Manchester NH Flood Damage Restoration

Flooded basementWe’re experts at repairing homes and businesses that have been damaged by flooding. While some restoration companies might say they specialize in offering emergency flood cleanup service, very few do it full-time and have what it takes to get the job done quickly and effectively. We focus all of our work on helping mitigate flood damage and helping people recover from water disasters. If that’s you, please call us now so that we can answer your questions and make sure your life and property get back to normal fast.


We are approved by all insurance companies!


When choosing a flood cleanup company, you want to make sure they’re approved by your insurance company.  Being insurance-approved means having gone through the necessary steps to provide service and pricing that conforms to the standards set forth by the insurance repair industry.  Here’s some of those things…


We provide cost estimates using Xactimate.


Free_EstimatesBecause your insurer is most likely covering the costs of flood cleaning services, they’ll be a stickler on the costs.  So how will you know if you’re getting a cost estimate that will be approved by your insurance company?  You hire a flood restoration company that uses the same estimating software are your insurer!  We offer quotes using Xactimate, which guarantees you get a price estimate that conforms to your insurer’s reimbursement policies.

Here’s how Xactimate works…


We can bill the insurance company.


bill-directWhen you pick a flood repair contractor, you want to make sure they’re able to bill the insurance company instead of forcing you to pay out of pocket.  Depending on the extent of flooding damage in your home, the costs can be significant.  Some people don’t have that money laying around, and even for those that do, you’d much rather not write that check even if you’ll eventually get reimbursed.

So to help our customers, we always provide the option of sending the bill to the insurance company once we’ve completed the flood mitigation work!


Our flood damage repair technicians are certified.


CertificateIconThe certification process for our industry is a crucial component of offering great service. The science behind proper water cleanup and drying service evolves as new studies are performed and new products hit the market.  Being certified means that the flood repair company was willing to spend the money and time to make sure they’re properly educated and trained in the latest advances and techniques.

It’s truly one of the best ways to know whether or not the company you’re choosing is serious about providing great flood extraction service to their customers!


We use mold prevention techniques.


mold-removalBlack mold can be a formidable foe and it can spread quickly.  Most people don’t even realize how quickly.  Usually after 48 hours of a moisture intrusion you can expect to begin seeing black mold, and it grows fast from there.  That’s why we stress an immediate response and to begin the flood containment process immediately.  Once we get there, we use a variety of mold prevention techniques to help us delay mold while we do the necessary work to remove the moisture to stop mold in its tracks!


Unfortunately water & flood damage is a reality living in Manchester NH.  Whether it comes from a busted pipe, malfunctioning appliances, or simply heavy rains, a basement flood or any other standing water happens.  That’s why our Manchester flood damage crews can assist you in your time of need and help get your Manchester NH home back to normal as soon as possible.


Our Manchester NH flood restoration & water extraction professionals have seen everything!  From sewage back-ups resulting in wasterwater knee deep in basements, to overflowing toilets and gushing rain water, you can rest assured we can get your property dried out quickly.  Within 60 minutes, our Manchester water extraction crews can utilize state-of-the-art equipment to get any water out of your home or office building.  We can then begin the process of drying out the Manchester property and its contents.  Should any damage occur to floors, walls, or ceilings, our Manchester water damage restoration team can also assist with that portion of the property.  And perhaps best of all, we can directly bill your insurance company so that your Manchester flood damage event causes as little pain as possible.

So if you need help, and have found yourself flooded in Manchester NH, call our restoration representative now so that you can get a rapid response and free estimate!  It’s fast, free, and there is absolutely no obligation!  Get peace of mind and get your Manchester flood damaged property back to new!