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St Petersburg FL Water Extraction Services

For over 20 years, St. Petersburg has trusted us for all of their water mitigation needs. We have everything necessary to quickly get water out of your flooded property and get all of the affected area dried out so that you can get back to normal! We always stand behind our work, all techs are certified and insured, and we give free, no obligation estimates! So what are you waiting for? Give us a call now!


What makes our water cleanup company the right choice for your emergency?


We are always available and can immediately dispatch a crew!

Speed is key!  Acting quickly and being able to respond immediately is one way we make the flood extraction & drying process go smoothly.  By getting there fast we can contain the water from spreading and help salvage your home from further damage!


Our water cleanup prices are affordable & we give you a free estimate upfront!

Did you know that rates for mitigating your loss are pretty standard?  That’s because our services are mostly paid for by insurance companies, we use the same estimating software they do.  So call us for a free estimate and a fair price for our service!

Never get caught up in an issue where the water damage company wants to charge a certain amount but your insurer will only reimburse for a lesser amount. With us, that won’t happen…why? Watch the video below to see our estimating process ensures the cost of cleaning up water damage is always fair and approved by your insurer:


We guarantee you’ll be satisfied & offer a 1 year warranty on our water removal service!

When called to a water loss, our goal is nothing short of your complete satisfaction.  We know how important your home is to you, and how much heart ache is causes seeing it damaged by water.  So we promise that you’ll be completely satisfied & provide a 1 year warranty!


Crews are standing by to help you!

If you need emergency restoration services, we have crews located throughout the St Petersburg area so that we can immediately respond to your crisis!

Call now for a free quote!



Here’s the keys to successful water mitigation service:


Extracting the water quickly!

You’ve got to get to the flood water quickly and get it out of the house.  We have a variety of different systems designed to extract water from carpets, hard surfaces, walls, etc.  In fact, usually within the first couple of hours of being at your property we can have 95% of the moisture removed!


Finding the hidden moisture!

It’s the other 5% of moisture that can cause problems if not dealt with properly.  Moisture can find it’s way into almost anything and can stay hidden there until it’s rotted away those structures.  It’s why we us sophisticated moisture readers to find water wherever it’s hiding so we can get it out!


Drying out the structure! 

There’s a host of different drying equipment and a million different ways to dry out a structure.  We take readings throughout (and outside of) your property so we know what type of fans/air movers and dehumidifiers to employ so that we can quickly remove any remaining moisture from your property!


Watch our St. Petersburg water mitigation services in action!


To see the amount of manpower and equipment it can take to dry out a home with water damage, watch the video below. Hopefully it helps you understand the complexities of dealing with a wet structure as well as preventing black mold damage.


What happens if the moisture isn’t removed correctly? Black mold.


black-mold-2We see this all of the time. A homeowner either tries to cleanup water on their own, or they hire the wrong company to perform the water mitigation service. A couple of weeks later they start seeing black mildew on their walls or their floors begin to cup. By the time they call us, they’ve got a much bigger problem than water damage…they’ve got black mold. Especially in such a humid climate as ours, we have the perfect environment for mold to flourish if additional moisture is present in your structure.

We guarantee your structure will be mold-safe once we’ve completed our emergency water cleanup services!

Finding St Petersburg water cleaning services that you can count on isn’t easy.  The number of water mitigation companies that don’t answer their phone, don’t show up when the promise, and don’t perform the level of water removal or water damage restoration necessary is frightening.  Luckily, you’ve found us.  Our St Petersburg water cleanup company can quickly and effectively remove any water from your property, whether it is residential or commercial, and use industry-approved methods to dry out your property.

We understand how horrible it is to come home to standing water and that’s why our St Petersburg flood damage professionals are here to help.  Our technicians can be at your home or office place within minutes and all of our trucks are fully stocked with the right equipment to begin extracting water quickly.  Also, each technician is fully insured as well as certified to provide complete water damage repair and water extraction services.

So if you’re experiencing a St Petersburg sewage back-up emergency or any other flooding event in your residence or place of business, please call us now for immediate response and a free cost estimate for our services!

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