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It’s a messy job, but one we do with the highest level of service and customer service. If you’ve experienced a sewer back-up and you have sewage that has come up into your home, it’s extremely important that you hire a certified flood restoration company to cleanup the mess. We offer residential & commercial sewage cleanup services and guarantee your complete satisfaction…so call us now for a free written estimate. There is no obligation to you!


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Raw sewage is toxic and should be dealt with using extreme caution!


Many people fail to realize the seriousness of a sewage back-up.  While it’s certainly a smelly situation, the stench is the least of your worries.  According to the EPA, sewage can contain a host of communicable diseases, things like E-coli and Hepatitis-A, that can be contracted through touch and/or are airborne.

Despite this, there’s thousands of articles on the web explaining how do-it-yourself sewage cleaning can be done.  Beware!  It’s simply not something you should ever deal with yourself.  In fact, it’s not even safe to be in a home where there is exposed raw sewage.  Simply put, if you have a sewer back-up that requires cleaning, call for professional help and exit the premises!

If you are at all inclined to do the sewage removal process yourself, we hope you’ll watch the video below:


While there are a host of DIY sewage removal removal articles out there, the reality is that they often gloss over either the safety hazards or offer terrible advice that can just end up causing more water damage to your home. For instance, in the article above the last step is to put down some fans and let the area dry out. What happens when you put down fans (ideally) is that it causes the moisture to evaporate. But if you don’t have the right type and number of dehumidification systems in place, as this news article points out you’ll just end up with secondary water damage in other areas of your home from the evaporated moisture finding another place to reside.


How do you make sure that the sewage is gone and that my home is completely clean?


Proper sewage cleaning is a multi-step process that requires special equipment and trained technicians.  First we dispose of any items that have been damaged by the sewer water that we deem can be saved.  If there are items that can be salvaged, we have those safely transported to cleaning facilities where they undergo professional cleaning.  We then remove sewage from the property by either sending it back down your sewage system, or if that is broken, removing it from your property and disposing and certified dumping stations.  We then clean and disinfect any areas or simply remove drywall or flooring that can not be effectively cleaned and make sure those areas are replaced.  We use an industrial-grade disinfectant that kills 99.99% of any harmful pathogens!


Choose us for your professional sewer cleanup needs and here’s what you can expect:


A fast response & a free estimate.  When you’ve got sewage in your home, you can’t afford to work around someone’s schedule.  It’s a health emergency that must be dealt with quickly…so we’re available anytime to provide immediate assistance.  Just give us a call and we’ll send over a certified sewage cleaning technician that can provide you with a free estimate for our services!


Fair pricing. It doesn’t matter whether or not your loss is covered by insurance, our pricing is the same.  In fact, our prices are calculated by the same software the insurance carriers use to decide what they’ll pay for reimbursement on a sewage back-up cleaning job.  It can’t get any more fair and honest than that…we don’t even decide what we charge, the industry-standard pricing guides do!

The term ‘fair pricing’ can seem vague. How can we claim it’s fair? What does that mean for you? Let us explain…all sewage damage cleanup work is estimated using a system that is designed to calculate the prices insurers are willing to pay for restoration services. Even if the loss is not covered by insurance, our estimating software ensures a fair price. If you would like to learn more, watch the quick video below:


Guaranteed satisfaction.  Our aim is to make each customer completely happy.  From the communication with our office staff, to the urgency and respect of our field technicians, we hope every interaction with us is done correctly and that the sewage extraction work we perform is done to the highest standards.  It’s why we stand behind all of our work!


Full year warranty.  Talk about putting your money where your mouth is!  We stand behind any sewage removal project we do and offer customers a full year warranty on our services.  If you’re not happy because something goes wrong, we’ll come back to your property and fix it for you!  That is just another way we want you to know that we’re the right Atlanta sewage cleaning company for you!

If you need to report a sewer backup caused by the city sewer system, contact the Department of Watershed Management!

Need immediate help for your Atlanta sewage back-up cleaning needs?  Our water damage restoration technicians are standing by ready to provide rapid, emergency sewage clean-up service.  We stand behind all of our work and our Atlanta basement flood experts guarantee your complete satisfaction.


A rapid response, free estimate, and help with your insurance claims are just some of the things you can expect when using our Atlanta flood damage service.  It’s our way of assisting you during a trying event and it’s just some of the things we do to make the sewer water extraction process less painful.

So if you’ve had the misfortune of getting raw sewage in your building, please call us now so that we can immediately respond to your property and begin the sewage extraction process as well as restore any damage that has occurred to your household items!