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Our Long Island restoration company can handle any water, flood, fire or sewage cleanup emergency you might be dealing with.  Our goal is to quickly repair & restore your property as affordably as possible so that we don’t disrupt your life too much!  We know you have lots of choices when it comes to professional restoration services, and we hope you’ll call us and allow us to provide you with a free estimate and explain what makes us the #1 choice for residents and businesses throughout Long Island!


Around-the-clock 60 minute response guarantee!


If you’ve got a basement flood from a cracked pipe or any other water loss, moving quickly is always the right move.  If you call us, no matter when it happens, we’re available to help.  You can always speak with the closest on-call technician who can then immediately start heading to your property to help!

Don’t wait – call us and we’re there immediately!


Never any obligation, just a free quote!


While you must move quickly, you also want to find great water damage restoration services at an affordable price.  And we can deliver on both fronts!  We offer competitive prices and would happily provide you with a complete & upfront cost estimate for the full scope of cleaning & repair services you’ll need!

Please call for a fast response & free cost estimate!

With RestorationEze, you can have faith you’re getting an estimate that is fair and that your insurer will understand.  That is because we use the Xactimate system to calculate the full cost of any water damage cleanup services you might need.  Here’s how it works:


Certified restoration service from trained technicians!


When you’re in need of flood restoration services, it’s not a good time to go with a company that isn’t fully certified to get your property restored.  Our technicians are criminally background-checked, drug tested, and of course go through all of the proper training & certification processes before they come to help you!

We have the best Long Island restoration techs!


Guaranteed service and the best warranty around!


Not all Long Island water cleanup companies have their customer’s best interests at heart.  In fact, some don’t consider the homeowner their customer at all but rather the insurance company.  Unlike them, we know that you’re the most important person and we must make you happy.  It’s why we guarantee it!

We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee & 1 year full warranty!


If you’d prefer, we can bill the insurance carrier!


Not all water losses are covered by insurance, but the majority are.  So if that’s the boat you’re in, and you plan on filing a claim to have insurance pay for the cost of our restoration services, we can either work with them to help the reimbursement process or bill them directly so you’re not paying upfront for our work!

Just ask and we’ll help with your claim!


Not sure how our water damage restoration service works?


We want you to be educated about the process and empowered throughout.  It’s why one of our initial goals is to make sure you have all of the information at your fingertips that you need to make the right decision.  Naturally, most people aren’t actually sure what the water damage mitigation process entails, so please watch this video to get a clearer sense for what we actually do to get your home or office restored:


When does the insurance company get involved?  What is their role?


It’s true, most Long Island water damage services are covered by some insurance policy, whether it’s a basic homeowner’s insurance policy or FEMA flood insurance.  That means that more than likely your insurance company will become involved in the process.  But what is their role?

costs of restorationIt’s a question most people get wrong.  Your insurance company’s role is to determine whether your loss is covered under your policy and then work with the water restoration company you’ve hired to ensure the services are paid for.  Your insurer is not responsible for the actual work performed or even in arranging who that service provider will be.  Often times, they’ll suggest you call someone they have an agreement with, but an honest insurance adjuster will notify you that you can hire any water mitigation contractor to do the work and they are obligated to then work with that provider to settle the claim.

So do I have to go with the company they refer me to?  No.  As with any other service that involves your home, you are the customer and ultimately you get to decide who you want to work with based on your comfort level with that water damage repair company in Long Island.  It is not our job to tell you who to work with, but rather explain why we feel we’re your best option and explain what happens when an insurance agent refers business to “their” restoration company.  Namely, the service provider agrees to charge a discount rate for any water damage cleanup services provided.  If you’ve owned a home for any time at all, then you’ve made the mistake of hiring the cheapest guy on the block.  Do you really think it’s going to work out differently when it comes to emergency water mitigation services?


When does water damage become a mold problem?


Usually around the 48 hour mark, some times quicker and some times longer.  But regardless, you obviously don’t have much time until a “simple” water loss becomes something much worse.  Black mold is extremely expensive to mitigate given all of the environmental regulations around its removal.  It’s just not something you ever want to have to go through, not to mention the possibility it makes you or your family.

mold-free-guaranteeAt RestorationEze, we offer emergency water damage restoration services designed to dry out a property before you end up with mold.  While some companies cut corners in an effort to save money and increase their profit from a job, we realize the very real implications of doing that and will not sacrifice when it comes to your safety.  It’s why we offer a mold-free guarantee on any completed water damage job we perform. Call us and get peace of mind knowing your property will be properly restored and will be mold-free!


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