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water-extraction-serviceWith over 20 years of experiencing helping customers when a flood or water emergency happens, we can handle whatever you might throw at us.  We have truly seen it all.  And with that experience comes great skill.  We work hard to always make sure we know the latest techniques and use the best equipment.  Because when it comes to your home or place of business, we don’t take any chances!

Emergency water damage cleanup – 24/7/365 days a year!


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Free_EstimatesThere’s no waiting around when it comes to mitigating a water loss.  If either you or the company you call delays, it will mean more damages and could put you in jeopardy.    So to make sure we’re ready when you call, we always have available crews within minutes of you to respond immediately.  You call, we’re there…it’s easy!

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Can’t I just cleanup the mess myself?


Our greatest concern is your health and safety.  So while we admire people’s willingness to roll up their sleeves and get to work, we do have to point out the dangers that go along with DIY flood cleanup and restoration services…


sewage-damage-containmentSickness from grey & black water

If water touches anything outside on its way into your home, you can be at risk of various illnesses that can be caused by pathogens in the water.  And if it’s a sewage back-up and there is sewer water, you can be confident that ingesting (or even inhaling or touching) the sewage can make you extremely sick.  For safety reasons, call us!


digital-moisture-meterGetting all the moisture out

Most people tend to envision water cleanup & drying as being a simple 2 step process where you suck up the water and then open some windows and turn on some fans.  That stuff is easy.  It’s finding the excess moisture that lies hidden in your property that requires training and the proper equipment to ensure you don’t get black mold.


water-damage-cleanupNot causing secondary damage

When people try performing the El Monte water damage cleanup process themselves, what they find out the hard way is that putting a fan on a damp area doesn’t work.  Why?  Fans pass air over damp surfaces to evaporate the moisture, which releases it into the air.  But where does it go?  It finds somewhere in your home to damage, leaving you worse off!


Do I need to call my insurance company?


Eventually, yes.  But your first priority should always be containing the water damage and making sure the water mitigation process begins immediately.  Your insurance company can not help with that….only a certified water damage company in El Monte, CA can do the necessary triage to begin the process of getting your property fully restored.


Know your rights when it comes to your insurance claim!


checklistYou can pick the restoration company you’re comfortable with.  Sometimes your adjuster will suggest you call one of their ‘vendors’.  This isn’t ethical, as they’ve usually got a hand shake agreement to not charge the fair rate for service.  So you can connect the dots there.  Are you sure you want some restoration contractor that skims on the quality of his service so he can offer discounted rates?


bill-directA reputable water restoration company should settle your claim.  If you call upon an emergency restoration service in El Monte and they try to get you to pay upfront for the entire cost of the work, there’s a problem.  We provide insurance direct billing, meaning that instead of you paying out of pocket, we can send the bill to the insurance carrier!  You shouldn’t be left alone to deal with the claim settlement!

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