees can’t get to work and don’t get paid, etc. And it can also cause your home to suffer as well. While we typically bunker down during bad weather, it’s important to keep an eye out on your home and make sure you’re doing everything possible to mitigate any potential water damage from the snow and stormy weather! If you have suffered water damage this winter, we would encourage you to call us. Our emergency water mitigation services will make sure your moisture problem is fixed the right way and that you won’t end up with a black mold down the road!

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I grew up in Irving, TX and left for Nashville, TN for college. After college I lived in Washington, DC and then in Cairo, Egypt. After coming back to the states, I spent a couple of years back in Dallas before moving with my wife to Denver!
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