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mold-inspectionUnderstanding the nature of toxic mold is the first step to winning the battle against it.  There’s a lot of misinformation out there and sadly many people make mistakes when faced with black mold damage in their home or place of business.  It’s why we feel one of our most important roles is educating you about the issue and of course making sure it’s resolved quickly and affordably.  If you need a Sarasota mold removal company that is serious about your safety, we hope you’ll call us today!


We can assess the situation & provide options!


Free_EstimatesEvery situation is unique…there is no single way to cleanup mold damage.  The environment, the affected areas, and the mold’s aggressiveness all play a part in helping us to determine the appropriate mold mitigation plan for your property.  It’s why our tech will come to inspect the property and evaluate the best options and lay out a plan.  Assuming you will need professional mold removal services, we can give you a firm estimate for the total cost of the project!


When it’s toxic mold, it’s your health at stake


What most people don’t realize is that mold is a naturally occurring micro-organism, and in any home, there will be trace amounts found in the environment.  At low levels, it is safe and will not cause health problems.  When it becomes very serious is when those levels rise above normal levels.  That’s when you can begin to see the black mold and probably begin to feel its effects.

Mold-exposureBlack mold contains micro-organisms known as mycotoxins that when inhaled by humans, can cause adverse reactions.  Skin rashes and irritations, nausea and vomiting, immune systems problems, and respiratory issues are all common side effects.  Commonly, people are just constantly sick.  It’s a very real thing and if you’ve noticed black mold and found yourself dealing with health issues, it could very well be related.


We never cut corners – certified mold remediation services!


CertificateIconBecause so much is at stake, we go to great lengths to make sure every step of the mold remediation in Sarasota process is done correctly.  And that wouldn’t be possible without hiring the right people and making sure they’re fully equipped with all of the knowledge, resources, and experience necessary to handle any black mold damage they encounter.


We hire good people & keep them accountable.

One inconvenient reality to mold removal services is that it will require our technicians to come into and out of your property.  We’re like you, and having strangers in our home where we live and play with our family isn’t fun.  And we also know that the importance of making sure those people aren’t criminals and that they are always sober.

It’s why we always perform a rigorous background screening during the hiring process.  And it’s also why we drug test our technicians randomly.  It’s just common sense to us…how else could we guarantee your safety when it comes to mold if we’re letting people into your home that shouldn’t be there?


Have confidence in our performance…we do!


satisfaction-guaranteeNeeding Sarasota mold cleanup services is never something you want to go through.  But imagine going through the experience only to find out that you still have mold and worse off than before the work began.  Some mold removal companies simply shouldn’t be in business, but are all too happy to take your money knowing full well they’re not providing services that actually fix your problem safely.

Unlike those companies, we’re confident in the work we do, and that you’ll be black mold free once we’re done.  We employ third party environmental tests just to make sure, and if that’s not enough, we also go further and guarantee you’ll be 100% satisfied with all of our mold damage repair services!

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