Rochester NY Basement Flood Clean-up

Rochester basement floods can be stressful.  Walking down into your basement to standing water can be a traumatic experience.  That’s why our basement water extraction experts are available at anytime day or night to help get your flooded basement dry again. Our flood restoration technicians are vetted to insure they are industry-certified and insured to provide proper basement flood mitigation services and we always offer a free estimate for any work you need performed!


Basement water extraction & flood repair done right!


Our goal is simple: get your flooded basement clean, dry, and safe as quickly as possible with as little disruption to your life as possible.  To do this, we’re committed to…


Responding quickly!  Wet basements aren’t a good thing, and the longer water stands in your basement, the worse it’s going to get.  Whether it’s cleaning up drinking water from an overflowing sink or dirty sewage, it’s going to do more damage the longer it sits.  That’s why we respond quickly to any flooded basement emergency and arrive prepared to begin work immediately.


black-mold-wet-basementWhy must your response (and ours) be immediate? Black mold. It is aggressive and it grows incredibly fast, quickly damaging your home and putting your health at risk. Especially for young infants, elderly, and those with immune deficiencies, toxic mold can literally be life or death. Any delay on your part, or ours, virtually assures that black mold will form. When you call with a Rochester flooded basement, we understand the serious nature of the threat and always respond accordingly!


No nonsense, simple pricing!  Some companies will provide one estimate and then get started on the work only to find “surprises” and add costs to their work.  Not us!  We offer upfront and written price estimates that represent the total cost of the scope of work.  No bait and switch here, just honest, fair pricing upfront before any work is done!


You have enough on your plate to make your blood pressure rise, the last thing any person in need of basement water extraction services should have to worry about is getting fleeced by an unscrupulous contractor. Unfortunately, it can and does happen. But with RestorationEze, our contractors always use Xactimate to quote your loss. That means the price we are quoting you is calculated using insurance pricing, not whatever we feel like charging. That’s right, we don’t even use our own pricing guidelines, we just go by what insurance companies will reimburse for any legitimate claims, even if you are not planning on filing a claim. Here’s how it works:


Insurance Direct Billing!  One other way we aim to make the basement flood cleanup process more painless is by assisting our clients with their insurance claim.  In fact, we have specialists on staff that will work with your adjuster to make sure the claim is settled quickly.  If necessary, we can also bill your insurance company directly for our flooded basement repair services!


insurance-claim-formAre basement floods in Rochester covered by insurance? It really depends on the source of the water along with the type(s) of insurance you have. Generally, you would need a flood insurance policy to cover basement flooding as a result of ground water. Some exceptions are if the water entered your basement due to a window that broke or some home system failing (like your sump pump). If the source of the basement flood is a broken pipe or any other sudden water loss originating from within your home, that is usually covered by your policy. The notable exception to that rule is if you were negligent in maintaining whatever system gave way. The most common example of this type of denied claim is when a basement floods from a hot water heater that is 20+ years old and should have been replaced a long time ago. If the adjuster shows up and sees the bottom is corroded out and it’s very obvious that it was due to fail because of age, they’re probably going to deny your claim!


1 Year Warranty!  When we say we stand behind our work, we mean it.  Cleaning up after a basement flood is a resource intensive job.  It requires a lot of workers and equipment to make sure everything is cleaned up and repaired and that means occasionally something can go wrong.  But should something happen, we’ll come back and fix it for you at no cost within 1 year of our initial work being completed!


Don’t let fly-by-night contractors cleanup your flooded basement!


It’s an unfortunate reality, but there are plenty of companies out there advertising themselves as basement flood repair specialists, when in reality they are not certified to perform the work.  Becoming certified in flooded basement cleanup services requires extensive training, classroom study, passing various examinations, and continual training.  If it’s the case you choose a company that is not certified to repair your basement flooding, it could mean that the damage is not properly mitigated and that you could end up with mold.  It could also result in your insurance company denying your claim!


Crews are standing by to help you!

If you need emergency restoration services, we have crews located throughout the Rochester area so that we can immediately respond to your crisis!

Call now for a free quote!


We proudly offer 24/7 emergency basement flooding cleanup service throughout Rochester:

Strong, Fairport, Henrietta, Pittsford, Brighton, Charlotte, Webster, Penfield, Irondequoit, Greece, Maplewood

Each of our crews stands behind its work with a full customer satisfaction guarantee.  If you have experienced a Rochester sewage back-up issue or your basement is flooded due to a pipe bursting or toilet overflowing, our flood damage crews have the experience, knowledge & resources to get your property fully restored.

No matter what, you can rest easy knowing the Rochester basement flood crew that arrives can fully extract any water in your basement and dry out your property and any soaked contents.  We are available 24/7 for a rapid response and can quickly assess your damage and begin the water removal and/or water damage restoration process.  Flooded basement in Rochester?  No problem, we are here to help!

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