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Whether it is a residential or commercial disaster, our Little Rock restoration company is designed to quickly and effectively restore your damaged property. We offer complete water & flood restoration services and would be happy to come to your property to offer a free estimate. We stand behind all of our Little Rock water damage restoration work with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee and are fully licensed and insured to perform any work necessary!


Need service now?  Then call us!


What makes our Little Rock flood repair company an emergency provider?  First, we always answer you call no matter when you pick up the phone!  Second, we get there fast!  Third, we can begin the process of cleaning up your property immediately!

So call now if you need immediate flood restoration services!


Need an estimate?  We provide free quotes for any work!


Our goal is to earn your business.  And that starts with an opportunity to see the extent of flooding and provide you with a free water extraction & drying estimate.  We can explain our services, answer your questions, and offer our price upfront!

So call now for a free quote – there’s never any obligation to you!

How does it work when getting an estimate from a RestorationEze contractor? Our estimating process is designed to be simple and ensure you are understand the costs and what work needs to be done. We’ve standardized the process so there isn’t any guesswork from your point of view. And best of all, we use the same insurance estimating software as your adjuster would use if you were planning on filing a claim. Watch the video below to see how it works!


You don’t need to pay out of pocket – we can bill insurance!


Most water losses that occur from a malfunction within your home are covered by your insurance company.  If it’s the case your loss is covered, be it a sewage back-up or any other flooding, we can easily bill your insurance company!

So call now for insurance-approved direct billing!

Don’t let the water damage insurance claim process trip you up! Call us first and let us advocate for you! There are some common pitfalls that homeowners step into when facing water damage that requires they file an insurance claim. Here’s some things for you to think about as you begin the journey of recovering after a water loss.


You never need a claim opened to get help.

Property–Insurance–Claim-formThe first thing homeowners usually get wrong is assuming they have to call their adjuster and wait for a claim to be filed and opened. That isn’t necessary and the delay can actually cause even more problems. Water losses create a lot of urgency, specifically around containing the damage and preventing black mold growth. If you wait a day or two for an insurance claim to be opened, you run the risk of developing black mold, and you certainly will end up with more water damage than if you had immediately called a professional Little Rock restoration company like us!


You should hire a provider that treats you as the customer, not your insurer.

While it’s not as common as it used to be, your adjuster might try to funnel you to a certain company. Depending on how they handle that ‘suggestion, it may even be illegal. Here’s why:

contractor-customerWhatever company they told you to call had made a deal with your insurer to charge much less than the actual cost of the damage (in exchange for the ‘free’ business). Why is that, at a minimum, unethical? Because it creates a scenario that is likely to hurt you as the customer. Think about it this way: in many cases the water damage company has agreed to cap the amount of the loss. So what happens if the total damage should run around $10,000 but they’ve agreed to cap the loss at 50% of the total cost? Some companies will complete the work competently and eat the profits. But more than likely, the company will cut corners and ultimately find ways to do less work to try and make up for the lost revenue. It means they may not use enough drying equipment, or remove the equipment before your property has reach its dry standard. Or they may skip crucial steps such as applying anti-microbial spray. However it manifests itself, it means you could very well end up with shoddy work.

You have every right to hire the Little Rock water restoration contractor you feel comfortable with. While your insurance may be paying for the loss, you are in control and it’s you that is going to have to live with the results of the work, good or bad!


What can you expect when choosing our Little Rock restoration company?


Unlike other companies in the area, our sole service is providing assistance due to a disaster.  So while some companies are general contractors or even carpet cleaning companies that perform restoration services on the side…all we do is disaster mitigation.


Drug-free & background screened technicians!


If we wouldn’t want them in our home, they’re not going to yours!  We understand the trust you put in us when choosing us as your restoration company in Little Rock.  It’s why we rigorously screen & drug-test employees before and during their employment!

Don’t let the wrong people into your home, call us today!


Certified technicians & processes!


Performing water restoration services isn’t a guessing game.  While every loss is different, and specific protocols are put in place depending on the loss, it requires a skilled technician that is certified as a water damage restoration technician to properly mitigate the loss!

Our technicians are fully certified!


We stop mold before it grows!


Mold can begin growing within 48 hours of finding the right home.  A key component to mold growth is moisture, so it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand that moisture most be removed quickly to stop mold.  We use mildicides prior to drying your property to buy more time while we extract moisture!

Call us & you won’t end up with black mold!


How does our restoration company cleanup water damage?


We always make sure our technicians follow the appropriate steps and procedures as laid out by the S500 restoration manual. Coming in at several hundred pages, detailing exactly what that means would be impossible, but rest assured we follow the right protocols throughout the process. To get a top level view of our water restoration services, watch the video below:


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