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Wilmington NC Water Damage Restoration

flood-damage-companyWe know the havoc and stress water damage can cause. It’s something we’ve dealt with on a daily basis for over 2 decades. With that type of experience, we’re confident we can handle whatever your water loss might challenge us with. From the best technicians to the most state of the art equipment, we invest heavily in making sure we’re providing the best possible water damage restoration service in Wilmington. So if you need help, we hope you’ll call us for a fast response and a no obligation on-site estimate!


We dispatch help immediately when you call!


24-7-emergency-serviceEmergency water damage repair is necessary anytime you have water standing in your property.  It means responding immediately and having all of the necessary equipment to quickly extract any water and dry out your structure.  So call now and we can be at your Wilmington property within 60 minutes!

Call us if you need professional help now!


toxic-moldWater damage plus time equals black mold. It’s that simple of an equation, but few people understand just how little time is needed. On average, you can expect to see mold damage after 48 hours of your water loss. Given the fact it usually takes a professional water damage company in Wilmington even longer to dry out your property and remove the environment and conditions mold needs to grow, you can see just how little room for error there actually is. When we’re called to a home to perform emergency water damage cleanup services, we realize that you’re on the clock and that not responding immediately can put your health at risk.


We give free water damage quotes!


photo_free_estimatesIf you need a quote for any water damage repair services then just call!  We send out a crew to fully survey your water loss so that we know exactly what needs to be done to get things fixed.  We’ll explain the process, answer your questions, and then offer our free, no obligation water damage estimate!

There is no obligation – just call for a free quote!


The process of getting a price estimate when it comes a flooded home is very simple when you use RestorationEze.com. Some water restoration services might use fuzzy math or inflate their charges based on a variety of factors, but we always use the same pricing system to estimate your loss. Best of all, it’s the same estimating system that your adjuster will use should you be filing a claim. A quote from us means you’re getting a price that is already approved by your insurer. Still not sure how it works? Then watch this!


When you call, you can rest easy knowing it’ll fixed right!


satisfaction-guaranteeSadly some Wilmington water restoration companies will take short cuts in an effort to reduce their costs in mitigating your water loss.  Should it happen to you, it could mean you end up with mold or secondary damage.  But call us, and any water damage cleaning services are guaranteed to be done right.

We guarantee that it’ll be done to your complete satisfaction!


Our Wilmington NC water restoration service always follows the procedures laid out by the IICRC S500 guide. This is the Bible in our industry, a yearly publication that outlines in detail every single aspect of the job. It serves as a guide to consult should we encounter any challenges and it ensures that when it’s all said and done, if the manual is followed, the results will be outstanding. If you want to know how that actually looks when put into action, watch the quick video below:


We repair water damage fast so mold doesn’t grow!


Out_of_date_clock_icon.svgDid you know that black mold can begin spreading within 48 hours of finding the right environment?  Especially in Wilmington, where the weather can tend to be humid, mold is a real threat and something that we make sure doesn’t take root.

The key to stopping it is making sure moisture levels are quickly reduced to acceptable levels before it can spread.  It’s just one reason we move so quickly to mitigate water damage & dry out your structure.


We can also help you through the claims process!


costs of restorationOne of the more frustrating parts of the water damage cleanup process can be your insurance claim.  Because it’s probably not something you’ve done before, and frankly not something you should have to deal with, we take that work upon ourselves and can work directly your provider to help get everything settles with your claim.

In fact, we can even send the bill to them directly so you’re not left paying upfront and waiting on reimbursement!


How do I know if my water damage claim will be approved?


insurance-claim-formThere are 2 potential stumbling blocks when it comes to water claims. First, is the source of the water damage covered under the insurance policy. And second, are the costs to repair water damage in-line with the adjuster’s estimate. In terms of whether or not your loss is covered, if you have both homeowners and flood insurance, you’re pretty much covered for any type of water loss. If you just have homeowners, the source of water has to be within your home to be covered. In other words, if it’s ground water or any other outside water source you’re not covered.

As it pertains to the second, the key here is to make sure whatever Wilmington water damage company you hire is using Xactimate to track their work. This ensures that all parties are on the same page and that you never have to worry about your claim amount being questioned by your adjuster.

If you’re in Wilmington NC and are in need of a water damage restoration company you can trust, help is just a call away.  Whether you have a flooded basement, or a malfunctioning appliance that has caused water damage, our Wilmington water extraction experts are here to help.  From the first call, our goal is to make this traumatic experience as easy and comforting as possible.  Our Wilmington flood restoration and water extraction professionals will arrive immediately to get your life back to normal.

Once at your Wilmington NC home or office, we can begin assessing the damage and provide a complete estimate for any dry-out or water damage restoration services necessary.  We can also work directly with your insurance provider and handle the billing concerns.  Our technicians have years of experience providing water & flood restoration services throughout the Wilmington area and can handle any emergency, whether it’s a small residential issue or a large Wilmington commercial building.

So if you’ve experienced a water event, and need fast, reliable, and honest service, just call us today and we can begin making a bad situation better!  We guarantee a fast response, offer free estimates, and stand behind the work that we do…so call today!

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