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Filing an Insurance Claim?

costs of restorationWhen it comes to insurance claims and the settlement process, there are some common misconceptions and mistakes homeowners make, especially if they are going through the process for the first time. At RestorationEze, one of our roles is to make sure you understand how the process works so that you don’t make the same mistakes others do. So here are some things to keep in mind should you find yourself in the position of needing to file a claim for your water or fire loss:


You don’t have to wait for your claim number!


The most common mistake is unfortunately the one that happens at the very beginning, and that’s understanding who to call and what order things should occur.  When it comes to water damage in Boston you need to make sure you address the problem immediately. That means the first step is calling a certified restoration contractor to mitigate the damage.  The insurance portion and claim number should come second!


You don’t have to use a restoration provider your insurer refers!


Often times insurers will have “sweetheart” deals with various disaster mitigation companies whereby they agree to charge a low rate in return for constant referrals.  But as a homeowners, do you always want to go with the cheapest contractor on the block? In most instances, that doesn’t work out how your hoped for.  That’s why you are always encouraged to go with the company you feel confident in to make sure your property is properly restored!


Rates for service won’t vary considerably!


Many people worry that when they go to file a claim their insurer will reject the claim and not pay for emergency restoration or reconstruction services rendered.  But by making sure you choose a certified company that uses the proper estimating software, you can be sure in a fair rate.

The process for estimating losses is really different than other services.  In fact, there isn’t any ‘estimating’ to speak of.  Instead, a restoration provider will simply catalogue the amount of equipment and hours required to properly dry out a structure and plug those figure into a system called Xactimate.  This system then calculates the cost of services by adding the accepted rates for any equipment usage or services rendered insurers agree upon.

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