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flood-damage-cleaningIf you’ve found yourself here, you’re probably dealing with an emergency and a situation that should be assessed by professionals.  Whether it’s sewage damage or a flooded basement, any water damage could bring harm to you and any other property occupants.  It’s why we are here…to help you when you need it most.  We provide complete water & fire damage restoration services throughout Troy, NY and would welcome the chance to earn your business and show you what has made us the trusted source for water restoration & flood damage repair services for so many years!


Emergency water damage services in Troy, NY!


Why is it considered an emergency?  Our biggest concern initially is damage to the structure of your home or office that is supporting.  In other words, water damage can cause those support structures to weaken enough to where they collapse.  So until we’ve been able to properly assess the loss, it’s always best to avoid the flooded area and just call for help!  When you call RestorationEze, here is just some of the things you can expect:


We provide a free quote with industry standard prices.


Free_EstimatesWhat do we mean by industry standard pricing?  Unlike other services, we don’t get to decide our prices.  That is because insurance policies typically cover water damage restoration services, especially if the loss is from something within the home’s structure.  Because of that, they set the rates we can charge.  So to make sure our estimate conforms to those rates, we use the same system they do.  It’s called Xactimate and it allows us to calculate the full cost of Troy flooding restoration services accurately and fairly.

Here’s how it works:


We invoice/bill the insurance company.


costs of restorationMany people have added stress when they find a flooded basement or sewage damage in their property, and it usually boils around finances.  We understand that concern and it’s something we can happily address.  We offer insurance billing for any and all flood damage repair claims covered by your insurance policy.  Our insurance claim assistance program is designed specifically to help homeowners and business owners that have other things to worry about than how or where they are going to come up with the funds to pay for our emergency restoration services in Troy, NY.

So call RestorationEze and then you won’t have to worry – we will just send the bill for the project to the insurance company!


We ensure a mold-free environment!


mold-free-guaranteeWhile structural damage is the first concern we address, black mold is the overarching concern anytime flooding damage has occurred.  Mold is insipid and will flourish given the slightest window of opportunity.  In fact, if your water damage Troy NY occurred more than 72 hours ago, there’s already a good chance you have toxic mold growth.  We address mold from the start, and use preventative techniques to stop it in its tracks.

Ultimately, mold can not grow where the conditions don’t provide it the things it needs to grow, and excess moisture is an absolute must.  We dry out your structure and don’t pull our equipment until we have confirmed moisture readings indicating the surface and sub-surface are safe from mold!


We are a certified water damage restoration company!


CertificateIconWe don’t work with cut-rate flood repair companies in Troy and we simply aren’t willing to sacrifice quality service to our customers.  And to make sure our technicians are capable of providing you with great service, each is certified as a water damage restoration professional.  A certification requires extensive training and classroom education, as well as testing and continued educational courses each year.  It’s a good way to ensure the technician is thoroughly knowledgeable about the industry and adept at using the tools necessary to repair water damage on your property!

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