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flood-damage-companyWe cleanup sewer backups using industry-approved techniques and certified, screened technicians. When it comes to removing sewage, there is simply no shortcuts that can be taken…your health and the safety of your home or business are at risk. So if you need a professional sewage extraction company in Gainesville, please call us for fast service and a free estimate! We would appreciate the chance to survey the extent of damage to your property and explain how our cleaning & restoration services work!


Understanding the sewage cleaning & restoration process!


24-7-emergency-serviceIt always starts with your phone call!

When an emergency happens, you need help fast.  Calling a bunch of different sewage cleaning companies trying to get someone on the phone and over to your property won’t work.  You need a reliable provider that can get there fast!  So call us and we’ll dispatch the closest crew immediately!


photo_free_estimatesWe inspect the loss & give you an upfront cost estimate!

The first order of business is to fully inspect the sewage damage to determine what the appropriate course of action is.  Much of the damage can be invisible to the human eye so we use a variety of instruments to determine the extent of damage.  We can then offer you a free estimate for our work!


What comes with that free estimate?


When people call and say ‘Can I get a quote over the phone?” our answer is always the same: “Unfortunately not, but our on-site estimate is always free and all restoration companies use the same pricing structure.” That confuses a lot of people so we made a video that explains how it all works in our industry!


sewage-damage-containmentWe safely dispose of standing sewage!

Once our team has had a chance to suit up in their full hazardous material suits and we’ve contained the contaminated area, we can then begin the process of extracting any standing sewage and safely disposing of it, whether using your existing sewer pipes or transporting it off-site to a safe dumping ground.


sewagecleanupWe then remove damaged areas & disinfect!

When we’re called to a job site that has been affected by a sewage backup, the general rule of thumb is that any affected areas will need to be removed.  So we pull carpet & padding as well as remove drywall if it’s been damaged, and then apply a disinfectant to kill of any remaining pathogens resting in the area.


sewage-cleanup-dryingFinally, we dry & restore!

After we’ve been able to fully clean & disinfect the places that were impacted by the sewer back-up in Gainesville, we can the begin the processing of drying those areas.  Dry times vary, but on average can be done within a couple of days.  Once everything is dry, we can replace walls, carpets, etc.!


Can’t I just cleanup the sewage?


Unfortunately we see people try to tackle a sewage backup quite often. At best, they call us before things get worse. On the other of that spectrum, they not only oversee more damage, they end up making themselves very sick. We try and educate people about the real dangers of raw sewage water so they don’t get themselves into a situation that they thought they could handle but that turned out much worse.

Please watch this video to learn about raw sewage:


Why Choose RestorationEze of Gainesville?


Well, we think there’s a lot of them. And if we get the chance to at least come out to your home and inspect your sewage damage, hopefully we also get a chance to explain what makes us the best choice for your sewage cleanup service needs. But in the meantime, here are some things we want you to know about our services:


satisfaction-guaranteeWe guarantee your satisfaction!

Once we’re completely done repairing sewage damage and cleaning up the mess, our technicians will perform a final walk through with you present to ensure you’re completely satisfied with the work we’ve done.  If there are any issues or concerns, we’ll address & correct them at this time.


1-yr-warrantyWe provide a 1 year warranty on work!

When it comes to ensuring our customers are protected from any problems, no one goes further than us!  Not only do we give a 100% satisfaction guarantee at the time our work is completed, we also warranty any sewage removal services with a full 1 year warranty on the work that is performed!


checklistWe make sure our employees are top-notch!

How can we promise the things above without making sure the people tasked with making you happy are good people and knowledgeable employees? The answer is it would be impossible. So we make sure that every tech we hire is certified by the IICRC. And we also make sure they pass a background screen before they can accept employment!


In Gainesville FL and in need or emergency cleanout services for a backed-up sewer line that has caused damage to your home or office?  If so, you’ve come to the right place.  Our Gainesville flood damage restoration crews specialize in the messiest of sewage back-up situations.  Day or night, we are available to provide a rapid response to your sewer back-up and can begin the water extraction process immediately.  No matter what your issue, our crews know what needs to be done to get your property clean and dry.

We have years of experience serving customers in their time of need and are fully certified in basement flood restoration services.  We know it’s a traumatic experience, walking into standing wastewater in your property.  But rest easy knowing professional Gainesville water extraction services are just a phone call away.  Call now for immediate assistance and a no obligation, free estimate for any work you need performed!

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