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Sewage Back-up CleaningDon’t know where to turn after your sewer line backed-up?  Give us a call, and let us help you get your property clean and dry again.  We offer emergency sewage cleanup services throughout the Little Rock area and would be happy to help you in your time of need.  Whether it’s affected one bathroom or spilled out into other rooms, a fast response from a certified restoration company is crucial.  Give us a call and let’s figure out what it’s going to take to get your property restored!


Why should you call us when you have sewage damage?


There’s a lot of reasons you should always call a professional sewage damage company when a sewer line backs up.  And we think there’s a lot of reasons you should choose us, specifically!


Sewer water is extremely dangerous!


The thing we want to stress to you is the gravity of the situation you’re dealing with.  Many people assume if they can handle the smell they can do the cleanup work themselves.  They couldn’t be more wrong.  Cleaning up sewage water requires a lot of safety equipment and a lot of experience to do it right and keep everyone safe.

Watch this video to learn more:


Our prices are determined by your insurer – not us!


Free_EstimatesWe hate to say it, but there are plenty of Little Rock sewage cleanup companies out there preying on people who find themselves distressed and facing an emergency.  They will sell you a bill of goods and then charge you out the nose for it.  At RestorationEze, we realize this type of practice hurts you and it’s why we make sure the price you’re quoted is generated by Xactimate.  As the leader in insurance estimating software, Xactimate takes established rates insurers pay for any service imaginable and calculates the cost based on those!

That means when we come to your property to provide you with a free & upfront cost-estimate, you know it’s a reasonable price and it’s never inflated!  Watch our quick video to learn more about how water damage in Little Rock is calculated by us!


Our services are guaranteed!


satisfaction-guaranteeWhen you choose a RestorationEze sewage damage contractor, you get a lot of things, but ultimately you get peace of mind. How? By knowing that you’re going to be happy with the work that is performed by our technicians. Instead of simply packing up our equipment and sending you a bill, we don’t close out the job until we perform a full walk-through/inspection with you and make sure you’re completely happy with everything that we’ve done. If not, we’ll fix it. Period.


All work performed by certified & insured employees!


checklistWhat if a company showed up and their technicians weren’t actually properly trained to handle your toxic situation?  What if they didn’t carry insurance and got hurt on your property?  What if they showed up drunk or on drugs?  We ask those questions because those things do happen.  But choose RestorationEze as your flood damage company and we guarantee that the work will be performed by certified technicians that have the proper insurance and have passed random drug screenings!


Is your sewage damage covered by insurance? If so, call us!


insurance-claim-formIf your homeowners policy covers sewage backups, the first thing you want to do is call us or another certified water mitigation company. Notice we didn’t say your insurer…why? Because of a couple of reasons. First, your situation is dangerous and adjusters aren’t responsible for taking the actions necessary to fix the dangerous situation. That is always done by a sewage cleanup company in Little Rock. Second, insurers are notorious for finding ways to lessen their obligations to their customers for legitimate claims. The best way to make sure you don’t find yourself in that type of situation is to hire a company you trust that will represent your interests when it comes time to settle the claim.

We work directly with your adjuster throughout the claim. In fact, we’ve probably worked with them on previous claims and have an existing relationship. So we’re perfectly adept at handling whatever roadblocks may occur and will make sure the claim is dealt with transparently and quickly!


Why did my sewer line back up?


In many cases, the issue is a block in your main sewer line pipe. The common culprits are tree roots growing into pipe connections (or even straight through the pipes if you have older clay pipes still), fibrous debris being flushed down the toilet, or grease being poured down the drain. Another potential issue is what is commonly known as a sewage overflow. This can happen in times of heavy downpours, where too much rain water is traveling through the city’s main pipe and the water looks for another way to go. That route ends up being into your home!

Regardless of why your sewer backup emergency occurred, it’s important for you to take action. Even breathing the fumes emitted by raw sewage can make you sick. If your home has sewage damage, you need to call for professional help immediately!


We dry out your home so you don’t get mold!


mold-free-water-cleanup-servicesOne of the things people often forget when it comes to sewage cleanup is that not only is your home dirty, but it’s also wet. And any time a home gets wet, the threat of black mold damage is very real. In fact, if you wait more than 72 hours then you probably already have black mold. So it’s important to remember that you need to act quickly and make sure all proper precautions are taken to dry out the home before the mold problem occurs. We guarantee our customers a mold-safe environment once we’ve completed all of our work. That means you not only get peace of mind that we’ve removed all harmful pathogens related to the raw sewage, but also the conditions necessary for black mold to thrive.

So please call us today and let us show you what has made our sewage cleanup services the #1 resource for Little Rock homes and businesses that have suffered sewage damage!

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