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Camden County NJ Restoration

flood-damage-companyOur emergency restoration services are available for both residential and commercial properties.  Our goal is to respond immediately to your call and mitigate the amount of damage, saving items and portions of your property and getting you back on your feet quickly.  If you’ve experienced flooding damage in Camden County, we hope you will call us and let us get your property repaired.  We specialize in insurance restoration work and can bill our services directly to your insurance company.  So call now for a free estimate!


Complete Camden County New Jersey Restoration Services


We try to empower our customers by explaining what the water damage restoration process entails, explaining their options, and making sure they get all of their questions answered.  Here’s some things you should expect if you call our water damage company!


24/7 Help – Emergency Response Guaranteed!


Out_of_date_clock_icon.svgAny situation where moisture has entered your home or office should be dealt with promptly.  That means for you, calling a certified Camden County flood cleanup company and getting them onsite as soon as possible to assess the loss and begin the water containment process.  We offer 24/7/365 emergency services and can be at your property within 30 minutes, usually faster!


Insurance-approved Pricing & Free Assessments!


Free_EstimatesMost flood damage repair claims are filed with insurance and paid by them.  That creates a unique situation in our industry where instead of us deciding what to charge, we use the reimbursement rates offered by insurers as our guide to pricing.  What that means for you is when you receive a free estimate from our estimator, the price is simply the sum of the rates for all labor and materials required to fix your home.

Here’s a video explaining how we decide what to charge, and how you know the price is fair:


Advanced Moisture Detection Equipment!


Did you know that most water damage isn’t visible to the naked eye?  Most people don’t realize the extent of their moisture problems and therefore don’t think they need to call on a Camden County water damage company to assess the situation.  When they do, they’re shocked to find out they have a lot more problems than they thought.


Thermal imaging allows us to see moisture wherever it may be hidden.  In the image above, you can clearly see trouble spots that look ‘normal’ on the left.  This water damaged wall, if left untreated, will end up growing toxic black mold.  It’s just one reason we always suggest you contact a flood restoration contractor if you’ve experienced even the slightest water loss event!


We Prevent Mold Damage from Occurring!


mold-sporesWater damage does not have to become black mold.  The key is an overwhelming response as quickly after the basement flooding has occurred.  And we say quickly, we mean it needs to happen with a day or so.  Usually after 48 hours, mold will take root and begin growing, at which point you have a much more costly and intrusive mitigation process in front of you!

One phase in every flood mitigation project we do is applying an anti-fungal spray to the area that has been soaked.  That’s a crucial step because it gives us a few day window in order to remove any excess moisture without black mold growing.  Our Camden County water restoration services are designed to ensure that when we leave your property is not at risk of developing a mold problem!


Choose us and we can bill your insurance provider!


bill-directAllow us to repair water damage to your property and you don’t have to worry about the bill.  In most cases, our mitigation services are covered by insurance companies.  That means if you have a Camden County sewage backup or basement flooding, it’s more than likely that we’ll be providing our services and will work directly with your insurance company to get your claim filed successfully.  As part of that process, we send them the bill and not you!

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