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When it comes to water & fire disasters, no one is more prepared to help get your property fully restored than us. Our Atlanta restoration company is standing by around-the-clock to help when you’ve faced a flooding emergency.  If you need, certified, affordable & reliable emergency restoration services, call now for a 60 minute rapid response and a free, upfront cost estimate.


Atlanta emergency restoration service – available 24/7!


We offer emergency water damage repair services throughout the Atlanta metro area and can respond within minutes to your call.  Our technicians show up in fully stocked trucks and can begin the work of cleaning up & restoring your property on the spot.  If you need emergency restoration services, please call!

Don’t wait around – call for immediate help!


Free restoration estimates & affordable rates!


Our rates for flood restoration service are very affordable.  We come to your home or office and give you an upfront estimate for our services once we’ve had an opportunity to survey the extent of damage.  We’re happy to answer any questions you might have, about the process or our company!

Call for a free on-site restoration quote!


We bill our restoration services directly to insurance!


If you’re like the majority of our customers in that your water loss is covered by insurance and you’re filing a claim, we can make it easier on you and just bill them directly.  We work with adjusters each day to help settle claims for our water removal services, so we can definitely help you!

We offer insurance assistance & direct-billing!


Guaranteed service & the best warranty in the business!


Finding an Atlanta restoration company that is as committed to its customers as us might be possible, but it would be difficult.  We aren’t happy with the job we’ve done unless you’re completely happy.  It’s why we not only guarantee your satisfaction but also offer a 1 year full warranty on our work!

Call us if you want restoration service you can depend upon!


We cleanup sewage back-ups anywhere in the Atlanta area!


Sewer back-ups pose many challenges to us as a restoration company as well as many health risks to you.  It’s why if you’re dealing with sewage damage, it’s always recommended you call a sewage removal company in Atlanta to clean up the mess and completely disinfect your property.

We offer 24/7 emergency sewage cleanup services!


Want to learn more about the estimating process?


Most people have no clue how we go about estimating water damage and what costs and factors come into play.  Truth be told, the estimating process is already laid out for us, and any other water damage company, because all use the same system to price the loss. In fact, it’s the same system that your insurance adjuster uses and it’s called Xactimate.

XactimateXactimate is a software that allows our estimator to plug in the measurements of your loss and put in every single thing we’ll need to do in order to repair water damage and fully mitigate the loss.   Every thing has a code and every code has a price assigned to it. That price is the commonly accepted rate insurance companies pay for the line item.  So really, our estimate is simply based on what the insurer will pay for the required services we will render.

Watch this video to learn more:


What do emergency restoration services entail?


There aren’t a lot of people that truly understand what goes into the water mitigation process, and even fewer with the knowledge and technical capability of doing the work well.  Even within the industry, there are dozens of Atlanta restoration contractors that have no business servicing customers, yet their trucks are on the road as we speak! Here’s some important things that go into professional water damage cleanup services:


Highly skilled people.

water-extraction-261x300As with any other service industry, without knowledgeable people the service simply won’t be done well.  At RestorationEze, we truly believe that our water damage team is the best. That is because, as a company, we have a rule: if we wouldn’t want them fixing our home, they won’t be fixing yours.  So to ensure they’re fully capable of doing the job, we make new hires perform extensive training and become certified as a water damage restoration technician.  They must maintain their certifications throughout their employment!


Proven processes.

IICRCS500When you have a water damage home, it’s definitely not a time where you want a disaster restoration service “winging it” or learning on the job.  If the wrong piece of equipment is set down, it could prove costly and cause more damage.  For us, every situation has a correct path, and that’s ultimately dictated by the IICRC S500 water damage manual.  It outlines every scenario a technician might encounter along with the appropriate water mitigation response.  We rely on heavily on a daily basis to make sure we follow the correct path!


State-of-the-art equipment.

water-damage-cleanupEquipment plays a huge role in the water damage cleanup process.  Whether it’s finding moisture, determining relative humidity or other important atmospheric conditions, extracting water, or drying your structure, every phase is fully reliant on advanced, well-maintained equipment.  Many restoration companies in Atlanta don’t properly maintain their equipment or otherwise invest in those systems.  It’s a mistake that will only end up hurting you.


Still curious what it takes to get your property dry and at its pre-loss condition.  Watch our ‘Water Damage Restoration 101’ video to see the common phases used in the process:


Don’t forget to ask about our mold remediation services too! And if you’re still looking for more information, we’ve found some additional resources that may be helpful for you. If you have concerns regarding a storm drain that you fear may be backed up and caused water damage in your home, contact the Atlanta Watershed Management Department. You can also find more information on their upcoming and ongoing sewer maintenance work by clicking here. Some homes in the area are more likely to sustain flooding damage during a heavy storm due to their location. To see if your home is at greater risk, please check the Georgia floodplain map! If you do discover that your property is in a flood plain, you’ll probably want to look into national flood insurance!

Crews are standing by to help you!

If you need emergency restoration services, we have crews located throughout the Atlanta area so that we can immediately respond to your crisis!

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