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Black Mold Removal

mold-inspectionToxic mold can be scary thing to deal with…knowing that it can make the people you love sick, wondering how you get rid of it and whether or not it will come back.  We help people that have experienced mold damage understand what mold is, how it occurs, what’s done to remove it, and what’s necessary to ensure it doesn’t return.  We are a full service indoor environmental and mold remediation company in Ft Myers and we would be happy to provide you with a free mold assessment, just call!

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Free_EstimatesWe realize that when faced with mold damage, there’s usually a lot of questions on your mind and concerns.  It’s why our first action is to always come out to your property and begin to help you get answers.  That means inspecting the mold damage to determine what you’ve got and helping create a mold remediation plan that will get your property back to its healthy state.


What is toxic mold?


Mold is a naturally occurring element in nature, and can be found at trace levels in any home.  When it becomes an issue is when the mold type is toxic and is found at elevated levels in a home.

Black mold is the most common form of toxic mold found in homes and business throughout Florida and the US.  In high enough concentration, it can become an extreme health hazard and cause those that come into contact with it to become very sick.


Common symptoms include:

Mold-exposure() Skin lesions and hemorrhaging

() Respiratory illnesses, coughing, etc.

() Nausea and dizziness

() Immune system suppression

() Diarrhea

() Allergic reactions

Mold typically becomes out of control quickly once the right conditions present themselves.  Humid temperatures and a little bit of moisture, and you can quickly find yourself dealing with a potent enemy.


How does the mold remediation process work?


Removing mold properly requires a unique approach of every job.  Whatever challenges are present at your property will have different solutions than the challenges we face at other job sites.  We take an individualized approach and not a cookie cutter approach.  Your health is simply too important to just “go through the motions”.

But generally, the process is as follows:


Containing the mold damage.

Before we can get down to the dirty work of cleaning up the black mold, we need to make sure that we have an air tight seal around the area.  This makes sure that we don’t distribute mold to other areas of your property throughout the process.


Removing & killing mold.

In some cases we determine that disposing of the affected items and replacing them is more cost-effective and faster.  In most cases, we apply strong mildicides on the mold that kill off the spores.  We may also use a negative ion machine to pull spores from out of the air as they are kicked up during the removal process.


Sealing & addressing any moisture issues.

If it’s determined that the cause of your black mold was a moisture condition that went untreated, we have to fix that problem or else you’ll find yourself in the same position down the road.  As a certified water damage restoration company, we’re fully capable of addressing in moisture issues and making sure you don’t have any further mold problems.

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