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flood-damage-companyGetting reliable, affordable & certified emergency disaster restoration services is simple.  Just call RestorationEze today and we can have a certified estimator and fully-stocked truck at your property within minutes to provide you with a completely free, onsite estimate.  When you call us you get peace of mind.  We ensure that you receive guaranteed service from a reputable Minneapolis restoration contractor that is fully licensed, insured & bonded.  So call now and get a free cost estimate for any water or fire restoration services you may need!


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When you’re faced with a water, sewage or fire event, the physical damage can be great but the emotional scars can be even greater.  What we hope you’ll remind yourself at this time is that although all might seem lost, your property and your life can get back to normal.  It just takes finding the right partner to get you there…and that’s where RestorationEze comes in!


Call now for a free restoration & cleanup estimate!


Free_EstimatesWhen you have a loss, the first thing that needs to happen is calling out a professional water damage company to assess the loss and provide an estimate.  That entails a complete inspection that allows us to use equipment to fully determine the extent of any damage as well as lay out the proper mitigation plan.  Our certified estimator will walk you through what we’ve determined and explain the entire process from start to finish.

One benefit to calling RestorationEze is that all of our restoration companies in Minneapolis use the same software to estimate your loss as your insurance adjuster.  It is called Xactimate, and it’s a great system that ensure you get the right price and that all parties are satisfied with the cost to cleanup water damage!

Watch this video to learn more:



Want it done right?  We guarantee it!


satisfaction-guaranteeThere is nothing more precious than peace of mind when you are faced with getting your home or business restored after a disaster.  Whether it’s flooding damage from a sewage back-up or you’ve had a fire, our Minneapolis restoration service makes a simple promise to you:

You will be 100% satisfied with the job we’ve done upon completion of our work!


How can you trust the quality of the technicians?


CertificateIconWhen you’re selecting a flood restoration company, you’re making a quick decision.  You really don’t have time to get multiple quotes, and hopefully you’ve seen from the video above that you don’t need to.  So how do you know you’re picking a company that’s going to provide great service and has reliable, safe, and experienced technicians performing the work? We make it simple…

All of our technicians are licensed, insured & bonded!

All of our technicians pass criminal screenings & drug tests!


Don’t worry about the bill!  We invoice your insurance company!


bill-directPerhaps the most stressful part of any flood or fire damage event is trying to figure out who pays, when, etc.  That isn’t a concern if you choose us.  Why?  We are approved and work directly with your insurance company through the claims process.  That means you don’t need to stress about coming up with the money to pay for our Minneapolis emergency restoration services.  Instead, we can just bill the insurance company upon successfully helping you file your claim!


When it’s your home, make sure it’s done right!


One thing we always stress to new customers is that when it comes to water damage in your home, you are in charge, not your insurance company.  Like any other service, you get to decide what company you want to do the work, and you should always do your homework before making that important decision.  We are serious about great water damage cleanup service, and we hope you’ll entrust us with the responsibility of helping you restore not just your property but your life too!


We follow industry-approved methods religiously!

IICRCS500Sometimes we are called in after another Minneapolis water damage contractor completely bungled the job.  It’s sad to see, and it’s immediately clear they either had no idea what they were doing or simply didn’t care.  For us, there is only one way to complete a water damage cleanup job and that’s according to the IICRC S500, the industry’s instructional manual for all things water related.


We use mold-inhibitors and disinfectants throughout!

applyingantimicroOne thing we must do is make sure that when we are done that aren’t any harmful pathogens or micro-organisms still present in your property that can make you sick or cause harm to your family.  That takes a committed approach throughout every stage of the water damage repair process, including spraying down an anti-microbial agents towards the beginning of the process as well as disinfectants towards the end, ensuring a safe, healthy, and happy home!

If you would like to know what proper water mitigation and cleanup services entail, feel free to watch the video below:


We also offer commercial water damage mitigation services!


commercial-water-mitigationIf you have a commercial property such as a school, warehouse, hotel or retail shop, the reality is being out-of-operation simply isn’t an option.  Especially when it comes to commercial water damage service in Minneapolis, you need a company that has enough manpower and can offer some of the fastest dry times in the industry to get your business back up and running.

We handle some of the largest commercial losses in town each year and are more than capable of helping you get back online quickly and cost-effectively!


Don’t let your insurance claim trip you up!


insurance-claim-formOne of the biggest benefits to using an independent Minneapolis water damage company, as opposed to the one your insurer refers you to, is that we act on your behalf and not your insurer’s behalf. What do we mean by that? When you hire the water restoration company your adjuster refers you to, you’re hiring the company that has an agreement in place with your adjuster to charge a lot less than the value of the job in exchange for continued referrals. In other words, they see your insurer as their customer, not you! That can lead to a lot of problems and ultimately means you don’t have someone in your corner representing your interests!

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