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flood-damage-companyWe offer 24/7 rapid response for any water or fire emergency experienced in the Gaithersburg area. Whether it’s a small residential disaster or very big commercial water loss, our restoration technicians have the experience and resources to help. We have crews located throughout Maryland and can offer you a free estimate and an immediate response. If you have any amount of water damage in your property, you’re on the clock. So call us now and let us help guide you through the process of restoring property and moving on with your life!


Important things to consider when you need water mitigation services!


Seconds matter – you need an emergency response!


Out_of_date_clock_icon.svgMoisture problems in a home, if left unabated, will become mold problems. Not only that, but if the support structures of your home remain wet, they can lose their strength and are at risk of collapse. It’s not unusual for floors to give way or for ceilings to fall down on top of anyone in the home. For a number of reasons, it’s important you act quickly to save your home and protect yourself. So we promise to react with the speed and urgency your situation requires…

We always dispatch immediately & guarantee a 60 minute or less response time!


Pricing is universal & estimates should always be free!


Free_EstimatesA legitimate Gaithersburg water damage company should always be using Xactimate to quote any loss you might have. This software is the accepted estimating system used within the insurance claim world, and it uses accepted rates of reimbursement from insurance companies to quote the loss. That’s what we use when our estimating crew comes to provide a full onsite assessment of your loss and a free cost estimate!

Never worry about getting a fair estimate when you call us!

Watch this video explaining how a free water damage restoration estimate works when you call us:


Some technicians aren’t properly certified or even screened!


checklistDepending on which water mitigation company you call to your house, the crew that shows up might not even carry the proper certifications to do the work. That’s not illegal, as you don’t have to carry a certification, but it certainly will affect their work. On top of that, many companies don’t perform any sort of background screen on potential hires, so you could have a convicted criminal in your home and not know it!

Call us & get certified service from screened technicians!


Some companies won’t stand behind their work!


satisfaction-guaranteeWhether it’s because they don’t have confidence in their technicians or they teach them to cut corners and not follow the proper procedures, many water restoration companies in Gaithersburg won’t even stand by their work. They see you as a check and nothing more. But with RestorationEze, we guarantee your satisfaction for any water cleanup, restoration or drying work that we perform. If you aren’t happy, we aren’t happy. That is our promise to you!

Call us & we guarantee you’ll be happy!


How do we cleanup water damaged properties?


Every water mitigation job should be tackled according to the procedures and process outlined by the ANSI/IICRC S500 manual.  For any serious service provider, following the steps outlined in the manual is the only proper way to repair water damage. While the book is the size of a phone book and outlines every single aspect of the water damage restoration process, we’ve broken down the typical steps we take in the short video below:


What happens if the work is done poorly?


black-mold-2If you hire a Gaithersburg water restoration service that does a poor job, it can put your health at risk and leave you in a bad situation financially. When we talk about poor service, typically what we are talking about is the company not completely drying out your structure. If the moisture problems aren’t properly resolved, it’s just a matter of time before mold starts growing and eating away at your walls, floors and any other surfaces it can feed off of.

Usually by the time the mold has been noticed, the insurance company has already cut their check and won’t cut another check to fix the problem for good. So now you’ve got a toxic substance growing wildly in your home and putting your health at risk and you’re looking at spending a big chunk of money to get it fixed and it’s coming out of your own pocket.

Don’t let this happen to you! Call us and we guarantee your home will be mold-safe and that all moisture problems in your home will be resolved the right way so you won’t be at risk of mold growth in the future!


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