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We’re a professional Colorado Springs restoration company that is always available when you’re dealing with flood or sewage back-up.  Our flood damage company specializes in emergency service, and there is truly no loss too big or too small for us!  With over 2 decades of experience, we’ve seen it all!  So call us today for a fast response and free estimate! 24/7 to get immediate help!


We cleanup water damage fast – guaranteed!


Time stands still when you’ve got flooding in your home or business and you need immediate water damage repair service.  Minutes seem like hours…we understand, it’s why we get there fast & can begin work immediately!  When it comes to your home, we get there quick!

Call now and we’ll get there within 1 hour!


We provide on-site estimates for free!


When you’ve got basement flooding, or any other type of water loss, your insurance company will want you to get an estimate for the work!  We provide estimates for free & use insurance-approved estimating software, so the price is always fair!

Call now and schedule your on-site estimate!


Our work isn’t done unless you’re completely satisfied!


Anytime we get to a job, we treat the property like it’s our own.  That means respecting it, and that means doing everything possible to get it restored as cost-effectively and quickly as possible.  Our standard is nothing short of your complete satisfaction.

Choose us and your guaranteed to be satisfied with our service!


Crews are standing by to help you!

If you need emergency restoration services, we have crews located throughout the Colorado Springs area so that we can immediately respond to your crisis!

Call now for a free quote!



Do you have a sewer back-up in your basement?


One of the jobs that creates the greatest sense of urgency is cleaning sewage back-ups.  If you’ve had a back-up and there is currently raw sewage in your home, we strongly suggest you leave the property and call us.  Sewage contains pathogens that can make you very ill.

Call us and we’ll clean up your sewage back-up fast!


Do you have an insurance claim and need help?


Whether it’s a collapsed sewer line, busted pipe, or clogged sink that has overflowed, most losses that occur from within the home are covered.  So if your loss is covered and you need help with your claim, we have specialists on staff that can handle it for you!

In fact, just let us know and we’ll bill them for our service!


The difference is in our process – it’s always transparent!


We realize the keystone to success is our people, and we truly believe you’ll find the level of service from each technician to meet or exceed your expectations.  And we’re just as confident in the process we put in place for any water damage restoration project we tackle.  Here’s a look at some things you can expect from us.


It starts with the onsite assessment.


Most people fear what they don’t know or understand.  And that’s certainly the case when requesting a price estimate from a water damage contractor.  So let’s make sure you do know how the pricing system works so you’re not scared!  All prices within the restoration industry are pre-determined and the rates do not change between service providers!

How is that possible?  It’s possible because most repairs are covered by insurers so as an industry they have come together to create accepted rates for any emergency restoration service we may offer.  If a single piece of baseboard needs to be removed, there’s a price for it.  If there’s a machine that runs for 3 days, there’s a price for it.  And that price never changes.

Learn more about the pricing system we use and why you can trust our estimates:


Once work begins, it’s about preventing mold damage!


black-moldYou’re under the gun when you have water damage…there’s a lot of reasons, but the main reason is how quickly black mold grows once given the right environment: namely excessive moisture in your walls, ceilings, floors and anywhere else it can feed off.

Just how quickly do mold spores grow?  Within 48 hours of your flood.  That’s right, you’ve got a couple of days before you have mold.  And mold is a very expensive problem to deal with that complicates the mitigation process.

We combat mold from the word go, and it starts with getting the water extracted as quickly as possible so that we can come back over the affected area and apply anti-microbial solution spray the inhibits mold growth for roughly 72 hours.  In other words, we spray down the area so that we have more time to properly dry-out everything.

Ultimately, that’s the only way you won’t get mold: the property must be thoroughly dried out quickly.

If you’re curious how we do that, watch the video below about water damage restoration:


What to do if you discover water damage…


Is your water loss due to a pipe leaking or a home appliance malfunctioning?  If you can, turn off the water supply to the area or even cut off the main supply line of your house. Once the source of the Colorado Springs water damage has been addressed, call a professional water mitigation company.  Notice we didn’t say your adjuster.  They might certainly be brought into the project, but they play no role in stopping the loss and mitigating the damage.

home-floodOnce a water damage contractor is en route, assess the area.  Is there anything that is dry but in harm’s way?  If so, and you can safely move them, feel free to do so.  Obviously the less damage there is the better, so save what you can.  For items already soaked, leave them there as one of our first tasks will be to take inventory and photos of the full scope of the loss, including possessions that have been damaged.


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