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Whether it is a residential or commercial flood, our Buffalo restoration company can quickly and effectively remove the water and dry out your damaged property. We offer complete Buffalo restoration services for water, flood or fire damage issues and can come to your Buffalo property to offer a free estimate. We stand behind all of our Buffalo restoration work with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee and are fully licensed and insured to perform any work necessary!


Why Should You Choose Us?



We always offer free restoration quotes – no obligation!


When it comes to pricing, nobody beats us!  We offer affordable Buffalo water restoration services that you can depend on.  And to prove it, we’ll come out to your home or place of business and provide a thorough walk-through to assess the damage and explain our mitigation plan and provide you with a cost estimate!

Call now & you’ll get a free in-home estimate!


We always respond fast & get your property dry quickly!


When it comes to mitigating any flood or water loss, they key is speed.  Giving water too much time to sit in your property could spell disaster, leading to structural issues or even black mold growth that can put your safety at risk.  So if you have standing water, we need to move quickly to get things cleaned up and dry!

Call for an immediate emergency response – day or night!


We always guarantee your 100% satisfaction!


What’s better than getting fast water damage restoration services when you need it most?  How about knowing without a shadow of a doubt that the work will be done correctly and to your complete satisfaction?  We know how important your experience with us is, and we guarantee that you’ll be completely satisfied with our work!

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You get the level of water damage service you deserve!


You have some important decisions to make when you discover flooding in your home or office, but none more important than the restoration contractor you hire.  It’s a choice that needs to be made quickly and will have lasting implications.  So how do you make sure you hire the right company?  Educate yourself about them and the process itself so you are informed and make the right decision.

We want to make sure you’re educated about your choices and understand what professional water damage restoration services in Buffalo actually entail.  So here’s some things we think you should know.


How will the estimate be calculated?


If you call a Buffalo water damage company and they come out and don’t use Xactimate to price their services, you should never choose them.  You see, unlike other industries, we should all be using the same system to price our water restoration services, Xactimate.  It is great for service providers, insurance companies, and you, because everyone is working off the same pricing sheet.

Watch this video to learn how the estimating process works:


How do we find water damage?


That might seem like a silly question, but it’s important to understand what a reputable water mitigation contractor does to make sure your home is properly restored and dried. Sadly, there are plenty of companies out there that don’t have the right equipment or follow standard procedures to actually discover hidden water damage.

We can use a variety of different tools to find moisture that is hidden from the naked eye. There is no way we can actually make sure your water damage problem is dealt with properly with knowing where the problems actually are.  The image below highlights the challenge:




A homeowner trying to dry out their property or an unqualified restoration contractor doing the same probably would have no idea that this wall was wet until it started showing visible signs or water damage or began growing black mold.


How do we prevent mold?


The only way to truly prevent mold is to dry out the structure.  So it starts with what we describe above, being able to accurately identify any moisture problems so they can be addressed.  And how do we address them?

mold spores1) We apply mold inhibitors that discourage mold growth.  This happens after we have extracted standing surface water but before we begin the dry-out process.  These sprays basically give us a few days to remove the conditions for mold growth.

2) We completely dry-out your structure.  At the end of the day, this is the only way to stop mold.  There are certain things that most be present for black mold to grow, key among them is elevated moisture levels.  So we use state of the art drying equipment to dry out the structure within a matter of a few days so mold can not survive.

If you are curious about what the actual process looks like from start to finish, watch this quick video detailing the water damage repair steps we typically take to dry out and restore structures:


How do we handle the payment?


bill-directSome water restoration companies in Buffalo may ask you to pay for their work and then tell you good luck with your claim and seeking reimbursement from your insurer.  That stinks!  We do things differently.  We actually work with your insurance company directly, starting the minute your adjuster is brought on to the property.  We document everything, provide all of the necessary photos and work logs, and then upon completion of the work we then work with the insurer to seek payment for our water damage cleanup services!


We offer the following Buffalo NY restoration services:


Water Damage Restoration & Repair


We’re certified to perform complete residential & commercial water damage restoration services and have everything necessary to get you back on your feet quickly.  We use certified techniques, the best equipment, and of course the most well-trained technicians in the business so you know it’s done right!

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Flood Damage Cleanup


Flooding disasters happen quickly and when they do it can be a nightmare. Whether it’s from rain water from flash floods or a busted pipe that causes basement flooding, the water must be removed quickly so the drying process can begin.  We offer complete flood damage repair and cleaning services that you can depend on!

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Water Removal & Drying


Our specialty is mitigating water losses without having to perform complete reconstruction work.  What that means is that in most cases we have the equipment to perform any water extraction services without having to rip out the drywall or carpets and totally replace everything.  The key again is acting quickly!

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