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flood-damage-companyConcord homes and offices sometimes experience water emergencies. Should it happen to you, our Concord water damage restoration company is fully capable of helping! We’ve seen everything water can throw at a home and we’ve competently restored them all. So no matter what you are up against, we hope you’ll call us and let us discuss your issue and show you what has made us the #1 choice for water damage mitigation services through New Hampshire!


24/7 Around-the-clock water restoration services!


24-7-emergency-serviceIf you’ve discovered flood damage in your home and you think it can wait until tomorrow or a convenient time in the future to deal with it, you’re in for a rude awakening. When moisture enters your property, regardless of how it got there or in what form, it must be contained and removed as quickly as possible. That is why you must act quickly and you must find a Concord water damage cleanup company that can immediately leap to action. We offer 24/7, always answer your call, and can be onsite within 1 hour!


Call for a water damage estimate that you can trust!


Free_EstimatesOur estimating process is geared towards making sure everything is transparent and that our customers have the confidence they deserve that they’re being offered a good price for any water damage mitigation services they may need. So call us today and we can come to your home, assess the loss, lay out the best course of action and of course explain the cost estimate in full details with you! There is never an obligation for you to move forward with the service at the time the estimate is presented.

How do we derive our pricing? Luckily for you, we don’t have any say in what we can charge. Our industry is much different than others, mostly because insurers usually pay for our water restoration services in Concord NH. So when we provide an estimate, what we’re actually doing is offering our best estimate as to exactly what will need to be done (how much drywall will need to be removed, how long drying equipment will need to be in place, etc.). We put those specifications into a system called Xactimate, which calculates the total cost based on what insurers have already agreed is the fair price.

Here is how it works:


What can you expect from our water damage services?


We hope you choose us and understand you have a lot of options. There are other restoration companies out there that provide great service, and there’s a lot that shouldn’t be in business. It’s a big decision you have to make, and it needs to be made quickly. Here are some reasons we hope RestorationEze is the right choice for any of your residential or commercial water damage restoration service needs:


CertificateIconThe best employees in the industry

We truly believe our employees represent the best the industry has to offer. Why? Because we go to great lengths to weed out the bad guys and allow the good guys to shine. As part of the screening process, any technician candidate is fully screened, including a criminal background check, and if hired they must undergo routine drug tests to make sure they are never under the influence of drugs or alcohol when working.


extraction-equipmentThe best equipment in the industry

The technology in our space is advancing rapidly. What made sense for cleaning up water damage in Concord homes 10 years ago may be irrelevant now. So as a company, you have to make a financial commitment to making sure your employees have the best tools available to them. We always use the latest equipment and maintain our systems so they’re in good working order on each job.


checklistThe right procedures & protocols

For any job, there is really only way to approach the water mitigation process: by adhering to the guidelines laid out in the IICRC’s S500 water damage restoration guidebook. In our business, it’s the end-all-be-all and it provides detailed instructions on what to do and how to handle any situation. Because our technicians are fully certified by the IICRC, they always follow the correct procedures to ensure the right outcomes.


How is the Concord water damage restoration service performed?


As stated above, it’s done according to the guidelines laid out by the S500. That means a lot of things, and the book is as thick as a phone book, so obviously we can’t detail every scenario that might present itself. But what we can do is show you a quick video the provides a top level explanation of the steps we usually need to take in order to get your water damaged home fully restored!


Do you have basement water damage?


The majority of losses we mitigate are flooded basements. Given their location, they’re just more prone to flooding damage. Whether your wet basement is from a crack in the foundation, or your sump pump failed, or any other reason, we can get the water out and the basement dry before you end up with any black mold!


What about my insurance policy? Should I file a claim?


insurance-claim-formWhether or not you are covered depends on your policy and the cause of the water damage. In general, if your loss is covered we usually recommend you file a claim. After all, events like this are why you’ve been paying every month for coverage. But obviously if it’s a smaller loss, the cost of water damage cleanup services may be less than your deductible, so it may not make sense to file a claim.

Generally speaking, what we recommend customers do is call a certified water restoration company in Concord that can assess the loss before calling your insurer. There are some pitfalls that can happen if you call your adjuster first, and they don’t always go to bat for you when you intend on filing a claim. Your best bet is to have a knowledgeable expert on your side representing your interests. So before you call your insurer, call us and let’s assess the situation and figure out the best approach to making sure your insurer handles their responsibility when it comes to your claim!


When it’s all done, we guarantee your complete satisfaction!


satisfaction-guaranteeWhether we’re cleaning up sewage or performing water extraction services from a leaky plumbing pipe, our promise to our customers is the same: they’ll be happy with our work. Our customers’ happiness is ultimately the currency in which we measure success. Without it, and there will be no more work for us. We understand that, and we go to great measures to make sure every single one of our customers is completely satisfied with all of the water damage repair work we do!

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