Little Rock Water Removal & Extraction

flood-damage-companyCall today if you’re in need of a Little Rock water removal company you can trust! We offer emergency water cleaning & dry-out services designed to get your home or office completely restored fast! Each crew member is licensed, insured and certified in proper water removal processes, meaning you can be sure your property is mitigated correctly and according to industry standards!  So if you need a water cleanup company that provides free estimates, an immediate response & guaranteed service, give us a call now!


What makes our water mitigation company the best?


As with any other home improvement service, you’ve got choices.  And while there are certainly other restoration companies in Little Rock that do great work, we think our services stand above the rest and we hope you’ll give us the chance to prove it!


We treat your call as an emergency!


24-7-emergency-serviceUnlike some cleaning companies that have access to equipment but simply don’t have the struts in place to provide rapid service, we’re a full-service water removal company that specializes in emergency responses anytime disaster happens.  So call us and you’re guaranteed a 60 minute response time, usually sooner!

We always provide an immediate response to your call!


Why is your response (and ours) so important?

black-mold-cabinetsWe tell any potential customer the same thing: if you’ve suffered a water loss you can not afford to delay your response, or hire a water cleanup company that can’t respond immediately. The reason we say that is because any delay increases the odds your home ends up with black mold. Usually it only takes black mold spores about 48 hours to grow and cause visible damage. Compare that with the 72 hours it usually takes us to dry out a home and prevent mold growth, and you can understand why a fast response isn’t ideal, it’s an absolute necessity!


We give free quotes & have fair service rates!


photo_free_estimatesBecause the majority of water cleanup jobs we’re called to are covered by insurance, our rates are purely driven by the reimbursement rates insurance companies offer.  That means when we provide you with a free estimate, you can know that rate is fair and that should you be filing with insurance, it will be acceptable rate!

Call now – we’ll dispatch a tech ASAP to provide a free quote!


Do you still have questions about the estimating process and prices within the water damage restoration space? If so, we made a short video that helps explain how it works and what our customers can expect when they give us the opportunity to provide them with a free cost estimate for any water extraction services they may need!


Any water cleanup & mitigation work is guaranteed to please!


satisfaction-guaranteeWe clean water & dry structures according to the standards set by the IICRC, which trains & certifies water damage technicians.  Our mission on every project is to do every step of the process correctly and make sure that you, the customer, are happy and satisfied with every aspect of the project from start to finish.

We guarantee you’ll be satisfied with out water cleaning services!


iicrc-logoWe understand the importance of the water cleanup services we offer. They have lasting effects. Some calls we get are from people who thought they hired a reputable water removal company only to realize days or weeks later that something wasn’t quite right. Usually by then they have big problems, least among them is it’s going to cost a lot of money to fix the mistakes and insurance probably isn’t going to cover it. With RestorationEze, we make sure the technicians servicing your property are always certified by the IICRC and that they are always following the procedures they’ve been trained to perform. If you want to see what that means in terms of how we go about the water mitigation process, please watch the video below:


We handle insurance claims & can bill them for our services!


If there’s a water loss and it is covered by your homeowner’s insurance policy (and most are) we can help.  We always work with insurance companies and have staff in place to help the adjuster with your claim.

costs of restorationFrom the proper paperwork, the initial estimation, photos, and final walk-through, we know what insurers need to see on water loss claims and can do the heavy lifting to make sure they can settle your claim.

And in a lot of cases, we can actually bill our Little Rock water removal services to them directly.  Instead of you having to pay out of pocket for the work and wait for the reimbursement check, we can just send the bill for our work to them!

Don’t get tripped up when it comes to your claim. Assuming your adjuster is going to take care of you is a recipe for a disaster. What you need more than anything is a reliable and experienced water extraction contractor that has dealt with insurers before. We understand how they operate and know how to make sure our clients’ best interests are accounted for. We fight for you. While they might be paying us, you are the customer and without your satisfaction we wouldn’t be able to operate as a business!


Water Removal


If you find yourself in need of emergency Little Rock water removal services, we can help! Our professional water removal company is fully insured, licensed & certified to get your property dry and back to its original state!


Water Extraction


Have you walked into your home of office to find standing water? We specialize in emergency water extraction services designed to fully dry out and restore your wet property. Call us now and speak with one of our water cleaning specialists and schedule a free quote!


Water Cleanup


If you are in need of emergency water cleanup services, we understand how frightening it can be. That’s why our water cleaning company is designed to make the process as painless as possible. So call us today if you’d like a free quote for cleaning up water & drying your property!

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