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flood-damage-companyWe are an emergency water mitigation company proudly serving Nashville and the surrounding communities with a 60 minute guaranteed response time.  Our services are straightforward, our pricing is fair, and our estimates are always free.  If you’ve suffered a water or flood emergency, please give us a call now for an immediate response and let one of our friendly, certified project managers explain how our service works and make sure all of your questions are answered!


What to expect from our Nashville emergency restoration services!


We know the frustration and stress that comes along with discovering your home or business has been damaged by water.  It’s never something you want to experience, but if you do, you at least want to know you can trust a competent restoration company to handle the problems for you.  Our aim is to be that provider, and alleviate all of the concerns that come with a flood.  So here’s what our customers get when they choose us!


Immediate response to your emergency call!


24-7-emergency-serviceGetting help fast is an absolute must when it comes to flood restoration services.  A fast response allows us to contain the loss so no additional damage is done and typically allows us to mitigate the property without having to tear and replace entire sections of your home.  So call now and we’re on our way to help!

We respond fast & get there within 1 hour


Free price quote – upfront & fair!


photo_free_estimatesDon’t you just wish you could find a reliable water damage company in Nashville that offered straightforward pricing that was fair?  Well, you’re at the right place.  Our quotes are always calculated using the same estimation software that insurance companies use.  We never price gouge or bait-and-switch our customers!

We offer a fair price, upfront – the estimate is always free!


You’ll be satisfied with every aspect of our service!


satisfaction-guaranteeWe take great emergency restoration and cleanup service to a whole new level!  Unlike many of the disaster mitigation companies out there, we realize that while insurance might pay for our services, you are the customer.  It’s your property, and our job is to restore it to its original state to your complete satisfaction!

We guarantee your complete satisfaction!


We also help settle you insurance claim!


costs of restorationPart of our comprehensive water damage restoration service includes assistance with your insurance claim.  Most of our work is covered by insurance so we’re routinely in contact with adjusters to help our customers with their claim.  There’s no need for you to deal with that messy process…let us take care of it for you!

In fact, we can go beyond helping with your insurance claim and can actually bill our flood mitigation work directly to them.  That means you don’t pay upfront!  Instead, we send the invoice to them and they pay us directly.

You don’t have to go through the claim process alone – call us now!


Get your property restored right so you don’t get mold!


As a certified flood cleanup company, no one is more aware of the ravaging effects of mold than us.  And sadly, black mold shouldn’t happen.  It’s typically negligence that results in black mold, either on the part of the homeowner or the company contracted to mitigate the flooding damage.  But it doesn’t have to be that way!


What you need to know about mold:

Mold can begin growing within 2 days of finding a suitable environment.  The right environment is a moist, humid place where it can feed off of wood or other organic material and grow.  48 hours.  That’s it.  So what does that mean for you?  If you delay the water extraction and drying process, you’re probably going to get mold.


What you need to know about our mold prevention services:

We take mold seriously.  The cost to remove mold is very high, and in most cases insurance doesn’t pay for it.  So if a flood damage company screws up the process of mitigating your loss, it could hurt you financially.


So to make sure you don’t end up with mold, we do 2 things:

1) We apply a fungicide spray on the walls, floors, and any other affected areas that inhibits its growth and gives us a long enough window to…

2) We dry out your property quickly and make sure we’ve removed all excess moisture.  With the right equipment, we can make sure excess moisture is safely evaporated and expelled from your property.  We continually use moisture probes to monitor our progress and we don’t stop the dry-out phase until all moisture readings are at safe, normal levels.

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