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San Diego restoration companies are a dime a dozen…but if you need one that’s available 24/7 to help with any disaster you might be facing. One that always stands behind their work, always offers upfront & free estimates, and is a fully certified water restoration company, then give us a call! From water & flood damage restoration to sewage back-up cleaning services, our we offer complete San Diego restoration services and we’re fully certified, licensed & insured!


Need water damage repairs done fast?


Then we’re the right call!  Our emergency services are geared towards getting your property restored quickly.  We can be there within 60 minutes, usually sooner, and can begin our water damage repair service immediately upon arrival!

We perform 24/7 emergency water damage cleaning services!


Not sure how much flood cleanup services cost?


No problem, just give us a call.  We’ll send out a flood damage restoration technician that can provide you with an on-site estimate for free!  It gives you a chance to understand how the process will work & us a chance to survey the damage and estimate the cost!

Call now for a completely free estimate to cleanup the flooding!


We guarantee all of our restoration services!


When you ask someone that’s experienced a flood their greatest concern, it’s usually that the work won’t be done right and that they’ll end up with mold or other problems.  So to give you comfort, we offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee!

Choose us and get service guaranteed to make you happy!


You’ll even get a 1 year warranty on work performed!


While some sewage cleaning companies will offer a satisfaction guarantee, very few will offer a service warranty.  We want you to know that our service doesn’t end right when leave…in fact, for a full year we’ll come back and fix any problems should they occur!

We always stand behind our service!


If you need help with your insurance claim, just ask!


On any loss in which you intend on filing an insurance claim, our specialists can assist you by making the process much smoother.  Once you have your claim number, we can pretty much take it from there!  We work with insurance carriers each week and know what they need and can provide them with everything required during the claims process!


In fact, we can bill the insurance company directly!


Crews are standing by to help you!

If you need emergency restoration services, we have crews located throughout the San Diego area so that we can immediately respond to your crisis!

Call now for a free quote!


Proudly serving San Diego County

We want to educate you about water damage restoration!


At all times we try to put ourselves in our customer’s shoes. And when we think about the chaos that you must be feeling, we can’t imagine a more frightening experience.  You’re probably not sure what’s happened, how you deal with it, who you hire, how your insurance company will respond, and a thousand other worries.  We realize we can’t make all of those concerns disappear, but we can educate you about the water damage cleanup process so you at least have more comfort with the project.  Here’s some things we think you should know upfront!


You don’t need an insurance claim to start work!


insurance-claim-formMost people assume that they need their insurance company’s permission to begin the water mitigation process.  That couldn’t be further from the truth.  You don’t need a claim to begin work.  In fact, waiting for your insurance can cost you valuable time that will lead to greater water damage in San Diego.  You own the home, and it’s your responsibility to ensure it’s a safe environment for your family.  If you have flooding damage, it’s not a safe environment and can get even more dangerous with each passing hour.

So while it may be the case your insurance company will become involved, it is not necessary at the onset.  Your first action should be to call a certified water damage company to make sure the loss is contained and the dry-out process begins as quickly as possible!


You have 48 hours into you begin to see mold growth.


black-moldIf there is one theme to our site, it’s urgency.  That’s not a marketing ploy, that’s a necessity when it comes to water damage repair services.  One major reason is the speed in which black mold grows once you have a flood.  Black mold needs water, food, and time.  And it doesn’t need much time at all, usually only 2 days.  So if you’ve suffered a water loss, as bad as it can seem, the cleanup and mitigation efforts get considerably more extensive once harmful black mold is introduced into the fold.

Don’t delay, call us now so that we can make sure your property is dried out before mold starts growing!


Costs for water damage services are universal.


If you get a quote for remodeling your kitchen, the estimates can be extremely different depending on the company that is quoting you.  Within the emergency restoration service industry, it’s the exact opposite: you won’t see any variation between estimates.  That is because we all use the same system to estimate water damage.  It’s called Xactimate, and it’s approved by insurance companies to calculate insurance repair work and uses the rates they pay out for any work necessary.

Watch this video to learn how it work:


The process doesn’t take as long as you think.


Our industry has seen massive improvements over the course of the last 20 years and new innovations have made our work much more efficient.  These days, a professional San Diego water damage company can be in and out of your home in the matter of a few days.  We have warehouses full of equipment that we can employ on any job to get moisture out quickly.

The first task we undertake is containing the loss and making sure we extract all standing water.  That can be done in a couple of hours in most cases.

The dry-out process is when we put down air movers, rescue mats, or other systems that remove any remaining moisture along with dehumidifiers to extract the evaporated moisture from the air.

If you would like to learn more about what the actual water damage restoration process looks like, watch this video:

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