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With almost 10 million people in the Chicagoland metro area, and millions of households and businesses, disasters will happen.  When they do, we’re here to help.  Our Chicago water damage restoration company performs rigorous background screening before hiring any water damage repair technician, ensuring only the best restoration professionals in the Chicago metro area are at your service! We specialize in responding quickly to any water loss, flood cleanup, sewage cleanup, and can provide you with a free estimate for any work that might be necessary!


Curious how the water damage restoration process works?


We realize this is probably the first time you’ve had a water loss, or at least we hope so.  When an emergency happens, you have questions and need answers.  We’ve created a short video that walks you through the water mitigation & restoration process and gives you a better sense for what to expect.


What makes our Chicago restoration company the right choice?


Like any other home service, the emergency restoration space affords you many choices in providers, some great, some ok, and some down right bad.  We hope that we’ll have the opportunity to show you what has made our water damage restoration company the right choice for so many Chicago residents and businesses!


We always respond immediately!


An immediate response for any flood damage repair call is a must…sadly, there’s plenty of Chicago restoration companies that simply can’t kick it into gear when you call them.  But with us, you’re guaranteed a 60 minute response time (or less) and we always respond immediately to your call!

Don’t wait – call us and we’ll be on-site within 60 minutes!


We give straightforward & affordable prices upfront, for free!


Do you have a flooded basement from a recent storm?  Or perhaps your kitchen an beautiful hardwood floors are water damaged from a leaking pipe?  Whatever the reason, we’re able to assist you by providing a free on-site assessment and estimate.  We’ll explain our process and answer your questions!

So call now for an immediate on-site assessment & estimate!


We provide unsurpassed restoration services – guaranteed!


Please don’t end up choosing a water restoration company that isn’t willing to stand behind their work.  At RestorationEze, all work performed is guaranteed to be done to your complete satisfaction.  You’re the customer, so in our mind, it’s not ‘job well done’ until you say it is!

We guarantee you’ll be happy with our restoration services!


We can bill insurance or help settle your claim!


Did you know that we’re an insurance approved company?  This means that if you’ve suffered a water loss that is covered by your homeowners policy, we can just send the bill directly to the insurance company.  It’s just one more way we help our customers during an emergency!

Don’t pay out of pocket – we bill insurance!


We offer a 1 year warranty on all services!


We know how important it is to you that the work be done correctly.  And while you may be happy with the work done initially, if the company leaves and a problem pops up, you need assurances!  It’s why we offer a 1 year warranty on sewage cleaning services (or any other work done!).

Choose us and get peace of mind!


Learn how the estimating process works for restoration services…


When you call us, it’s the only call you need to make.  Why?  Because all Chicago restoration contractors use the same pricing book.  It’s actually a piece of software that is used by emergency restoration companies and insurance adjusters alike.  It is called Xactimate, and it’s the guaranteed way to know that the price you’re getting is the price approved by your insurance company.  Here’s how it works:


How does it work with my insurance deductible?


insurance-claim-formBecause we use Xactimate, the insurance claim process is usually pretty straightforward. We hesitate to say exactly how it will work for you, but having help thousands of customers recover from home water damage in Chicago, we have a pretty good sense for what you should expect.  Typically, a job breaks down into 2 parts.

Step 1. Water Mitigation – this is the process of extracting the standing water then drying out the structure.  During this process, it may be the case we need to cut out drywall or remove wet carpets or other areas of the property that can’t be salvaged and need to be removed in order to properly dry out the structure.

Step 2. Property Reconstruction – once the property has been dried out the final phase is putting back whatever was torn out so that your home or office looks like it did before the water damage occurred.

Generally speaking, insurance pays for the full cost of the water mitigation service and any deductible comes out of the cost of repairing the water damaged areas in the reconstruction phase.

It’s important to keep in mind that some Chicago restoration companies perform just the mitigation portion, some perform just the reconstruction portion, and some do both.  In most cases, if you hire a company to extract the water and dry out the property, they will have a ‘partner provider’ that will do the reconstruction work under the same insurance claim!


What if I have sewage water in my basement?


The urgency takes on even more meaning.  Sewage water, on top of smelling terrible, can be deadly.  It isn’t something you should ever take lightly and it isn’t something you should try to cleanup on your own.  In fact, cleaning up sewage damage requires special equipment, a lot of safety equipment and technicians trained in proper procedures.  Anything less and you could make yourself extremely ill and end up with a basement that is still contaminated.

If you’d like to learn more about the inherent dangers in raw sewage exposure, feel free to watch the video below:


Do I need to document the loss myself?


Any competent emergency restoration contractor in Chicago will take more than enough pictures of the loss.  In fact, as part of our services we’re required to document everything we do for the insurance company to review.  That includes pictures of the pre-mitigated loss (in other words ‘before’ pictures), pictures of our moisture readings’ results, our equipment running, etc.  We will literally take hundreds if not thousands of photos throughout every part of the water damage repair process. But if for whatever reason you delay calling us, make sure to document everything prior to our arrival as these photos will be used in the insurance file.

Of course, you are obviously more than welcome to do the same.  It’s never a bad idea to be as diligent as possible, so if it brings you peace of mind to have pictures of your own, then by all means fire away!


Did you know we also provide Chicago mold removal services?  Don’t let black mold grow unabated in your home.  The health risks are real and the more damage that occurs the costlier the cleanup and remediation efforts will be.  At RestorationEze, we not only provide emergency restoration services but we also offer residential & commercial mold remediation services.  Guaranteed satisfaction, certified mold specialists, and fair prices!


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