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If you own a home for long enough, chances are it will experience a water loss that requires professional help. In fact, the average home experiences flooding one time every eleven years.  Should it happen to you, our Ft. Lauderdale restoration company is fully licensed, insured & certified to provide the highest level of disaster restoration services, no matter how much damage has been done!  So just call us now for a fast response, free estimate, and guaranteed service!


We make emergency restoration services our priority!


When you have a home or office that’s been affected by flooding, you don’t have a lot of time before the damage puts you at risk.  Whether it’s from structural damage or mold, a fast flood damage cleanup response is a must!  We get there fast and get to work!

Call us for a 24/7 emergency restoration response!


We are affordable & offer free on-site estimates!


Our rates, whether it’s for complete water damage repair service or for our water mitigation services, are determined by insurance reimbursement rates.  So we always offer affordable & fair prices, and would be happy to provide you with a free estimate!

Call for a free water restoration quote today!


We give customers peace of mind with the best warranties around!


If you’re going through something traumatic like a flood, the thing you probably want most is peace of mind.  You need to know that your home will get back to normal quickly and that the company stands behind their water cleanup services.  It’s why we guarantee your happiness & offer a 1 year warranty on work performed.

Call us and get guaranteed service & a 1 year warranty!


We are insurance-approved for direct billing!


Whether it’s cleaning up sewer back-ups or extracting water from a storm damaged home, if your loss is covered under insurance and you intend on filing the loss with your insurer, we can help take that burden off your shoulders.  We offer customers insurance-direct billing and claims assistance!

Don’t forget to ask about our insurance assistance!


We only send out certified flood restoration technicians!


Every job we’re called to is unique.  The type of water, the extent of damage, the environmental conditions within the property.  Cleaning up flooding and drying out homes requires a lot of training and experience.  We only employ certified technicians so you know your home is being restored properly!

Don’t end up choosing a restoration company that’s un-certified!


Watch our water damage cleanup videos to learn more…


When you’re faced with water damage and need to hire a mitigation company, making the right choice quickly is imperative.  How do you do that?  We think it’s a factor of having the right information at your fingertips.


How do Ft Lauderdale water damage companies price their services?

You’ll be surprised to know, we all work off the same prices.  Insurers determine our rates, so when we provide you with a free onsite cost estimate for water damage services, we’re all using the same software to calculate that estimate.  It’s called Xactimate, and here’s how it works:


We do we cleanup water damage from your property?


First, it’s important to understand that every house or commercial property is different, and the scope and extent of the loss will vary greatly.  That said, every job requires a customized water damage mitigation plan.  But there are some steps you can usually expect, and we’ve created the video below to let you see what those steps are so you can visualize how we repair water damage, dry out your structure, and get your life back to normal!


We handle the insurance claim process so you don’t have to!


One thing that can trip people up is figuring out how the insurance claim process affects their choices and ultimately the quality of the service they receive.  There’s some things people should know about the insurance claim process and their insurance company in general. If your Ft Lauderdale water damage is covered by your insurance policy, here’s what you should know:


You don’t need an open claim to have work begin.

insurance-claim-formAn open claim isn’t necessary to begin the water damage restoration process.  The first priority should always be to call a professional water mitigation company to contain the loss.  The claim process can be dealt with in a timely manner, but it doesn’t need to be the first step in the process.  Because we’re certified, work on the Xactimate system, and document everything, your adjuster can hit the ground running in concert with us as the work is being performed!


You don’t have to hire the water restoration contractor your insurer refers.

cautionLike any other product or service you need, you have choices.  And when it comes to hiring a water damage company, you owe it to yourself to hire the company you feel the most comfortable with.  Your insurer may refer a certain company your way, but we hope you’ll keep a couple of things in mind about that relationship.  Namely, they referred that company to you because that provider has agreed to significantly discount the cost of the water damage services in exchange for constant business.


What does that mean for you? It means the company you’re trusting to perform a very complex, involved process is the cheapest provider available to you.  We’re not going to suggest they’re going to do a terrible job, but we owe it to you to point out that arrangement.  We’ve never had much luck hiring the cheapest contractor in town, and it’s probably a safe bet you’ve had similar bad experiences.


We work with your insurer to handle the billing & payment.

bill-directMost water damage services are covered by insurance policies and it’s our job to seek payment for those services.  We don’t get you caught up in the middle of the payment process or ask you to pay for our services out of pocket.  We’ll be in constant communication with your adjuster throughout the process and upon completion of the project we will submit our final bill to them and seek payment directly from them!

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