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airmovers-structural-drying-equipmentProviding timely water cleanup & mitigation services isn’t something all restoration companies can do, despite what their web site or advertisement might say.  Some lack the proper resources or simply can’t be bothered to answer calls if they’re busy.  But call us and we can provide emergency flood restoration service you can depend on.  We always guarantee the work and provide upfront cost estimates for free!


One call and we can handle it from start to finish!


Some water mitigation companies do one aspect of the job but then leave it to you to complete the reconstruction work.  And still others want you to pay out of pocket and seek reimbursement on your own from your insurance company.  We don’t think any of that makes sense, and it’s why you’ll find us to be the right choice for all of your Pasadena water damage restoration needs!


20-60 minute response time – day and night!


24-7-emergency-serviceYou never know when flooding damage could happen, but please do know that the one thing you must do is respond quickly.  While there are certain things you might be able to do (like cut the water supply), the most important is calling a professional restoration company.  We provide an immediate response, around the clock!

You should never delay – call for help now!


But how much does your service cost?


photo_free_estimatesMany people ask this question under the assumption that if they ask around enough they’ll get a small number they want.  But when it comes to water cleanup & drying services, we all charge the same amount!  How is that?  Well, we all use the same software, Xactimate, to calculate the job cost and so you know it’s fair!

We give free estimates & industry best rates!


Do I call insurance first or a restoration company?


Out_of_date_clock_icon.svgWith any water loss, the single most important thing is making sure the loss is contained and that the mitigation process begin immediately.  So unless your adjuster is planning on jumping in the car immediately with a trailer full of equipment, you need to call a certified flood restoration company first.

Your responsibility is your home.  You’re obligated to do everything within your power to make sure it’s safe for your family.  And that’s why you call a water damage company first, not your insurance company!


But don’t I need a claim first?

Absolutely not.  A claim number won’t get moisture out of your home.  Again, everything insurance related will need to be handled, and in fact we can take care of that entire process for you, but the first thing must be stopping the water and getting all of it out of your property.  That’s why we should always be your first call!


Are you sure I won’t get mold?


If you wait too long, we assure you’ll get mold.  Mold simply needs a few things to get going, at which point it’s a living organism that will spread.  And if you think water removal & restoration services in Pasadena are a headache, wait until your property is undergoing full-blown mold remediation.

satisfaction-guaranteeBut if you call us immediately after the event, we guarantee you won’t get mold.  How can we be so certain?  Preventing mold is possible by removing the right environment for its growth.  And that means quickly getting excess moisture out of the property and safely removing it outside the home.

We have all of the proper equipment, and our technicians are trained to handle whatever your loss might throw at us!



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