Lexington KY Basement Water Clean-up

flood-damage-companyExperiencing flooding is not pleasant. But getting your home or business restored doesn’t have to be a terrible experience either. At RestorationEze, we handle everything from small home floods from a kitchen appliance to major flooding damage from heavy rains and rising river water. No matter what you’ve experienced, we hope you know we are here to help you get your life and your property back to normal quickly!


Your first step is to get a free in-home flood cleanup estimate!


Free_EstimatesSome Lexington flood restoration companies will try and charge you for an estimate. We never do, and we can always dispatch a crew to your home or office to provide a free onsite assessment and estimate at the time of your call. When we’ve completed our assessment, our technician will walk through everything with you, explain the procedures we’ll need to perform, as well as each cost associated with the free estimate! Don’t let an un-reputable flood cleaning contractor rip you off, call us for a free quote today.

Our estimates are generated using Xactimate. What does that mean? It means you get a fair price quote. Watch this video to learn more:


Don’t delay or you could end up with black mold!


mold-free-guaranteeWe see mold damage occur from as little as 2 days after home basement water damage. That leaves you very little time to address the problem and make sure it doesn’t become a bigger problem. Because our technicians are also certified as mold removal specialists, they understand the science behind mold and apply those skills when removing moisture from your basement. In fact, we guarantee upon completion of our work that your basement will be mold-safe!


We can handle your insurance claim & bill your insurer directly!


insurance-claim-formAnother benefit to choosing us as your basement flooding company is that we are set-up to deal directly with your insurer throughout the claims process and make sure it goes smoothly. If you’ve ever been through an insurance claim on your own, it’s probably not an experience you want to go through again…and with us, you don’t have to! So call today and we can deal with your claim directly with your adjuster and settle the payment for our services with them too!


How do we cleanup basement flooding in Lexington?


The process will always vary based on the extent of the flooding, but generally there are a few steps that will need to be taken. In the video we created below, we explain each step, why it’s done, and what happens if it’s not done properly. As you’ll see, it takes an enormous amount of equipment necessary to properly extract water from basements and dry them out properly, all the while making sure black mold doesn’t pop up!


Your complete satisfaction is guaranteed!


satisfaction-guaranteeWe realize the importance of doing the job right and also making sure you are happy. While some Lexington basement water cleanup companies are only out in the field to secure a check from insurance companies, we understand that our success is dependent upon your happiness. It’s just one reason we guarantee it with each job we complete. If during the final walkthrough you aren’t happy with something, just let us know and we’ll get it fixed!


A rapid response to your Lexington flooded basement is just a phone call away.  Our water damage restoration in Lexington crews are able to respond to your water loss immediately, whether it’s a residential, commercial, or industrial property.  We know how stressful a basement flood in Lexington KY can be…whether it occurred from a leaky pipe or malfunctioning bathroom appliance, or just from a huge Lexington storm, standing water is scary.

That’s why we aim to provide you with peace of mind.  Not just that your Lexington basement flood will be responded to quickly, but that the water extraction in Lexington services you receive will be done to the highest industry standards.  Each of our Lexington water damage restoration crews will stnad behind their work with a full satisfaction guarantee.  And if you’ve got a Lexington basement flood and need help navigating the claims process with your Lexington KY homeowners insurance company, we can handle that as well!  So call one of our Lexington basement flood experts today for an immediate emergency response and water extraction services you can depend on.