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Dealing with a water damage event can be a nightmare. You’re not sure who to call, how to deal with your insurance company, when your life will get back to normal. We understand. We specialize in providing customers throughout the Baltimore area with the best possible emergency water damage repair services available. We focus on providing complete services designed to make the process easier for you to deal with. With just one call, we can handle it all!


Here’s how it works!


This is probably the first time you have dealt with a water loss, so here’s a simple breakdown of what we do so that hopefully you feel comfortable with the process!


It starts with a call…we always live answer your call, 24/7!


A water loss is an emergency that must be dealt with immediately.  We always answer your call, whether it happens in the middle of the day or night.  We can then dispatch a crew that will arrive at your property within minutes and can start the water damage cleanup process right then and there.  The quick the response, the less damage that occurs!


We always provide a free quote that spells out everything we’ll do and the cost!


Most likely your water loss is covered by insurance, assuming it was the result of a malfunction within the home’s structure.  But regardless of the reason, we will provide a comprehensive damage assessment and provide you with an estimate, in writing, detailing the work to be performed and the full cost.  You’ll know exactly what you’ll pay out of pocket and what is covered under your insurance policy, so that there aren’t any surprises!


We stand behind all of our work and guarantee your complete satisfaction!


satisfaction-guaranteeWe understand how important your home is…it’s what makes a water or flood damage event so distressing.  We treat your home like it was ours and take the utmost care to protect your possessions and return everything to its original state.  Once we do the final walk-through, if you have any concerns at all, we will address them no questions asked! Our goal is nothing short than your complete satisfaction.


 Don’t leave your water damage cleanup needs to the wrong company!


Too many people end up choosing a company that is not certified to perform water damage cleanup services only to realize they’re mistake once it’s too late.  Becoming a certified water damage restoration company is an intensive process that ensures the person repairing water damage is doing so using the best equipment and approved methods.  Only a certified technician can ensure your home or office is completely safe and dry and that there is no threat of mold in the future.


Fair water damage restoration costs every time!


Call us and you never have to worry about whether or not you’re getting a fair price.  Watch this quick video to learn how the Xactimate pricing software works and why it means our customers get the right price!


Stop black mold – we guarantee a mold-safe environment!


Did you know that when you have water damage you have about 48 hours until that becomes a black mold zone? We always stress moving quickly for your safety, and the threat of mold is one big reason. Should you wait to hire a Baltimore water damage company, or you try the clean up and dry out process yourself, you’re more than likely going to have a mold problem on your hands.

mold-free-guaranteeAt RestorationEze, all of our technicians are certified in mold-prevention techniques that allow us to mitigate water damage while making sure we completely remove the environment necessary for black mold to grow. We often encourage our customers to have an independent, 3rd party mold test performed once we’ve completed our work and guarantee your property will pass with flying colors.


Watch the video below about water damage restoration services


As you can see in the video below, each step of the water mitigation process requires advanced equipment and specialized technicians. It’s part art, part science, and always done according to the specifications laid out by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning & Restoration Certification. If you are considered performing the water extraction & drying process yourself, please watch the video below so you can see it’s not just a matter of renting a wet vac and some fans!


Crews are standing by to help you!

If you need emergency restoration services, we have crews located throughout the Baltimore area so that we can immediately respond to your crisis!

Call now for a free quote!



Why certified water damage repair matters!


Did you know that the state of Maryland does not require any sort of licensing in order to become a water damage restoration company? That means anyone with access to equipment can start up a company and start servicing customers the next day. With absolutely no training and no skills, somebody can offer you water damage repair services and then get paid by your insurer. There’s absolutely no quality control mechanisms in place and there’s an entire industry where most of the money is paid out by a 3rd party (your insurance company). That, folks, is a recipe for disaster.

Certified flood restoration servicesSo why is being certified by the IICRC important? It’s the best way to determine whether or not the company you are working with employs technicians that understand the intricacies of dealing with water damage. But it should also tell you a lot about the companies commitment to service. Sending a technician for certification costs a lot of money. Between having to pay the technician while they are not working, travel and lodging, not to mention the cost of the courses and certification, it’s a substantial investment. It’s an investment in the employee and in their ability to help customers. So in reality, it’s an investment in the success of your project.


My insurer referred me to a certain company? Should I use them?


water-damage-insurance-adjusterFirst off, shame on your insurance adjuster! That’s not an ethical move on their part, and here’s why….if they told you to call a particular water damage repair company in Baltimore, it’s because that company has a verbal agreement in place with the adjuster to charge much less than the standard rates for the job (in return for the referral). In other words, they want you to use a particular company not because of their proven track record of doing a good job, but because it will cost them a lot less money. That’s not to say that all water mitigation companies that are in bed with insurance adjusters do shoddy work, but it’s only natural to find short cuts when your profit margins for a job shrink dramatically. So when it comes to making sure the job is done right, is that really the best fit for you?

Then what should I do? First, understand you can hire whatever water damage repair contractor you want. It’s your property, you’re going to live with the results, so it’s your job to hire the company you trust to perform the work well. Second, we would strongly recommend you hire an independent company, meaning one that doesn’t have an agreement in place with your insurer. In that way, they aren’t beholden to your insurer, but rather view you as the customer. Their goal should be to make you happy, not your insurer.
A flood loss happens in a home or office in the US every 11 seconds.  And unfortunately, here in the Baltimore area, we aren’t immune to these disasters.  Luckily, we have Baltimore flood cleanup and water damage restoration professionals that have seen and fixed it all.  Our job is to make your life, and this chaotic situation, as normal as possible…and fast!  We offer a 24/7 rapid water damage cleaning response throughout the Baltimore area, and guarantee our work will be done to your complete satisfaction.

We can even work directly with your home owners insurance company to handle your claim, should you intend on filing one.  So if you have a flooded basement, a malfunctioning water heater or toilet, or rain water has leaked through your ceiling and into your walls, water damage repair help is just a phone call away.  Baltimore restoration professionals are in your area and can begin getting your water damaged home or office back to normal quickly.  From water removal to industrial strength dehumidification systems, to complete property restoration services, we do it all!

Our Baltimore flood damage experts have seen it all and understand the trauma that can be caused from experiencing a water loss.  We’re here to help, and we’re to help quickly!  So call us now and speak to a Baltimore technician in your area that can respond quickly and start drying out your property and restoring its contents!

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