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home-water-DamageWe handle residential, commercial & industrial water losses with speed, force & effectiveness. There is literally nothing we haven’t seen, and there is no job too big or small for us to handle. Whether you have water in one room or throughout a commercial building, we will get it out and get the property dry fast. Lean on RestorationEze to cleanup water damage in Tucson and the surrounding areas, and not only will you get a fair price but we guarantee you’ll be completely satisfied with all the work that is performed!

Tucson water damage repair services!


Let us be your guide through any water restoration service!


It’s ok to lean on someone else for help, especially when it comes to a water loss.  The reality is this is probably your first time dealing with it, and there can be a lot of hurdles to jump and plenty of opportunity for mistakes to be made.  Mistakes that can ultimately cost your money.  Here’s just some things we do to help you get through this event and get back on your feet.


We get to your property within 60 minutes!


Out_of_date_clock_icon.svgDid you know that with each passing minute more water damage is occurring to your property?  And if you wait long enough, you’ll end up with mold damage!  When we say you have an emergency on your hands, that isn’t a scare tactic, it’s just the truth.  It’s why we offer emergency water restoration services and guarantee a 60 minute or less response time anywhere in the Tucson area.


We give you a free quote generated by Xactimate!


Free_EstimatesWhen you call us, we make sure the first thing you get is a fair price for any water damage mitigation service necessary.  We do that by making sure our estimators are using Xactimate, the leading software that estimates insurance repair work.  In fact, it’s used by your adjuster as well, so you know all parties are on the same page in terms of the cost of water damage restoration services!

If you want to learn more about the way Xactimate works, please watch this quick video!


We certify & train our techs!


CertificateIconDid you know most water damage companies don’t actually require their technicians to be certified restoration technicians?  That’s bad news for you if you end up choosing one of these companies.  We realize that your home is your most important possession and believe that we should treat it as such.  That means you always get a Tucson water damage cleanup contractor that is certified by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning & Restoration Certification.


How do water damage restoration services work?


One thing we also believe in is educating our customers.  We know that if the homeowner is educated about us and the process itself, they’re ultimately going to be happier about the work performed.  And we want to make sure that education begins even before you call us.  It’s why we’ve created this video explaining how the water damage restoration process works:


How does my insurance claim/policy work?


One of the things that can cause confusion is knowing what role the insurance adjuster plays and what order things need to occur on the insurance claim front.  Here are some common questions we get from customers.


Do I need a claim number before I can call you?

No.  In fact, waiting on a claim number means more water damage, more costs, and thus greater expenses for your insurance company.


When do I pay my deductible?

There are typically 2 phases to a water loss.  The mitigation process in which the water is extracted and the property is dried and the reconstruction process in which the build back occurs to replace any portions of your property that were removed.  Insurance typically pays the full cost of the water mitigation process and the deductible is paid out of the reconstruction efforts.


Will there be any issues with the payment?

An insurance company is a business and their goal is to generate returns to their investors.  That means that while your their customer, they’re also not willing to just write a blank check for your water damage cleanup project.  Every insurance company is different and every adjuster is different too.  Ultimately, what’s most important is that you’ve hired a certified water damage contractor that uses Xactimate to price the loss and a company that will act as your advocate throughout the loss.

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