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flood-damage-companyDon’t be fooled…it’s just a stinky mess! It can be extremely toxic and cause anyone in the property to become sick. Most people don’t realize the severity of a sewage back-up and what can happen if they don’t call a professional sewage cleaning company. We offer residential & commercial cleanup & restoration services for sewer back-ups big and small. No matter what has happened, we can make sure your property is clean, dry, disinfected, and safe to be in quickly!


When a sewer backs-up, you need to know what to do!


Step 1: Call for help immediately!


24-7-emergency-serviceThere’s nothing worse you can do than wait around while sewage sits exposed in your bathroom or basement.  You don’t have to call your insurance adjuster, as they can’t help you get the sewage out.  Call us and we’ll be there within 1 hour, usually much quicker, to contain the loss and begin the mitigation process.

Always call for an emergency sewage extraction company first!


What if I think I can cleanup sewage backups on my own? Then we admire your courage, but we hope you don’t consider doing it. Why? Because it’s dangerous for your health and because the chances of you actually cleaning up the damaged area and drying out the property effectively or close to zero. We made the video below for people just like you, and we hope you’ll take a minute to understand the challenges even a professional water damage mitigation company faces when cleaning up sewage.


Step 2: Get an upfront estimate!


photo_free_estimatesWhether or not the sewage damage cleanup process is covered under insurance, you always want to know what the cost will be before the work begins.  Call us and we’ll provide you with a completely free quote and our rates are approved by insurers, so you know it’s fair & there won’t be an issue with the claim!

Give us a call for a free in-home quote!


When we say our rates are approved by insurers, what we mean is that we estimate and chronicle any work we do using Xactimate. You see, in the restoration space, most losses are covered by insurers. So in an effort to standardize pricing and claim amounts, insurers have created a very detailed pricing list for anything they may be on the hook for. So we use a system called Xactimate (it’s the same system your adjuster uses by the way) to price our services. Watch this video to see how it works…


Step 3: Pick a certified company!


CertificateIconWhen it comes to mitigating sewer losses, you simply don’t want to choose the wrong company.  There’s too much at stake, not least of which is the safety and health of your family.  So make sure that the sewage cleaning company you choose is fully certified to help remediate the damage and restore your home.

We always offer certified sewage extraction service!


Step 4: Get help with your insurance claim!


bill-directIf you choose us or another reputable water damage restoration company in Greenville, you shouldn’t ever have to pay out of pocket for the total cost of the work, nor should you have to deal with the claim.  We have insurance assistants that can manage your claim from start to finish and we can bill them for our services.

We can bill the insurance company for our work!


Will my sewage backup be covered by insurance? It depends upon the type of policy you have, but traditional policies don’t cover sewer backups. However, there are exceptions and the best thing you can do is call a certified sewage damage cleanup company to assess the loss, study your policy, and determine your best options regarding an insurance claim.


Step 5: Make sure you’re completely satisfied!


satisfaction-guaranteeIt’s your home or business and you’re ultimately going to have to live with the results of the work.  And sadly, there’s too many sewage cleanup companies out there that aren’t too focused on their work but only on cashing the insurance check.  But we make sure you’re completely satisfied at the completion of the project.

We guarantee nothing short of your complete satisfaction!


Why did I get a sewer backup?


Most people are caught completely off guard when it comes to getting sewer water in their home and are at a loss as to why it happened and how they could have prevented it. Here are the main causes, along with the best solutions you can put in place to prevent it from happening to you again.


fats-oils-grease-clogging-restaurant-sewer-lineBackup caused by a main line blockage. This is the most common type of sewer backup in Greenville. It can be caused by ‘man-made’ faults and natural causes. Namely, either from pouring the wrong thing down the drain or flushing the wrong thing down the toilet, or from tree roots growing into the pipe connections. In any scenario, the blockage usually builds up overtime until it becomes so big that it causes any water trying to exit the drain to come back up your pipes and into your property.


overflowing-toiletAn overflow situation due to too much rain water. When this happens, it can flood your home with a massive amount of sewer water in a very short amount of time. What’s happening? All of the run off from the rain water is going into the same municipal sewage drain as raw waste. Unfortunately, the sewer line can’t support that volume of water running through it, and the slightest blockage means the water has to go somewhere other than the intended route. That new path is up your pipes and into your home.


Sewage back-ups in Greenville SC require an immediate response.  The longer waste sits in your flood damaged home, the more damage is done to your home or office.  We understand the complexities involved and our sewage damage company has the resources to handle your emergency quickly and properly.

Not all restoration companies are the same…it’s important to use a certified Greenville water damage restoration company that specializes in sewage back-up cleanouts.  That’s us: we have the resources, experience & personnel to properly mitigate your water damaged property.

Our promise to you is simple: our water extraction company will offer the highest level of professional service and make the sewage back-up cleanup process as painfree as possible.  So call us today for a rapid response and free estimate!

The work is guaranteed, the process is simple, the quote is free, and our employees are cut above the rest.  We guarantee it!

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