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Riverside Water Damage Restoration & Repair

SinkOverflowWhen a water loss occurs, we’re here to help!  Our role is to make sure you can get things back to normal as quickly as possible.  Many hurdles may pop up, and there will be challenges, but as your water damage cleanup partner, it’s our job to make sure they’re overcome and dealt with diligently and cause as little disruption to your life as possible.  Need a water damage company in Riverside, CA you can trust?  We hope you’ll call RestorationEze today and join our family of satisfied customers!

The #1 choice for water damage repair services!


Fast help when you need it most – 24/7/365!


Out_of_date_clock_icon.svgThe absolute worst thing you can do when it comes to water damage in Riverside is wait around to do something about it.  That means you should always call an emergency water damage contractor to assess the loss, and they should always be able to respond immediately to your call.  As RestorationEze, we guarantee an immediate response to your phone call no matter when you need our help!


Call now & get a free water damage repair estimate!


Free_EstimatesWhen you call we can send out a crew and our lead estimator can provide you with a free, transparent estimate for any water restoration services that may be necessary.  And best of all, the quote is generated by the Xactimate estimating software system.  That means you know the price is a result of the leading 3rd party system that calculates insurance repair estimates using commonly accepted rates insurers will pay for any mitigation work you need.

Learn about the water mitigation estimating process and Xactimate by watching the video below:


 We always follow S500 water damage mitigation protocol!


IICRCS500The s500 is the operating manual for the water damage repair industry and it is published by the IICRC.  It is reviewed and edited each year to ensure that the latest and most proven techniques and equipment are included.  It essentially lays out the appropriate procedures and protocol for any scenario that may be encountered during the water damage cleanup process.  It’s something we follow religiously but something some contractors couldn’t care less about!
Are you curious what the water damage cleaning process looks like? Please watch our video so you can know what the general steps look like and what you can expect if you need our help:


Need help with your claim?  Just call us now!


costs of restorationOne thing people get concerned with is dealing with their insurance company.  Often times they see their adjuster as an adversary, but the reality is that if you have a trusted service provider, the process can go quite smoothly.  We make sure to advocate on your behalf, and work respectfully with your adjuster to handle every aspect of the claims process.  If your flood damage cleanup work is covered by insurance, we bill them instead of asking you to pay upfront and recoup your money from them!


insurance-claim-formInsurance claims can sometimes get off the rails and end up causing you a lot of angst. Even the process of procuring a water damage company in Riverside can get murky if you depend on your insurer to take of it for you. One of the biggest the problems is when they refer you to a certain company. Most people mistakenly assume that the company they are being referred to provides great service. In reality, they only meet a minimum standard…so why are they referring you to them? Because in return they aren’t going to bill the insurer for the full cost of the loss. Remember, our prices are standard. But some water restoration services get business by making back room deals with insurers to significantly undercut the competition and charge a lot less. If you’ve owned your home for any amount of time and you’ve made the mistake of hiring a previous contractor that was a lot cheaper than everybody else, you know why that is bad for you.


Make sure it’s done right – we guarantee it!


satisfaction-guaranteeAt RestorationEze, we provide something that many water damage companies in Riverside CA don’t: peace of mind.  With some contractors, you could end up with bad service and have to pay out of pocket to get the mistakes fixed.  It’s a terrible situation but one that we see quite often.  Don’t let it happen to you!  We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on any water damage repair project we complete, so you know before work starts that you will be happy when it’s done!


Don’t let your home water damage turn into black mold damage!


toxic-moldThe one thing we try and caution homeowners about is the very real threat of black mold. For us, drying out the home before black mold takes hold is priority #1. But even for an experienced water damage cleanup company like us, it’s a challenge. Why? Because mold actually grows faster than we can usually dry out a structure. The only way to permanently remove the threat of black mold is to make sure the structure is dry. But that usually takes about 3.5 days, while mold only needs 2 days to grow. Because we have technicians that are certified as water damage restoration technicians and mold remediation technicians, we understand the constant threat mold presents.


We guarantee a mold-safe property once we’re done!


mold-free-guaranteePerhaps the biggest peace of mind we can provide customers is the feeling of knowing their home is healthy. How can we do that? The most effective method we’ve found is to offer customers a simple guarantee: once we’re done with our work, hire any certified mold testing professional (typically referred to as an industrial hygienist) to test your home for mold spores. We guarantee your property will pass with flying colors. Most water damage repair services won’t offer this sort of guarantee, and we think that should be a red flag for potential customers. If they are confident in their abilities, why should you be?


Recent Projects We’ve Serviced


Washing machine leaked and damaged the baseboards and floor.  Customer looking to properly dry the area, repair the baseboards and ensure that there is no mold in the walls.

— Brenda, Rubidoux, CA


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