Savannah GA Water Damage Restoration & Repair

flood-damage-companyWhen a disaster like a water loss happens, you need a team of professionals that can respond immediately. We deal with home water damage on a daily basis. So whether it’s one bedroom or your entire house has been damaged by flooding, we can help! Our water damage repair technicians are equipped with the best water extraction and drying equipment available on the market, and we always arrive in a fully-stocked truck ready and can begin the hard work of getting you back on your feet and your property fully restored immediately!


Call 24/7 & get a free water damage restoration estimate!


Free_EstimatesWe can’t offer you a quote over the phone. But we can do a couple of things: 1) let you know that all water restoration companies charge the same rates for their services (more on that below), and 2) offer you a completely free in-home estimate where our technicians can survey the water damage, take moisture readings, and accurately determine what needs to be done to fix things. So call 24/7 and we’ll dispatch the on-call crew in your area!


When it comes to pricing, we all use the same system when quoting Savannah water damage services. Any reputable company will use Xactimate to price your loss. In fact, your insurance adjuster will, too. That means that you don’t need multiple quotes. When we offer you a free estimate, you know the price is fair and that your insurer will agree! Watch the video below to learn more:


Here when you need us with emergency water damage services!


black-moldIf you don’t think any amount of excess water in your home is an emergency, just wait a couple of days and it will become much more clear. What will happen? You’ll start to smell a musty odor and probably start seeing some mold damage. That’s just how quickly a water loss becomes a much bigger problem. Why is it such a big problem? For starters, the cost of cleaning up mold properly is extremely expensive. But worst of all, your insurance may deny your claim. Most insurers don’t cover mold, and even when it was a direct result of sudden water damage, they may balk. Please, do not let this happen to you. Call us for an immediate response!


Why can you trust Restoration water damage services?


We realize that without earning your trust, we can’t earn your business. We also understand that without making a total commitment to hiring the best people, training them in the best procedures, and equipping them with the best systems, as a company we can’t accomplish our goal of being the best water damage restoration service in Savannah. So here are some of the things we’d like you to know about our company:


Our technicians are pre-screened, drug-free & fully insured

checklistThe technicians we send to your property are the backbone of our company. If they aren’t great, we aren’t great. So to make sure they’re the best in the field, we always make sure they pass a criminal background check, random drug tests once employed, and that they are fully insured (both workers compensation and general liability). Many water damage services won’t take these measures, but we value your safety above all else. Don’t call the wrong company and end up with the wrong kind of people in your home.


Our employees are fully certified by the IICRC

iicrc-logoWhen it comes to making sure the people you hire are doing the water damage cleanup service the right way, how do you? There aren’t any state requirements or licensing, so how can you really trust they know what they’re doing? One way is to make sure the technicians are certified by the IICRC. While many companies refuse to spend the money and resources to train their technicians, for us it’s a given!


Our water restoration services are guaranteed!

satisfaction-guaranteeGuaranteed to what? A couple of things…1) guaranteed to make you 100% satisfied with the work did and 2) guaranteed to produce a mold-safe home. For the former, we don’t close out the project until you’ve signed a document that states you are happy with our work. For the latter, we guarantee that your home will pass any 3rd party mold test you wish to pay for. We make these promises because we understand that if we don’t stand behind our work, we don’t stand for anything.


How we cleanup water damage & dry-out homes…


A lot of times the first question we get from people when they call is ‘how does the process work’. When it comes to mitigating the water damage, the process can take many paths just depending on what we find ourselves up against. That said, we made the video below to at least highlight on a top level what the water damage repair process looks like. Please take a minute to watch it so that you know what to expect and can educate yourself about the process:


Do you need a restoration company in Savannah that you can trust?  Our Savannah restoration companies are fully insured, licensed & certified to get your Savannah water damage issue fixed for good!  Call us now for an immediate response in Savannah and a free estimate for any work performed!

Water Damage Restoration

Water damage restoration services in Savannah aren’t as simple as getting out water and replacing a few pieces of drywall.  Proper Savannah water damage service means ensuring your property is completely dried out and that there is no danger of future issues.  Each of our water damage contractors is completely certified to provide the highest level of restoration services possible!


Water Damage Repair

Repairing water damage in Savannah requires a professional.  We have Savannah water damage repair companies available 24/7, 365 days a year, to ensure your flood damaged home is properly dried out and fully restored.



Water Damage Cleanup

We understand Savannah water damage can be scary.  That’s why our Savannah water damage cleanup services are turnkey.  From start to finish, our job is to get your Savannah water damaged property cleanup quickly and as painlessly as possible.

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