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Our central Jersey restoration company is available 24/7 to help with any water or flood disaster you might be experiencing. From small residential mitigation projects to complete commercial restoration work, our central NJ restoration company can help!  Every technician called to your property is fully certified, licensed & insured and can properly restore your home or office quickly…so give us a call now for a free quote!


Don’t get stuck waiting around for help!


There might be some restoration companies in Central Jersey that advertise emergency responses but simply don’t have the struts in place to make that a reality.  But if you call us, we can immediately dispatch the closest water cleanup technician and can be at your property within 20-60 minutes to help when you need it most!

Call for immediate restoration service, day or night!


Don’t pay too much for water restoration services!


We offer great water damage restoration service at an affordable & fair price…and to make the process of finding great help easier, we offer to come to your home or office to personally inspect your flood loss and provide a completely free cost estimate to cleanup the water damage and dry out your property!

Call now and we’ll send out a tech for a free estimate!


Don’t end up choosing the wrong restoration company!


Sometimes a restoration company can do more harm than good.  If the work isn’t done correctly, or they don’t properly utilize the restoration equipment they have, you could end up with mold or secondary water damage.  It’s why all of our flood damage cleanup services are backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee!

We guarantee that you will be 100% satisfied with our work!


Need help with a sewer back-up?


Anytime sewage cleanup services are needed, we caution potential clients about the dangers of trying the cleanup yourself or even staying within the property while sewer water sits exposed.  If you have a sewage back-up, please just call us for immediate, certified sewage removal services you can count on!

We remove sewage and disinfect your property!


We’re an insurance approved restoration & cleaning company!


When you choose us, you’re not only getting great Central NJ restoration service, you’re also getting help with your insurance claim.  If it’s the case you’ll be filing a claim for your loss, then our insurance specialists on staff can assist you in that process, going so far as to send the bill for our work directly to your adjuster!

Call us and we can bill the insurance company!


Are the technicians certified & screened?


If you’re going to have strangers in your home working to restore your property, isn’t it important to know that they’re good people AND great water damage repair technicians?  We always do a criminal background screening on technicians and of course make sure they’re properly trained & certified to do the work!

We make sure the technicians are up to the job!


What’s in the industry’s best warranty?


Peace of mind.  In a time where things are so uncertain, and you’re left with so many questions, wouldn’t it be nice to have some comfort in the restoration company you chose and the service they provide?  We give each customer that peace of mind through a 1 year full warranty on the labor we provide!

Call and ask about our 1 year service warranty!


Central Jersey water damage restoration services you can trust!


Trust is crucial for you having a quality experience.  We don’t want you to look back at the process with disgust.  We realize you’re never going to look back your water damage event and smile, but at least you should be able to look back with confidence that the process went as smoothly as possible.


Trust our water damage cost estimate!


You can’t begin to trust the work that is being done if you don’t feel comfort in the actual cost of that service.  For us, that’s a non-issue because we price our restoration services in the exact same way your insurance adjuster does.  We use Xactimate!

Xactimate makes sure that we are charging the right amount for any water damage mitigation work we do.  So what is the right amount?  Whatever your insurance company has already agreed to pay-out, which is exactly what Xactimate calculates.

Here is how it works:


Trust our water mitigation process!


It’s our job to properly assess your water loss (read: determine exactly what has taken on moisture), recommend the most effective and cost-effective water mitigation plan to get your property back to its pre-loss condition, and finally follow through on that plan.  That takes specialized equipment, expert knowledge, and a willingness to do things the right way.

Watch this video to learn what the process of cleaning up water damage actually looks like:


If you watched the video, a couple of things hopefully stick out.  First, we go to great lengths to stop mold and make sure it doesn’t begin growing well after we’re gone.  That isn’t always the case with some Central Jersey water damage companies.  In fact, we often receive a call from someone that used the restoration contractor their adjuster referred them to that now has visible signs of black mold.  How is that even possible?  Let’s discuss that…


Understanding the role of your insurance adjuster…


cautionMany times homeowners assume their insurance adjuster will take the lead role in getting their property restored.  Included in that is choosing the restoration company that will do the work.  Let’s ignore the legality of that, and just discuss what happens when you hire the water mitigation company they refer you to.

Why do you think they referred you to that company?  If you guessed because that company agreed to offer the cheapest possible price for the work you would be correct. Think about that, you’ve just hired the cheapest contractor in town for work that will ultimately determine whether or not your home remains a safe place to live.  To us, that’s a recipe for disaster.

You should always pick the water damage restoration company that you feel most comfortable with.  The cost of the services are between that company and your insurance adjuster (assuming your loss is covered), but the quality of the service is something you have to live with, not your adjuster.

If the company your adjuster refers you to discounts their services (and they do, trust us), then it naturally follows that they will have to cut corners in order to make up for the difference in what they are able to charge and what they should charge.  Bottomline, you’re much more likely to get a half-assed job.

So what is the role of your adjuster?

To assess the loss and determine whether it is covered by your insurance policy.  If yes, then their job is to work with us or whatever Central Jersey water restoration company you hire to settle the payment for the work necessary to mitigate the loss.  That’s it.


How can you protect yourself against flooding damage?


There are some things you can do within your property and outside of your property to help decrease the chances of experiencing water damage. There are also some things you can do to mitigate any damage (to your property and your wallet) should some sort of water loss occur. Here are some tips for you!

Are you wondering if your property is at greater risk of sustaining flooding damage? Check the Rutgers Flood Mapper tool to see an interactive map of New Jersey flood zones.

Are you in need of public assistance after storm damage to your property? Learn more about the StormSmart Flood Mitigation Assistance Program.

Curious about automated devices that can help detect and stop sudden water damage? Click here to read about some of these devices and how they can save you big time!

What do I do in the event of a flood? The state of New Jersey has an excellent online resource to help you before, during, and after your property sustains water damage.

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