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Southern NJ Flood Damage Restoration

Flood damage to South Jersey properties happens everyday.  If it has happened to you, we understand what you’re going through.  Whether it’s from a leaking pipe or a massive storm, it’s helpless feeling and can mentally and physically devastating.  But fixing your nightmare is our business, and each of our flood repair technicians is fully trained, certified & equipped to get your South Jersey home back to its original state!


Call now for a free, onsite assessment and cost estimate!


Free_EstimatesCall anytime and we would be happy to provide you with a complete flood damage cleanup assessment and cost estimate. The process is quick and straightforward, and it allows you to understand the extent of flooding damage as well as the steps that will need to be taken in order to get your home or business completely restored. And best of all, we use Xactimate to quote your loss so the price is based on insurance-approved rates.

Watch this video to learn more:


We repair flooding damage the right way!


checklistSome flood restoration companies don’t even have the proper certifications to perform water mitigation or mold remediation work. That is a bad recipe if you hire one, because the truth is they probably don’t know what they are doing. Our technicians are IICRC-certified as water damage restoration technicians as well as mold remediation specialists. That means we do things the right way and always follow the correct procedures.

If you want to know what the process of cleaning up flooding from a property entails, please watch the video below:


We offer 24/7 emergency flood service to the following counties:


Atlantic, Burlington, Camden, Cape May, Cumberland, Gloucester, & Salem

We have crews scattered throughout the area and can dispatch a stocked truck within minutes of your call and can usually be on-site within 1 hour…most of the time it’s even faster!  When it’s a flood emergency, you can’t wait.  So call now for immediate service!


Don’t wait around for you insurance company, call us first and we’ll work directly with them through the claims process.

We are insurance approved and use standard pricing guides.  In fact, we use the same system your insurance provider uses to determine the cost of any flood damage repair services that are required.  So you can be confident the price you’re quoted is fair and that there won’t be any issues with your provider.


Can’t I just clean it up and fix the flooding myself?


Well you can certainly try!  But unfortunately that’s probably not going to work out the way you’d hope it would.  In fact, we get calls all the time from people that tried cleaning up after a flood on their own only to find themselves in a much worse situation down the road.  Here’s just a couple of reasons we suggest you hire a professional flood restoration company:


Flood water can be dangerous.  If you’ve experienced a flood and have storm water in your home or office, there’s no telling what’s in it.  Unfortunately in some cases there are viruses and bacteria that can be fateful.  Nasty stuff like E-coli and Hepatitis-A can be found in black water, and even gas and oil and raw sewage.  Exposure to your skin or even breathing the air can cause serious illness!


Identifying moisture is difficult.  It isn’t as simple as ‘See it, Clean it’.  Getting out water that is visible is one thing, identifying every inch of your property that has unacceptable levels of moisture and drying those parts out is an entirely different ball of wax.  A professional flood damage company has infrared moisture detection equipment to pinpoint problem areas unseen by the human eye, and will also have the proper equipment to dry out those area.

Take a look at the image below…would you have thought this part of your wall and floor experienced flood damage?


What happens if all of the moisture isn’t removed?


black-mold-2When you try cleaning things up yourself, or you hire the wrong flood damage company in South Jersey, you’re going to end up with a big problem: toxic black mold. If you don’t get out the moisture, the soaked surfaces become the perfect breeding ground for mold spores. And worst of all, should it happen you’re on your own in terms of paying for the work as insurance won’t cover it and the cost to remove it is a lot more than water mitigation services.

Don’t leave your health to chance! Call us now for immediate service!

By calling now, you’ll always talk to a person and we can get a Southern NJ flood damage crew en route to your home or office immediately.  Instead of calling around and waiting on a company that might not show, you can call us now and we can typically have a Southern NJ basement flood representative there within 1 hour, and usually less!  The most crucial thing to remember if your Southern NJ property has experienced flood damage is that acting quickly will save you time, money, and headaches.

Our Southern NJ flood damage experts can immediately provide a no obligation estimate to cure your basement flood or other flood damage issue.  Should you choose, we can begin work immediately.  Using state of the art equipment and the latest techniques, our Southern NJ sewage back-up and water damage restoration professionals back all of their work with a complete satisfaction guarantee.  No matter the extent of the Southern NJ flood damage, we can get your home or office dry and assist in any water damage restoration services required.

So if you are in the Southern NJ area and have an emergency flood damage situation on your hands, call us today for a rapid response & free estimate and let our professional Southern NJ flood damage crews take care of everything for you!


Here’s some recent flood damage projects we’ve successfully completed:


Ed. T in Little Egg Harbor – Crawlspace Damage & Mold Removal
Storm damage caused by Hurricane Irene resulted in a considerable amount of flood damage.  The home needed to have the water extracted and mold spray applied as well as using moisture meters to determine if the area has been completely dry.  Crawlspace contained mold as well that needed to be properly remediated.

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