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Kansas City KS Water Damage Restoration

No matter how small of an area that has been affected by water damage, if it’s happened to you it’s an emergency! We understand…we’re homeowners as well, and we know that when it comes to possessions, your home is the most important. So if you are dealing with a water loss and are not sure where to turn, we hope you will call us! We focus on providing certified water damage repair and restoration services designed to make the process as painless as possible for each of our customers.


Get a free quote – fair, upfront & straightforward!


Free_EstimatesFirst, let’s make sure you get an estimate that is reasonable, and will be accepted by your insurer should you want to file a claim for the water damage loss.  That isn’t always guaranteed should you choose another KC water damage restoration contractor.  But with us, it’s simply part of the process.  And that process starts with a free onsite water damage assessment and free cost estimate.  So no matter where you are in the process, call us now for an immediate response and free estimate!

Learn about the Xactimate system of estimating losses:


While this is probably the first time you’ve dealt with a water loss, it’s not our first rodeo!  We have years of experience in the residential and commercial water damage restoration field and know that our services are only as good as the last job we did.  So here is what we promise to you:


Your Complete Satisfaction


satisfaction-guaranteeIt’s a painful thing to go through, and it can only get worse if you’re not completely happy with the help you receive.  We treat your home or office like it’s our own, and take care to protect it and restore it to its original state as quickly as possible.  But if you’re not happy, we aren’t either and we’ll make sure whatever concerns you is addressed correctly!


100% Certified Water Damage Restoration Services


Did you know that the water damage repair industry has certifications and training to ensure that the process is being dealt with properly?  Each of our technicians is fully trained and certified to handle any water damage service you might need!  Don’t trust your home to someone that isn’t a water damage professional…you’ll end paying a heavy price down the road!


We Are Insurance Approved


One of the more exhausting things to come about from a water loss is dealing with your insurance adjuster.  Sometimes they are extremely busy and other times it is just a by-product of 3-way communication (you, us, & them) but navigating the claims process can be a pain.  That’s why we are insurance approved and can work directly with your provider to handle the billing and claims process!


Always Free Estimates for Any Water Damage Repair Work


We offer 24/7 emergency services and will always come to your residence or business to offer an in-writing estimate for any water damage services you might require.  To do so, we do a complete and thorough walk-through of your property, fully assess the water damage and then provide an itemized estimate detailing the steps we will take to dry out your property and restore it.  You’ll never pay a penny more than you were originally quoted!


Watch this 2 minute video about water damage services!


If you’re like most of our customers in that you’re completely in the dark about what an emergency water damage company does to get your property back to normal, we’ve created this video to help you learn more.  It is always important to note that your project will require a custom mitigation plan, thus why we need to be onsite in order to give you an accurate assessment of the loss and explain your options, but the video below should at least act as a starter to help you get a better picture for what the process entails:


Crews are standing by to help you!

If you need emergency restoration services, we have crews located throughout the Kansas City area so that we can immediately respond to your crisis!

Call now for a free quote!



The effects of water damage are wide ranging, and can put you or your family members/employees at serious risk. It’s why any amount of excess moisture should be treated as an emergency. While there are no shortage of DIY water restoration articles out there, we hope you understand that when it comes to your health and the safety of your home, it’s always best to call in the pros.

Here’s just some of the things we do to keep you safe long after we are gone:


We find the hidden moisture you won’t be able to.

If you decide to try and tackle your water damage on your own, you’re going to run into problems almost immediately. Why? You won’t even know where the water has traveled and what has been damaged. Most folks don’t understand that most water damage can’t be seen without moisture detection equipment. Take the picture below:


The image above is actually taken using a special piece of equipment called an infrared camera. It’s great because it gives you a visual indication of where the moisture has spread. But as you can see, it looks like a dry wall with the naked eye but is actually anything but dry and safe and in fact will lead to mold if not dealt with correctly.


We apply anti-microbials & disinfect the entire area.

Screen Shot 2014-06-09 at 12.03.06 PMAfter we have removed all the standing water, we actually go back through and make your property even more wet. Sounds crazy, and definitely not something you would do, but we take the extra step because we know what can happen if we don’t. Applying an anti-fungal solution is necessary because drying times are usually longer than the amount of time it takes mold to grow. Because mold growth occurs within about 24 hours after the loss, and drying out your structure can take 3 or more days, we need help fighting mold while we remove the conditions for its growth.


We dry-out your structure without causing secondary water damage.

dehumidifier-water-damageA lot of people assume they can open some windows, get some air flow, and turn on some fans and moisture will magically disappear. What usually happens is they start to notice water damage in other areas of the room or property that were not affected originally. This is called secondary water damage, and it happens when evaporated moisture finds another home instead of being properly exhausted.

We use specialized dehumidifiers that are placed strategically in the wet areas. These dehumidifiers trap the evaporated moisture so that it doesn’t end up causing problems in other areas of your home.

Local residences and offices experience a water or flood event every day.  While our properties are built to last, the reality is that things can go wrong.  Hot water heaters malfunction and leak, pipes freeze and burst, and toilets or drains can overflow and sewage can back-up.  While these are your nightmare, they are the events our Kansas City water damage restoration experts are fully equipped to handle.  No matter how big or small, we have the ability and experience to restore your Kansas City property that has been damaged by water or needs water extraction back to its original state.

Our Kansas City water extraction crews have years of experience working with homeowners and business owners to help get them back on their feet.  No matter where you are in the Kansas City KS area, we can have a technician at your property quickly to immediately begin extracting any standing water or raw sewage and restoring your property.  We are also insurance approved, meaning we can work directly with your homeowner’s insurance company to handle the claims and billing process.  Our goal is very simple: we aim to make a bad experience as painless as possible and get your Kansas City water damage property back to normal as quickly as possible.  And we stand behind all of the work our Kansas City flood damage & water extraction professional perform with a 100% customer satisfaction.

So if your home or office has experienced a water loss, immediate help is just a phone call away!


Recent Projects We’ve Serviced


The customer’s pipe froze and burst causing water damage to his apartment floor and carpet.  A restoration company was hired to properly clean up and dry out the moisture.

–Mike, Kansas City, KS

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