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flood-damage-companyThere are many projects homeowners can tackle with some grit, determination and the right tools.  Mitigating a water, fire & mold damaged property just isn’t one of them.  The risks are too great, the techniques too complicated, and the equipment too expensive.  So if you have water damage at your residence or commercial property, your best decision is to call a certified, insured & qualified restoration company in Ft Collins to assess the loss and recommend the best path forward.


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Out_of_date_clock_icon.svgDay or night, we are here to assist you in the process of recovering from a disaster.  While we hope it never happens to you, if it has, you need a Ft Collins restoration contractor that understands the urgency of the situation, has the experience to help, and the empathy to support you through a difficult time.  That’s us, and we hope you’ll join our family of satisfied customers!


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Free_EstimatesWe can make sure you get a free estimate once we’ve had a chance to view the damaged property.  Whether it’s flooding damage, sewage damage, or fire damage, the process is the same.  Our estimator assess the loss, the extent of the damage, and puts a line item of every task required to fix your property into our Xactimate estimating system, which then calculates the full cost based on what your insurance company will pay.

Here’s how it works:


How does the disaster restoration process typically work?


Hopefully this is the first time needing a professional water mitigation company.  If it is, you’re probably confused on how it works, who to call, how much it costs, what role insurance plays, etc.  Here’s a brief rundown of what you can expect.


moisture-reading_wood_flooringStep 1 – Onsite damage assessment

Any job must start with a full onsite assessment by one of our estimators.  He will be able to detect the amount of moisture damage and measure the space affected, as well as outline every step that must be taken to remove the moisture, dryout the property, and reconstruct any areas that must be removed/replaced during the process.


XactimateStep 2 – Free Xactimate estimate

Once we’ve completed a full assessment of your property, we enter in the aspects of the job into Xactimate.  Xactimate is the leader in insurance repair estimating software (it’s the same system your adjuster will use when he or she inspects the property!) and will produce a cost estimate based on standard insurance reimbursable rates, ensuring you get a fair price!


drying-wet-carpetStep 3 – Water Cleanup & Mitigation

If you would like for us to begin work and ensure no further delays create an even bigger mess for you, we can do so immediately.  When we arrive, we arrive with a crew and truck stocked with the latest and greatest water extraction systems that can have 95+% of moisture gone within an hour of us being there!


applyingantimicroStep 4 – Anti-fungal Application

Mold is a very real threat, and it can be very aggressive and spread very quickly.  The only way to stop it permanently is to remove the environmental elements it needs to survive, namely moisture.  But to give our equipment more time to do so, we apply an anti-microbial solution then extract the excess moisture before we continue…


wet-basement-air-moversStep 5 – Dry-out

Next is the portion of the project that takes a bit of time and can’t be rushed.  We put down a variety of different air movers and drying equipment, along with dehumidifiers to trap the evaporated moisture molecules and exhaust them outside the property.  We return to check our progress daily and adjust accordingly!


contractor-customerStep 6 – Final Walk-through

When our moisture readers indicate every square inch of the property has been returned to normal levels (every surface has some level of moisture that is safe, we get it to that point!) we are done.  But not before we perform a final walk through with you to make sure you are 100% satisfied with the project!


water-damage-inspectionStep 7 – Bill Insurer

Most water and fire damage losses are covered by some sort of insurance policy.  So if there is any chance at all your loss might be covered, rest assured we will advocate on your behalf with your adjuster and do everything within our power to successfully file a claim.  And if so, the bill goes to them and not to you!


Or watch our restoration step-by-step video tutorial to get a better sense for the process ahead of…

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