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water-damage-moisture-readings-wet-carpetIf you’re not sure where to turn if you’re dealing with a water or flood emergency, please call us now! We offer both residents and businesses completely water damage restoration services that get you back on your feet fast. No matter how big or small your loss is, we can quickly and affordably restore your home or office fast! With 24/7 emergency technicians available 365 days a year, we specialize in providing rapid assistance when it’s needed most! Don’t delay, give us a call now and let’s get you back on your feet fast!


Call us now and schedule a free water damage quote!


Free water damage restoration estimateIn order to provide you with an accurate estimate for your water loss, we’d first need to take a look at the property. So the first step with us is making sure our technicians have a chance to fully diagnose your loss, meaning we need to know exactly what has been damaged, what is wet, and what will need to be done in order to fix everything. The estimating process usually takes about 45-60 minutes, at which point our lead technician will discuss with you exactly what we saw and then explain what we need to do. He can then walk you through the estimate line item by line item so you understand the costs!

When you get an estimate from RestorationEze, you’re getting a fair price. Why do we say that? Because of how we go about quoting water damage losses. To get you a price, we actually use the same estimating software as your adjuster will use. If you want to see how it works, please watch this short video!


Why choose our South Bend water damage service?


You have a plethora of options when it comes to hiring a water damage company in South Bend. We truly believe we are your best option, and while the best way for us to introduce ourselves is through an onsite assessment, these are some of the reasons we believe your best choice is RestorationEze.


People. People. People. Ours are the best.

checklistWhen you need reliable water damage services you need reliable, trustworthy people behind those services. But with a lot of water restoration companies, you don’t get that. With us, we make sure every technician that arrives at you property has past a background screening as well as drug testing. At a minimum, we believe every company should do this in order to protect their customers and themselves but you would be surprised at how few do!


Process. We follow proper procedures to a T.

certified-water-damage-companyIn our business, you have to approach each job as a unique situation and adapt your water damage services accordingly. But in reality, every situation calls for a particular response, and those responses are laid out in a manual called the S500. It’s the Bible of our industry, and we make sure our technicians are fully certified by the IICRC and that they are always following proper S500 procedures. Choose another company and their techs may just wing it….yikes.


Results. We guarantee our water damage services!

Water damage repair satisfaction guaranteeWhen you’re talking about home water damage, it’s a trying experience. Emotions can run high, and understandably so. While we can only provide a certain level of comfort, our goal once we begin work is nothing short of your total satisfaction. It’s why every job we do is backed by a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. There’s a lot of companies out there that wouldn’t come close to offering that level of certainty…why? You’ll have to ask them!


Know what the water damage cleanup process entails!


Our approach to providing water damage repair services is holistic. As part of that approach, we believe in education our customers. If you’re in the dark, you’re likely to not feel very comfortable about what’s going on and that could potentially lead to negative outcomes. So one thing we stress is educating you about your options, the process itself, and virtually every other aspect of our services. So to begin that educating process, we would encourage you to watch the video below that explains what you can expect if you hire us.


What should be your biggest concern? Black mold.


removing black mold from a flooded basementWhen water damage occurs, there are a number of immediate problems. A weakening structure due to the wetness is key among them. But also lurking in the shadows is a very aggressive problem. Black mold damage is guaranteed to happen if you don’t immediately address the moisture problem in your home. Just how immediate? Black mold growth will begin to occur in less than 72 hours. Did your water loss occur more than a day ago? You’re already in trouble, and any further delay virtually guarantees you’re going to have even more and troubling problems on your hands very soon.


We guarantee a mold-safe home once we’ve finished.

prevent-mold-water-damageOur job as a disaster recovery team is to make sure we’re providing safety for our customers. When you call us, you inherently have an un-safe situation. While we consider ourselves water damage experts, our ultimate purpose is to make sure once we’ve completely our work our customers are safe. And we can’t do that without ensuring your home is mold-safe once we’re done. So it’s something we guarantee!


We are insurance claim specialists and bill them directly!


Insurance claim for flooding damageOne of the biggest causes for concerns for many homeowners is dealing with their insurer. Will their claim be denied? Will their insurer step up to the plate and do the right thing? They are legitimate concerns, and unfortunately insurers’ reputation is rightfully earned. Many do everything they can to shirk away from their financial responsibilities. So how do you protect yourself and ensure you get the right outcomes when it comes to your water damage claim?

Your best course of action when discovering flooding damage is to call us or another certified and reputable water damage company. That’s before you call your insurer. Why? One, time is important and the longer time spent waiting the more problems you’re going to have and the bigger the claim amount is going to be. But the other reason is to make sure you have an expert on your side that knows insurers’ tricks and will make sure to go to bat for you. That’s us. We are specialists in dealing with insurance claims and will make sure to hold your adjuster accountable and get the best possible outcome for your claim!

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