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Wilmington NC Flood Damage Restoration

flood-damage-companyWhen emergencies from flooding happen, you can count on us. While we know what it’s like to have more answers than questions, we hope that you’ll call us when a flood occurs. We give you peace of mind by handling every aspect of the flood cleanup & repair process. From the initial free estimate to the last walk-through with you and your adjuster, our job is to fix things quickly and make sure your life can get back to normal. So call us now and we’ll be there within minutes to help in your time of need!


Affordable Wilmington flooding cleanup you can trust!


Whether from a leaking water heater, washing machine hose that came loose, or torrential storms, flooding damage must be dealt with quickly by certified technicians.  We make the process of recovering from a flood simple and quick!


We move quickly & get to work fast!


24-7-emergency-serviceThe difference between us and other Wilmington NC flood restoration companies is our emphasis on providing emergency responses.  Unlike some providers that might ask you to wait until the next day for them to come out, we understand the urgency required and can respond immediately to your phone call!

No matter when you call, we get there fast to help you!


black-mold-wet-basementWhy do we move quickly, and why should you do the same? The second home water damage occurs, you’re on the clock and you have about 2 days before you develop a toxic black mold problem. When that happens, not only does it put your health in jeopardy, it is very, very expensive to fix and there could be problems when you go to file an insurance claim. So for us, when we get your call and you inform us that you discovered flooding, we immediately recognize the danger and act accordingly. Not only do we dry out your home, we make sure to remove the environment mold needs to grow, making sure that once we’re done your home is safe and sound once again!


Don’t move forward until you’ve got a free quote from us!


photo_free_estimatesWe offer reliable Wilmington flood restoration services at extremely competitive prices.  In fact, our pricing is calculated through estimating software called Xactimate, which is the same software that an insurance adjuster uses.  So when we come to your flooded house to provide a free estimate, you know the price is fair!

Call now and get a free cost estimate!


How does Xactimate work? A lot differently than you probably think. In our business, insurers set the prices that we can charge for any flooding cleanup services you may need.  So our quote isn’t ours at all, it’s what your insurance company will pay us to perform the water mitigation services effectively. Our job is to only do work that is required to return your home to the same condition it was in before the loss, and to do so in the most cost-effective manner as possible. From there, Xactimate tells us what we can charge. Here is how it works:


Don’t end up calling the wrong flood repair company!


cautionWhen it comes to finding a flood damage restoration company, you’ve only got 0ne chance and you need to make the decision quickly.  While there are no shortage of companies in the Wilmington area that advertise themselves as restoration companies, many don’t actually have the proper certifications and equipment to effectively mitigate your water loss.  Shoddy work from fly-by-night contractors is a sad reality of the restoration space so don’t get stuck holding the bag from bad service!


Our techs are safe, certified & insured for your protection!


CertificateIconIt’s important that anyone coming into your home is safe.  So to ensure that, we drug test and criminally background screen every technician before they are hired.  But we don’t stop there…they must be able to competently help get your property restored, so they constantly go through training & are fully certified!

Don’t trust your property to the wrong technicians!


We guarantee the work will be done to your satisfaction!


satisfaction-guaranteeAny time a customer calls upon us for their water damage restoration needs, we know the stress that comes with that situation.  And much of that stress is a result of not knowing…when it will get done…whether the work will be done correctly, etc.  So when you choose us, we guarantee the work will be done correctly!

The work is always done to your completely satisfaction!


Wilmington NC flood cleanup services you can depend on!


When you hire a flood damage company, you’re putting a lot of faith in them. We understand the amount of faith you are putting in us and take that trust seriously. It’s why we do so much to hire the right people, equip them with the skills and equipment they need to be successful, and follow the right procedures, no matter how much longer it takes us to complete the work and get it done right.

We made a short video that explains the in-depth process we take an every job to ensure we’ve fulfilled our mission and returned your water damaged home back to its former glory:


Flood damage to Wilmington NC properties happens everyday.  If it has happened to you, Wilmington water damage restoration services are just a phone call away!  Fixing your nightmare is our business, and each of our Wilmington NC water extraction and restoration crews is fully trained, certified & equipped to get your Wilmington property back to its original state!

By calling now, you’ll always talk to a person and we can get a Wilmington NC flood damage crew en route to your home or office immediately.  Instead of calling around and waiting on a company that might not show, you can call us now and we can typically have a Wilmington basement flood representative there within 1 hour, and usually less!  The most crucial thing to remember if your Wilmington property has experienced flood damage is that acting quickly will save you time, money, and headaches.

Our Wilmington NC flood damage experts can immediately provide a no obligation estimate to cure your basement flood or other flood damage issue.  Should you choose, we can begin work immediately.  Using state of the art equipment and the latest techniques, our Wilmington NC sewage back-up and water damage restoration professionals back all of their work with a complete satisfaction guarantee.  No matter the extent of the Wilmington flood damage, we can get your home or office dry and assist in any water damage restoration services required.

So if you are in the Wilmington area and have an emergency flood damage situation on your hands, call us today for a rapid response & free estimate and let our professional Wilmington flood damage crews take care of everything for you!

Here’s some recent projects we’ve successfully completed:


Alexa M. in Wilmington, NC – Washing machine overflowed causing flood damage

Kitchen, dining room, bath, as well as garage were soaked with up to 3″ of water. Floors were laminate and were buckling. Living room was also damaged and contained carpet flooring that was wet and not salvageable.

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