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flood-damage-companyNot sure where to turn if you’re dealing with a water of flood or fire emergency in San Bernardino County? We offer complete emergency disaster restoration services that get you back on your feet fast. No matter how big or small, our San Bernardino restoration companies can quickly and affordably restore your property fast!  And best of all, we always provide you with a complete cost estimate at no charge, and the price is upfront & there’s no hassle!  So don’t wait, call now!


Emergency water damage cleanup & drying services!


Out_of_date_clock_icon.svgAny time moisture finds its way into your property, you should always call a water damage company to assess the situation.  While you might think there’s only a small amount of water, and something you can easily tackle, usually there is hidden moisture that will cause you big problems down the road.  Don’t delay in calling for a professional opinion.  Moisture can weaken the strength of your home’s support structure and even cause black mold damage.


You never pay for an upfront water cleanup estimate!


Free_EstimatesOur contractors use the same software that your adjuster does to figure out what it will take to cleanup flooding damage, as well as the costs associated with the work.  From labor to materials to equipment used, the rates are standard and insure you are not getting an inflated price or a price tag that your insurance company won’t pay.  So when we provide a free restoration estimate, it can be trusted!

Here’s a video explaining how it works…


We cleanup sewage back-ups too!


cautionSewage damage, in any amount, is an emergency and health risk.  Why?  Because sewage can foster harmful disease causing pathogens that can make people very very sick if contracted.  That’s why it’s not a surprise there are such strict safety protocols in place anytime the sewage back-up results in exposed sewer water.  We provide safe, fast & affordable sewage cleanup in San Bernardino and would be happy to provide you with a free estimate to get the mess cleaned up and your property clean & safe!


Our restoration costs are usually covered by insurance companies!


bill-directIf you’re worried about how you are going to pay the costs of water restoration services, you can hopefully breathe a sigh of relief.  That is because most of our work is covered by insurance companies.  If you need emergency water damage cleanup services, you don’t need to call your insurance adjuster and then wait around.  Just call us, at which point we can handle your claim and send the bill for our water mitigation services to them directly!


How do you know which San Bernardino restoration company to trust?


satisfaction-guaranteeTrust the one that guarantees your satisfaction!  That is us, and it’s why so many residents and businesses trust us for their emergency water cleanup services. You have to make a decision quickly on which restoration contractor to choose, and so we promise that when you choose us, you’ll be completely satisfied.

If you want peace of mind knowing the work will be done to your complete satisfaction, we are the right call to make!  


Watch this ‘Water Damage Repair 101’ Video


The process for cleaning up flooding damage will vary depending on the factors present. There’s a variety of different systems and pieces of equipment specifically designed for a range of scenarios.  So while the water damage service is unique on every project, the basics of water mitigation are the same.  Contain the loss, extract standing water, apply anti-microbials and disinfectants, dry out the structure, and replace any surfaces that were removed.

Here’s a quick video showing you what that looks like:


Get answers to the most commonly asked questions!


Who do I call first?


You should always call a San Bernardino water damage company first.  That’s not a marketing ploy, that’s simply your best option.  You may be inclined to call your insurer and wait for a claim, but please trust us when we say that is not the first step in the process.  The first step is to always stop the water damage as quickly as possible and begin the drying process before mold grows.


Will I get black mold damage?


If you wait more than 48 hours after the flooding has occurred, the answer is most likely ‘Yes’.  Mold grows quickly once moisture is introduced to your walls, floors or other surfaces of your home mold spores can feed on.  It’s just one of the more serious reasons your first call should be immediately to a certified water mitigation contractor!


Will my insurance even cover my loss?


costs of restorationStandard insurance policies typically cover water damage from within the home’s structure.  In other words, things that happen within the home that cause damage.  Think of things like a dish washer overflowing, a washing machine hose coming un-attached, or even a sink or bath tub being left on and spilling out into the home.

What isn’t typically covered is ground water, or any water that originates outside of your property but makes its way in and causes wetness or damage.

Even if the water damage was caused by something within your home malfunctioning, some adjusters may deny your claim in the belief that routine maintenance would have prevented the loss from happening (for instance, if they show up and you have a corroded water heater that clearly was way past its shelf life).


How long does the process itself take?


When you’re talking about water damage restoration, there are really 2 phases to the work:

Phase 1. Water Mitigation

Phase 2. Build-back (or Reconstruction)

In phase 1, the goal is to dry out the structure as quickly as possible so that mold doesn’t grow and so that your property’s structure does not become at risk of collapsing in areas effected by water damage.  That process can be anywhere between 2 days to over 1 week depending on the dry rates of the surfaces affected and the amount of moisture in the property.

In phase 2, any things that needed to be torn out are replaced.  That process can sometimes take over a week, again depending on the extent of the damages.


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