Water Damage Sarasota

If you live in the Sarasota area and have suffered a flooding disaster, we have professional restoration crews standing by to assist you. Call anytime, day or night, and we’ll immediately dispatch a water restoration crew to your property to begin mitigating any damage and getting your home and contents fully restored. We specialize in emergency restoration services, always give free on-site estimates, and offer each customer a satisfaction guarantee…so what are you waiting for? Give us a call now!


First time facing a water loss?


In most cases our customers are experiencing a water loss for the first time and are unfamiliar with the water restoration process.  Should you be in that boat, we hope we can help you better understand what you’re up against, what our Sarasota restoration companies can do for you, and help answer some of your initial questions.


As you can see, it’s an involved process that requires sophisticated equipment and knowledgeable staff.  At RestorationEze, we have that and more…just call us today and let’s discuss your loss and help get you back to normal so that you can put this water damage loss in the rear view mirror.


Fast, immediate Sarasota flood cleanup services!


Flood events happen fast and require similar speed when dealing with them.  Whether it’s clean drinking water from a sink or dirty storm water in your home, getting it out and beginning the drying process quickly is an absolute must.  Call now and we’ll dispatch a flood damage cleanup crew immediately to your property!

We can get to your property within 20-60 minutes of your call!


Upfront pricing & free cost estimates!


Call our Sarasota water restoration company and we can get a fully certified technician out to your property to complete a thorough flood assessment.  He can then offer a mitigation plan that outlines what we’ll do and the cost to get your property restored to its original state! There’s never an obligation to choose us!

Just call now for a free estimate & upfront pricing!


Choose us for great service & peace of mind!


We’re committed to providing the highest level of water removal service in Sarasota.  Nothing is more important than the safety and satisfaction of our customers…it’s why we don’t consider our work done unless you’ve made clear you’re completely happy with the services we’ve rendered!

So call us for 100% satisfaction-backed restoration services!


We help with your insurance claim…we even bill insurance!


Many water & fire damage losses are covered by the insurance company that holds your homeowners policy.  In fact, water losses are the single most common claim filed with insurers.  So if your loss is covered, and you’d like help settling your claim, just ask and one of our insurance specialists can help!

We can even bill them directly for our Sarasota restoration services!


Got sewage damage?  We handle that too!


If your home or office has sewage damage from a backed-up line and there is standing sewage in the property, we strongly advise you to leave the premises.  Call us and let us handle the situation.  We clean-up sewage damage of any size and can safely and quickly get your property cleaned up!

So call for immediate sewage damage repair service!


How we make sure you get a fair water restoration quote…


At RestorationEze, you always get a fair price for any emergency mitigation and restoration services in Sarasota that you may need. That is because we use Xactimate to catalogue our services…Xactimate uses insurance rates for any work that might be done, ensuring the cost is always fair and in line with what your insurer will agree to pay for the loss. Here’s how it works:


How does it work with my deductible and insurance?


Most people get confused right off the bat in terms of how it works with their insurance company when they need Sarasota water damage cleanup services.  Here are some common questions we get about what role your insurance company plays and pitfalls to avoid:


Do I have to call my adjuster & get a claim number first?

No, absolutely not.  In fact, that process can take time, especially if the emergency water damage happens on a weekend or during a storm event, your adjuster may not be able to even respond to you for a couple of days or even longer.  What that means for you is that your home will incur greater damages and ultimately cost the insurance company more money once work begins.

Your first call should always be to us or another IICRC-certified water restoration company in Sarasota.  Any reputable disaster mitigation contractor will be able to work with adjuster and you to make sure the claim is filed correctly and expeditiously.


Do I have a choice in which restoration company I can use?

Absolutely, it’s your home!  Often times, if you end up calling your insurance adjuster they are going to refer you to a water damage company in their preferred vendor list. In order to get on these lists, a company must agree to discount their mitigation services, essentially costing the insurance company less money.

Have you ever ended up using the cheapest contractor in town?  We all have, and almost all of us have regretted.  We are not saying you can’t or won’t get good water damage repair service from your insurer’s company, but we do know that it’s natural for any company to cut corners when they know they’re getting paid less.

We believe strongly that you need to pick the flood mitigation company in Sarasota you feel most comfortable with.  The insurance company is obligated to work with whoever you choose, and it is your choice.


How does the deductible work?

Your deductible is the out-of-pocket cost you incur should you file an insurance claim.  You’ll want to look at your policy to figure what that amount it…it can usually range from around $500 to $1,000 and with some policies it’s a small percentage of the value of the insured water damaged home.  So you’ll want to look at your policy to see what amount you’ll owe, but it’s never a bad idea to ask the water damage cleanup company you hire if they’ll offer you some sort of discount on your deductible.  If they’re like us, they’ll want to help you out financially and make sure this loss doesn’t put you in a hole financially!

In terms of when the deductible is paid, it really depends on the extent of flooding damage.  If it’s the case that during the mitigation (the water extraction & drying process) walls, floors or other sections of the home need to be torn out, the deductible will come out of the costs to repair/replace the affected areas once everything has been dried out.


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