Water Damage Lexington

If you have suffered a water or flood emergency and live in the Lexington area, we have professional restoration crews standing by to assist you. Call anytime, day or night, and our water cleanup & restoration company can dispatch a team immediately to begin mitigating any damage and getting your property fully restored.  So call now for a fast respond and a free, upfront & on-site estimate!


We cleanup water losses fast – guaranteed!


As a full-service emergency restoration company in Lexington, we take our responsibility to move quickly very serious.  When you call, we dispatch a crew immediately.  And of course, we come prepared to tackle any water damage that has occurred and have some of the fastest dry times in the business!

So call if you need emergency water damage service now!


We always offer free estimates, on-site & upfront!


One great benefit to our restoration services is that we always come out to your home or business to give a free estimate.  During that time, you can ask as many questions as possible and we can explain how we cleanup flood damage & dry out your property quickly, and of course present our free quote!

If you need a free estimate please call us!

How does the estimating process work? It’s simple and straightforward. First, our technician will come out to assess the loss and measure the affected area, then punch in those parameters into Xactimate, the market leader in insurance claim estimates. We will then explain what needs to be done and present you with our free estimate. Watch this video to see how it works!


We guarantee you will be happy with our restoration services!


When a flood happens to you, you just want to know that everything will get fixed quickly and that you can get back to normal.  And that’s just one reason we always offer a 100% customer satisfaction for any water extraction services we perform.  It isn’t considered a job well done until you say so!

Choose us & we guarantee your complete satisfaction!


If you need help with your insurance claim call us!


Dealing with the insurance adjuster can be a frustrating experience for homeowners that have never done it before.  It’s why we also have employees whose job is to work directly with your adjuster to insure a quick settlement to your water loss claim & provide any information they might need.

We can also bill the insurance company for our work!


Do you have sewage damage?  Then call us!


Dealing with a sewage back-up is something every homeowner should take very seriously.  If you become exposed to some of the over 100 harmful pathogens found in sewage, you could become very sick.  So call us if you need professional sewage damage cleanup services you can trust!

Sewage damage is no match for our expert technicians!


How does the water damage restoration process work?


Each job will differ, but there are some steps we usually need to take to remove all excess moisture from every surface affected by the flooding and prevent black mold from growing. The video below helps you see the various steps our technicians usually take to help you recover from water damage quickly and safely!


What to know when it comes to your water damage insurance claim.


There are a few things we think every homeowner should know about when it comes to hiring a Lexington water damage company and making sure they get the right outcome should they be filing a claim.


homeowner frustratedAdjusters don’t always represent your interests as much as their company’s interest. This should be obvious, but something people are a bit naive when it comes to the role their adjuster plays. Many people assume their insurance company is going to look out for them after a home water damage loss. Many people find out way too late in the ballgame how wrong they were. Adjusters try to protect their company’s bottom line, and that means paying out as little as possible to you!


Adjusters refer you to a certain water damage contractor for one reason: they’re cheap. This dovetails with the first bit of info, but you need to understand something. If your adjuster wants you to use a certain company to cleanup water damage, they’re doing that because that company has an agreement in place with your adjuster to charge a lot less than they should for the loss. Why does that matter to you? Because if they don’t make much money on the loss, they’re always looking for ways to cut their costs. We often get calls from people that hired the Lexington water restoration company their adjuster told them to, only to discover a few days after they’re gone that they never got their home dry. Usually that results in ruined floors and black mold. But guess what? Your adjuster has already paid out on the loss, so you’re on your own to deal with the mess that company left for you!


contractor-customerYou need to take ownership of the process, and not rely on your adjuster to do things the right way. Many people cede control to someone else when it comes to something so vital as emergency water cleanup services. Just because your insurance company will be paying for the damages doesn’t mean they should be in charge of the process itself. This is the most important thing we try and stress with people: you are in charge. That means you need to hire the company you feel will most effectively help you recover. If you hire a contractor that is certified and that uses Xactimate, the cost to your insurer will sort itself out just fine!


Call now so that you don’t get black mold damage!


mold-free-guaranteeHow long do you think you have before you get black mold after a moisture intrusion in your home? 2 weeks? A month? The answer is 2 days, sometimes 3. That doesn’t leave you much time to get a solution in place, and it doesn’t leave us much time to address the problem before it gets worse. When you call us, you’re not just calling us to fix water damage in your home, you’re calling us to to make sure it doesn’t turn into mold damage. And that’s something we guarantee!

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